Friday, March 07, 2008

Terrorism strikes Times Square

The current world crisis has touched the Big Apple. Again.

Sometime early Thursday morning, terrorist(s) struck the Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square. No casualties were reported. But the terrorists made their point known, thanks to the location of their strike, calculated of course to generate maximum media exposure. The station suffered a fair amount of property damage in the bombing, but is not likely to be out of action for long.

Unlike previous terrorist outrages against New York (1993 and 2001), this time the perpetrators of the attack were likely the ideological allies of the Jihadists--namely, their leftist 'progressive' co-combatants. The treasonist left work to subvert their own society and culture from within, making them even more dangerous than their Al Qaeda (et al) allies.

I wonder how USMC Lieutenant Colonel Dowling in Fallujah (in the photo here) would feel about the Americans like the Times Square bomber(s), who attack other Americans?

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