Saturday, March 08, 2008

Malaysia’s General Election—The Fix is In

Today marks the 12th General Election in the Islamic State of Malaysia. The ruling edifice called ‘BN’ (Barisan Nasional, or ‘National Front’) seeks to renew their 50+ year lock on power and overwhelming (two-thirds or more) majority in the rubberstamp Malaysian Parliament.

And I can assure you, the fix is already in. For starters, the dead have already voted, as this quote from the International Herald Tribune makes clear:

“The [Malaysian] election commission claims that 8,666 registered voters on the election rolls are more than 100 years old, including two people who are 128, which seems unlikely in a country where life expectancy is 72.”

And from Times Online (via Malaysia Today):

“The group Human Rights Watch said yesterday that the ballot could be the “dirtiest ever”, condemning the Government for manipulating the voting process.”

Technically, Malaysia may be a democracy, but its elections are neither free nor fair. BN owns the government and wrote the book on elections. BN also owns the mainstream media—in particular TV, radio and the newspapers. So, that means if you’re the 90% of the electorate that has no access to the ‘alternate media’ courtesy of the net, you’ve been raised and weaned on a steady diet of BN propaganda. The BN bullshite I’ve seen on Malaysian TV is patently ridiculous, but to Malaysians, it’s perfectly normal. And it goes unchallenged, for the opposition is never allowed a rebuttal.

Expect BN to steal this election and expect it to stink to high heaven.

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