Sunday, April 20, 2008

2008-- Another year of Chinese malfeasance

Much hay has been made of late regarding the upcoming Beijing Olympics, China's abysmal human rights record, and the political reaction to the 2008 International Olympic Torch Run. Yes, many assorted malcontents, professional protesters, agitators, and at least one possible plant made a swipe at the torch in recent days.

The upshot is that China wants to be treated, and viewed, as a respectable and important member of the international community. For the ChiComms, this is what the 2008 Games are all about-- a sort of grand 'coming out' party.

However, the PRC is being repeatedly caught selling guns and doing business with some very unsavory people. It's not just one or two 'isolated' incidents. It's the unswerving behavior of a totalitarian regime who seems very disinterested in peace, and much more interested in making money, enriching its own cronies, and propping up friendly dictatorships around the world. And no, I'm not talking about what China is doing in Tibet.

Here is the list of shame:

1. Chinese arms company NORINCO (owned by the Chinese military) was recently revealed to have been trying to sell half a million AK47s and 10 million rounds of ammo to Libya, via middlemen in the Italian mafia. The AK47 is an elderly weapon (60+ years old), and even the Libyans wouldn't use it to equip their armed forces nowadays. And 500,000 guns would way oversupply the Libyan military, which is only 100,000. The likely end customers? Various revolutionary groups (i.e. terrorists) in Africa and around the world. In other words, Gaddafi is up to his usual mischief and China is all too willing to oblige him, for the right price of course.

2. New Chinese bomber aircraft are showing up in Sudan, no doubt violating one toothless UN resolution or another. Improved bombers will allow the Khartoum regime to better kill their own people in Darfur and elsewhere in the country. China doesn't care, as long as they are paid and the oil keeps flowing.

3. Last week a Chinese merchant vessel full of weapons for the detestable regime of Robert Mugabe in (landlocked) Zimbabwe showed up in Durban, South Africa for unloading. The contents of the Chinese shipment include, according to the Guardian (UK):

... 3.5m rounds of ammunition for AK47 assault rifles and for small arms, 1,500 40mm rockets, 2,500 mortar shells of 60mm and 81mm calibre, as well as 93 cases of mortar tubes

These supplies will naturally allow Mugabe's thugs to better brutalize and terrorize his own people, who are languishing under nearly 30 years of Mugabe's tyranny. Mugabe's continued rule is at least in part underwritten by his backers in Beijing. The dockworkers in Durban, to their credit, refused to handle or offload the cargo.

The Chinese ship is now reportedly en route to Mozambique, the country with an AK47 on their flag, and where the dockworkers will presumably be more cooperative.

4. China's covert cyber war against the entire planet (with the possible exception of Russia) continues. Late last week, hackers traced back to China took down the CNN website here in east Asia for several hours. Apparently, CNN coverage of the anti China protesters surrounding the aforementioned Torch Run have angered the government-sanctioned hackers in the Middle Kingdom.

The bottom line is that these events are part of a larger trend. How can the current regime in power in Beijing ever be treated as a 'respected' part of the international community, when they act as such? The Games should have never been awarded to Red China in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Before condemning China, repercussions of which will fall on the West after the Olympics, look to your own democracies and question. There are many skeletons in America's and England's cupboard withheld from their people.

1) Why are the American monopoly press, hand-cuffed and shackled to large corporations with business in Asia, not dare mention the existence of the Japanese Yakuza that own half of the skyscrapers built in the 1980s downtown Chicago. They are major owners of one of America's largest banks (Bank of America) and its holding company. They are unpublicized kingpins in dope trafficking in America. They own most every bank in California. They constitute a form of dreaded foreign secret police operating on American soil with total immunity from the American government.

If you put that name into a large computer database, you might not come up with much. WHY? They are a forbidden subject.

