Saturday, March 15, 2008

Radio Show: The Weekly Gathering Storm Report

For those who couldn’t listen in to yesterday’s Weekly Gathering Storm Report Radio Show with Always and WC because of time constraints or simply because it was broadcast in your country at an inconvenient time, here’s a direct link to the show:

Walid Shoebat and Yours Truly as Guests of Always and WC

Mark Alexander (Paperback)
Mark Alexander (Hardback)


Always On Watch said...

I'm repeating myself with the comment below, but it has to be said here too....

Yesterday's show was one of our best ever! Thanks to both you and Mr. Shoebat.

We've made it the featured show at The Gathering Storm Radio Show's web site. Mr. AOW listened to part of the podcast this morning and was VERY impressed. As well he should be--with his wife and the guests.

Thanks, Mark, for letting me twist your arm and "force" you onto the air. Back-to-back with Mr. Shoebat's message, your message was even more powerful (not that it wasn't powerful in the first place).

Mark said...

Thank you, Always. It was a pleasure to be on your great show, and an honour to boot.

Walid Shoebat gave a sterling performance. It was great to be on the show with him.

I am so pleased that 'Mr AOW' was impressed by both of the interviews.

Thanks, Mark, for letting me twist your arm and "force" you onto the air.

The pleasure was mine!