Saturday, March 22, 2008

Network Solutions Afraid of Islam?

This is discouraging. Network Solutions which was hosting the Fitna release site ( now has this stupid disclaimer. They made this decision based on a 'complaint' by someone who has not seen the movie, nor has network Solutions. It's ridiculous. There's more about it at Free Republic, Jihad Watch, etc, but I am surprised. One of the companies that helped create the internet we know today is buckling to their Muslim masters. Can you believe it! Come on.

Would Network Solutions even consider censoring a site that criticizes Christianity BEFORE there is anything there?! This "don't rock the boat" attitude is just a manifestation of dhimmitude entrenched into the infidel's mind.

There will be lots of sites hosting the movie but apparently none of the major internet hosting companies have any balls whatsoever. Pity.


Anonymous said...

I have seen listing of the movie on Torrents sites.
No one can stop it's distribution once it is out there.

Brent said...

In our politically correct little world -- it's okay to say or do anything against Christians -- but point out something about radical islam and the liberal panties go into knot mode. Kudos to Mr. Geert and his endeavor to wake people up to the evils of radical islam.