Find out why your US govt and its press whores do not tell you:

1)The History of the Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES.
[2] The Red Chinese Secret Police penetration of commodity and other markets and exchanges, including the foreign currency markets.
[3] The overlap and the blackmarket and theft of financial, industrial, and military secrets of the U.S., by the Red Chinese Secret Police.
[4] Paying back the Rockefellers: flooding America with Red China dope through the U.S. heartland.
[5] Red Chinese prisoners' human body parts and the U.S. hospitals.
[6] Other foreign intelligence agencies operating in the U.S. jointly with the Red Chinese Secret Police.
[7] Foreign presslords operating in the U.S. jointly with the Red Chinese Secret Police. And Chinese royalty and the American mass media.

Having done that, then point your stubby, filthy fingers at China, the only BULWARK against Islam which is fast taking over your country.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, there's no need to get defensive. I've read the anti-jihadist's writings at this site and others, and he has bashed his own country as well as the West over the issue of islam (and other things) a whole lot more than he has bashed China.

China the only bulwark against islam? Don't forget it was the US that invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Having said that, I'm sure that when islamists start terrorist acts in China, that China will ruthlessly persecute them. When that happens, rest assured we will wholeheartedly approve and cheer China on.

Anonymous said...

It is not only China butRussia has become the frontier between Europe and the Islamic world and is not prepared to dissolve quietly into the ummah like the emasculated Europeans. Russia was killing ihadists, but thanks to idiotic (always) US intervention the Jihadists are busy killing you lot. Russia will kill every single muslim on its soil, to regain its Empire glory. . Force, duplicity and bargains with the devil are the hallmarks of Russian strategy = they are real men. 300 years of fighting the scourge of earth.

. CHINA . 11 April 2005, under the title : China: Religious Repression of Uighur Muslims . In that long article we learn that "The Chinese government vets... what version of the Koran is acceptable".That means indeed that the Chinese authorities in charge of religious education have at least taken the pain to read the Koran - which most probably their Western counterparts probably never did. And if there are "expurgated versions" of that book, it is that while reading it they identified in it the numerous passages (insults to unbelievers, call to murders, apology of lying to, and deceiving, non-muslims) that are not only against the most basic values of the human species but also a direct threat to the public order and social peace of any society, nation or state. As the Chinese do not feel any compulsion to be tolerant to Islam as one of the "people of the Book. They forbade versions of the Koran that could inspire inimical and dangerous thoughts to the very sensitive minds of young readers.:>

The Chinese have made it clear, in the only language that terrorists understand, that they will not tolerate the spread of islam into their world. China has not forgotten her history with the muslim murderers in 650 – 751. The Battle at Talas River, the only battle between Arab muslim forces and the army of the Chinese Middle Kingdom is kept alive in every Chinese psyche. The 18 million Urghurs concentrated in the Xinjiang province are subjected to adhere to a state-controlled version of their religion, amd banners placed around town warn locals not to stray from the official faith. The imams are not even allowed to issue the call to prayer using a public address system. They are repeatedly asked to learn more Mandarin. Their youths are dissuaded from inheriting islamic culture ,the govt. has banned children from entering mosques, studying Islam, or celebrating Islamic holidays. More importantly, the one child policy applies so no chance of breeding like rats. The Urghurs call China the cruellest nation in the world. Well, China is only too happy to export the lot of them to their pie-in-the sky mid east paradise only none are willing to move there . The world can hope on China, the next superpower, and Russia. Sing a dirge and requiem for Britainstan, parts of Europe, not Germany, France, East Europe though. The US can't wait to allow islam to take over with their tacit complicity with Cair, a Hamas founded org. and appeasing and acommodating muslims like there was no tomorrow. Britain is a land of weenies who are all in tutus.

Anonymous said...

I will agree that the leftists and multiculturalists in the West have been very foolish to sell out to the islamofascists. But by the same token, it is because of the spirit of tolerance in the west that people of other (non islamic) cultures, eg. ethnic chinese from all over, are allowed to migrate to the west and thrive there. This has been good for both the migrants and the host country.

