Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Jihad strengthens its hold on Korea

Korea seems to be as far away as one can be from Islam, or the pull of Jihad for that matter. Reinforcing this notion is the fact that virtually everyone here know little to nothing about Islam.

The so-called 'religion of peace' did breach the (South) Korean public conscience briefly last year, when a group of Christian humanitarian workers from Seoul dared to venture into Dar al Islam (specifically Afghanistan) and were promptly abducted for their troubles. In response to this Islamic outrage, the Koreans blamed the victims and paid a considerable ransom to the jihadists--rumored to be US $20 million dollars. This was paid after two of the Korean hostages were murdered by their Taliban 'hosts'.

Following the return of the survivors to Korea, however, the brief spectre of the jihad once again faded from Korean public discourse. Of course, the advocates of Islam have not forgotten about Korea-- far from it.

Last week it was revealed that the first Islamic school in Korea will soon open:

The Korea Muslim Federation announced yesterday the planned opening of the first Islamic elementary school, which will open its doors within a year, with the objective of helping local Muslims to understand their religion better, thanks in part to an official educational formation. The federation also hopes to open "within three years" a cultural centre, a secondary school, possibly even a university.

Kim Hwan-yoo, secretary general of the organisation, explains that the institute will be named after Saudi sultan Bin Abdul Aziz: "We will present the official request to the government as soon as possible, but there shouldn't be any problems. Many Koreans have distorted information about Islam, since many years ago some Muslims did not behave well, forcibly converting some of the natives".

What is this...Muslims forcibly converting the locals? How Islamophobic to suggest, perish the thought. Of course, we all know that if Muslims ever did such things, it wasn't their fault anyway--the Zionists or Crusaders or some other infidels made them do it, and they've certainly mended their ways by now. Haven't you heard President Bush, the UN and EU drone on about Islam? Islam is the religion of peace!

And who is paying for this expansion of Islam's toehold on the Korean peninsula? Any guesses?
The project has "the full support of the Saudi government". Abdullah al-Aifan, Riyadh's ambassador in Seoul, has given 500 thousand dollars to the foundation as "a gift on the part of his government", and has spoken of "active support for all of the upcoming initiatives as well".

Well, that much should have been obvious from the name of this cursed place. Everyone knows how peaceful, tolerant, and harmonious the Saudi Wahhabist ways are.

Koreans would be well to learn that no place is beyond the reach or outside the interests of the Global Islamic Gang, AKA the Ummah. Islam's insatiable interests are global in scope. And with trillions in oil money available to Muslims, courtesy of the very infidels they so love to demonize, no place is out of their reach.

Hat-tip: Gates of Vienna

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