Thursday, March 27, 2008

Support PVV and Geert. Donation Link

Now that Fitna is released, the lawsuits against Geert Wilders begin in Netherlands. Two were filed today. Geert can win these but it takes money.

Geert and the PVV have posted a donation page, but it is in Dutch.

Geert and PVV Donation Page

Here it is using Google Translate

Geert and PVV Donation Page (Google English Translate)

If you click on the Paypal link in the top left corner, you can donate through Paypal. I did but the Paypal page is in Dutch and has no way to request it in English.

Paypal Donation page in Dutch

If you know Paypal, you can do a donation even in Dutch! I did.

You can have Google do a translation in English, but it does not display the Paypal page correctly.

The other alternative if you have a paypal account you can just 'send money' to Geert Wilders PVV at ("Stichting Vrienden van de PVV")

Help Geert and the PVV. Their enemies are numerous and powerful.

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