You may believe that a ruthless dictatorship approach is always best (and it may well be, against islamofascism), I won't argue with you. But maybe you wouldn't be so sure if you were a member of falun gong.

Anonymous said...

In Response to Pedestrian Infidel : China List of Shame
This is America's List of Shame

1) Why did the US build-up the Soviet Union, while we also transferred technology to Hitler's Germany? Why does Washington want to conceal these facts?"
The invasion of Afghanistan was a landmark shift in Soviet military tactics. Departing from half a century of slow, plodding, "smother the enemy with raw power" tactics, the Soviet military leadership adopted the lightning strike. Overnight, the Soviets had captured the Kabul airfield and had surrounded the capital city with tanks. Tanks? In an overnight invasion? How did 30-ton Soviet tanks roll from the Soviet border to the interior city of Kabul in one day? What about the rugged Afghan terrain? The answer is simple: there are two highways from the Soviet Union to Kabul, including one which is 647 miles long. Their bridges can support tanks. Do you think that Afghan peasants built these roads for yak-drawn carts? Do you think that Afghan peasants built these roads at all? No, America built them.
FACT: "The United States financed the economic and military development of the Soviet Union. Without this aid, financed by U.S. taxpayers, there would be no significant Soviet military threat, for there would be no Soviet economy to support the Soviet military machine. For Americans searching for the truth, it lies in
Anthony C. Sutton's monumental three-volume set, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development.

2) Soviets were supplying the North Viets with weapons to kill Americans (over 5,000 were killed that year), It had become known that the State Department had published lavish booklets in Russian for free distribution in Russia at taxpayers' expense. What would have been the domestic political consequences if it had been known that a U.S. President (Lyndon Johnson) had signed a document in Russian, lavishly produced at the taxpayers' expense for free distribution in Russia, while Russian weapons were killing Americans in Vietnam with assistance from America's own deaf mute blindmen? . The evidence is clear, overwhelming, and readily available: the Soviets have used American technology to kill Americans and their allies.

3) America pressures Israel to give land for "peace" concessions. Israel PAYS THE PRICE IN BLOOD. The whore Rice herself told reporters her goal was to further Israel-Palestinian Authority (PA) talks by getting Israeli concessions to “improve the quality of life” for Palestinians. She listed ten different ten different Israeli concessions including: removing 50 roadblocks, easing checkpoint procedures, increasing travel and work permits, backing economic projects, letting 700 U.S.-trained PA security men deploy, and giving the PA armored vehicles and night-vision goggles. Fatah allowed these weapons into the hands of Hamas, Hamas slaughters Fatah who then screamed to Israel for help (pigs do fly!!) and America allows Hamas and Hizbollah to increase their rocket arsenal. ISRAEL pays the PRICE IN BLOOD. All violent speeches from Abbas, the US darling is brushed aside as "rhetoric"

4) Bosnia was created by America to destabilise Russia. America's failure is Russia and Serbia which it will soon have to bear consequences. Putin had threatened to target nuclear missiles at Ukraine if the country joined NATO and his angry rhetoric helped cause a public split in NATO. Russia needs Ukraine and Georgia to be aligned with itself. It cannot afford to have NATO forces based in countries so crucial for its own national security. As Stratfor put it, this would mean “relegating Russia to the status of a declining regional power. [F]or Russia, it is not just about its efforts to revive the bipolar world, but it is an issue of survival” (March 28). Stratfor sources say that Russia “would not look for payback on Kosovo if the alliance does not push for Ukrainian and Georgian membership” (March 19).

America has slapped Russia too many times on the face. It would be best for America to weed out the traitors in their midst, the deaf, blind, mute at Wall St. responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution culminating in the murder of Nicholas Tsar II and his family. Russia has the goal of reestablishing Russia as a world power and returning the world to a multi-polar world. Russia’s alliance with China and Iran with their global alliances through economic and military alliances presents the strategic basis for control and the elimination of the hegemony of the United States.

