Saturday, March 01, 2008

Stupid Stone is not OK for Eurodhimmis, Say Muslims

See where appeasement gets you? This is a cropped and enlarged image of the poster art at a German exhibit that forced the exhibit to close down. The Kabala (black stone in a cube, moon god crap) with STUPID STONE over it. According to reports, Muslims got 'in their faces' and set those dhimmis straight!

See with Islam you give them an inch and they come back and demand a mile. Not sure what those Europeans are going to do about this. Do they feel the rope tightening around their neck?

hat tip: EuropeNews for best photo to crop from


Anonymous said...

There are only two real outcomes to all this.
Either Europe continues down it's present path, taking Arab money to bail out it's f*cked economy (they pretend it isn't)and allowing rapid and rapine spread of religious and political virulence, in which case say goodbye to Western values, whatever that is, or we shall see the rise of the Right politic, and it will only be by spilling blood, then we shall see a cleansing of those elements of society that are at the root of the demise of the old Europe.
Sounds familiar?
Better beieve it.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you there Anonymous. Methinks Germany is gearing up for the big battle to eradicate the bubonic plague called islam from its soil. The rest will follow. Muslims are oh so very dispensible after all. Of no use to themselves and definitely not to others, these vile sons of satan whose brains are between their thighs. Muslims are not good people either for they derive much ejaculatory pleasure in the deaths of innocents