Sunday, March 02, 2008

Wilders: "I will never bow to Islam"

Kicking it up a notch, Wilders responds to his government's wimpy leaders. (Google translation of PVV Website w/best guess corrections for some english words that are poor translations.

Wilders: "I will never bow to Islam"

vrijdag 29 februari 2008 Friday, February 29, 2008

What the government or employers or others do, or where they are in all their cowardice and dhimmitude, my film about the Koran and the fascist barbarian Muhammad is finished today and will be broadcast in March on the Internet and/or television. The government may bow and surrender to Islam, I will never do.


Anonymous said...

It takes one big snowflake before the others join to make a huge snowball. Thank you Geert Wilders for taking the lead in a continent of weenies who expect israel to do all the fighting to save their arse.

The ongoing worldwide conflict between Islamic populations and any non-muslims in the vicinity
will continue until that evil from Satan’s pit is eradicated without slightest trace left of the deadly EBOLA VIRUS called ISLAM on this planet. Muslims can opt to leave their paganism and last left over barbarism or accept total and absolute annihilation.
The world can do without zombies intent on wilful murder of others because their mass murderer, rapist, sex maniac paedophile MO left such an UNHOLY and UNGODLY decree.

Anonymous said...

No Retreat, No Surrend.German authorities closed an art exhibition organized by a Danish artists group named Surrend "after threats believed to be from Muslims " unless they removed a poster depicting the Kaaba. ." The directors refused to remove the kaaba and instead opted to close the exhibition for a few days. A poster on display showed the Kaaba - the black granite cube-shaped building in Mecca. The words "stupid stone" in German were superimposed on it. It is toward the Kaaba that Muslims must pray.....incidentally the Kaaba is a Hindu stone during the vikramaditya era in pre-islamic arabia.

In 2006 Surrend took out an advertisement in an Iranian daily with a picture of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .It looked harmless, but the text was carefully arranged so that the letters at the start of every line spelled out the word "SWINE" when read vertically.

. Both the Wilders and Surrend incidents are examples of a guerilla culture war between a radical Islam and secular activists in Europe fueled by the very system of political correctness that was supposed to prevent it in the first place. Surrend and Wilders have discovered that it is not necessary to threaten violence to get political attention. It is only necessary to raise a certain subject -- and that subject will supply the rest. Political correctness itself has empowered the guerilla culture war.

Wilders is no longer engaged in 'dialogue'. He's engaged in guerrila theater; gone outside of parliament to snipe from behind the cover of the very things his unnamed opponents shelter behind.

Source: from a blog.

Anonymous said...

I want the tee-shirt already.

Spook said...

Never quit the fight. Rock on Geert!!

Anonymous said...

I long for the same spirit of courage here in the US-- we have forgotten 9-11 already because we have been fat and prosperous-- but I believe God is taking us down for turning our backs on him-- we will get justice, but not the kind we suppose. He used the Babylonians against the Jews and he has been using the Muslims against those nations who have snubbed him...