Sun Tzu: : “Whoever occupies the battleground first and awaits the enemy will be at ease; whoever occupies the battleground afterward and must race to the conflict will be fatigued. Thus one who excels at warfare compels men and is not compelled by other men.”

4) America deliberately kills her own soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, as she has done for all these years. . Readers can view the documents on Gaubatz' site at

Excerpts of frontpage interview: FP: Then the Ray Gun could still save many American soldiers’ lives?
Gaubatz: This is my major concern. When I returned from Iraq in late 2003, I was requested to brief the AFRL/DE Director (Bruce Simpson). I informed Director Simpson the “Ray Gun” and “Boss Surveillance System” should immediately be deployed to Iraq . When our soldiers are engaged in a firefight which often last hours and days, and results in many deaths from both sides, it would benefit our soldiers if we could use the Ray Gun. The Ray Gun can send a signal at least a football field in width from a long distance from the target and take out (kill) hundreds of enemies within a few seconds. Few if any American troops would need to die.

FP: So the Ray Gun is a PC problem right?

Gaubatz: Yes, the Ray Gun is a major political correctness problem. A weapon that can instantly kill entire battalions is not a weapon our politicians believe the American people could accept. If the Pentagon officials were to speak with a mother, father, wife, or other loved ones who died a very painful death by one of the terrorisst, they may disagree with the politicians. They may look the politician in the face and say, “every day my children ask where their father is and is he coming back, unfortunately I have to cry and tell them he will not be coming back.” This simply means PC comes first, and then the lives of our brave troops suffer. Possibly I have been wrong for my 48 years of life, with 23 plus being in Federal Service, but as an old Master Sergeant and then a civilian Federal Agent, I felt it was my responsibility to protect the people serving under me, even at the risk of my own life.

But then, didn't Kissinger say: Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreignpolicy. quoted in "kiss the Boys Goodbye". How the US betryed its own POWs in Vietnam.

Clean up your house America. You've messed up enough of the world with your greed and treachery. You allow salami slicing of your country to muslims and illegals , driving out the pioneers who made your country great. China doesn't do that, and will not displace its people to accommodate violent muslims.

For americans, it is your duty to find out the secrets of your country. It's your responsiblity. Anthony c. Sutton's works are available online.

Good luck, for with your 35 million living in poverty, and 14 million heading for soup kitchens, your industrialisation declining and dying, you need to take proactive action. China , since the 1980's when it decided to wake from its slumber, is a modern society in the making--evolving, experimenting and adjusting. Focused and determined to confront its challenges (from pollution and corruption to limited natural resources), China has made spectacular progress in less than one generation. More than a billion people have escaped abject poverty. Along with the huge financial successes of the early industrialists and entrepreneurs, wages have risen, a sizable middle class has emerged and property rights have been written into law. Each year more and more Chinese students are entering the universities, and more citizens are traveling abroad to see the world.

If America belongs to you americans, take your country back. Leaders come and go. China, with its 5 thousand year continuing civilisation learnt that, and is learning.

Anonymous said...

What brilliant comments.
Perhaps all one anon?
Do you have a blog?
"Russia’s alliance with China and Iran with their global alliances through economic and military alliances presents the strategic basis for control and the elimination of the hegemony of the United States."

Tough leather to chew.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anonymous 5.15 a.m. All comments Defending China is from the first anon.

Tks yr appreciation of info which is withheld . As Anthony Sutton said: *** The individual is the stronger; and will win. The state is a fiction sanctified by Hegel and his followers to CONTROL the individual.
The spirit of God is within us as individuals. The answer is within you**

America's hegemony will be destroyed. The West is into the era of de-industrialisation.
History offers a powerful lesson we would do well to remember as we watch this trend continue: The nation controlling the world economy possesses the political and strategic power to shape the world. That nation is CHINA.

It is each individual's responsibility to search for the truth.

Anonymous said...

Lest anyone think I am Chinese, the answer is NO. Race does not figure with me. Truth and justice does. Hypocrisy makes me reach for my sick bag.

No, I don't own a blog. Sorry.

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