Monday, March 31, 2008

Fitna The Movie Link Resources

Gates of Vienna has a long list of links for obtaining the Fitna movie in various formats. They also have a script with timing marks for those industrious non-English antijihadists that they can use to superimpose their own language translation over the movie for distribution of a version of Fitna with text in their native tongue. There are several non-English versions already available.

Word is that Geert will be rereleasing the movie with two edits. One, the turban bomb MO will be replaced with a new caricature and the picture of the murderer of Van Gogh will be replaced with the correct photo. Kurt Westergaard threatened to sue for copyright (what does he care?) over the mo with turban bomb. The rapper who looks like the murderer of Van Gogh and even had a 'mugshot' of himself placed on his rap album dramatizing the similarity of appearance and his agreement with the jihad has threatened to sue for the mistake. So there will be a second slightly changed Fitna. Given the viral nature of the internet, both versions will live on forever.

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