Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Emasculation of the British Military

Two world wars and the loss of its empire may have weakened Great Britain, and by extension, its military establishment. But decades of leftist thinking, socialist policies, and multicultural indoctrination have finished off whatever fighting prowess the British once had.

I am not questioning the individual British soldier's will to fight, or ability for that matter. What I am calling in to question is the UK's overall bureaucratic direction, from both the higher echelons of the British forces, as well as their civilian government. A British sailor or soldier can't truly fight if they are directed not to by higher headquarters, or lack the equipment to do so effectively. The questionable leadership has turned the once mighty British military into a laughingstock. Consider the following:

-While the French (of all people) are using commandos and firepower to fight back against a resurgence of (Islamic) piracy at sea, and send captured pirates back to Paris for prosecution, the Brits have instructed their people not to detain Muslim pirates. This is so as to not 'violate their human rights'. A fiction writer would never dare try selling a story like this, but the Brits have actually issued politically-correct orders like these to the few Royal Navy units that can still go to sea.

-Last year, a Royal Navy unit surrendered meekly to Iranian speedboats that infamously incurred into Iraqi waters, giving the mullahs a cheap yet effective propaganda coup over their enemies. The Brits got humiliated in front of a global audience, and that little monkey of a president in Tehran got to look magnanimous by releasing the captive 'war criminals' without a show trial.

-The Brits are running short on all things needed to make a military work, from bullets to spare parts to tongue depressors, thanks to years and years of budget cutting, combined with a remorseless tempo of simultaneous operations in two different combat zones (Iraq and Afghanistan).

It's all part and parcel of a leftie British strategy (unconscious or otherwise) to dhimmify, starve and wither the mighty establishment that spawned greats like Churchill, Nelson and Cromwell. Those worthies must be turning over in their graves by now.

So what's the upshot of all this? Why should anyone on the western side of the Atlantic care? The reasons we should care are simple. If America is serious about fighting 'terror' or the real enemy (Jihadists and Islam) anytime soon, they will have one less ally they can count on when the going gets tough.


Anonymous said...

England has conquered many nations in the world, and some of them are now a Muslim states. I cant imagine if UK taken over by a Muslim. God Bless the UK!!!!

Anonymous said...

the west is riddled with guilt... caused by its own hypocrisy.

the west turns its eyes away from atrocities committed by their allies (ie - not recognizing the armenian genocide, supporting suharto in east timor, saying nothing of atrocities committed by bosnians against serbs, etc)

this hypocrisy has reprecussions in the way it conducts itself. i.e. roosters come home to crow.

in order for the west to stop the dhimmification process, it must really stand up for righteous and moral principles, even if it means sacrificing short term economic or social gain.

otherwise, the process of "dhimmification" will continue.

Anonymous said...

AJ. Thanks for this timely story.
second anon. Britain is run by a confused and poisoned mind-set.

Many of this current Labour government are ex-Communist types, who have found their socialist workers battle ground in the corridors of Westminster.
There, they conduct their campaigns to emasculate Britain and place us in subservience to the Great European Socialist plan.
This new form of creeping dry-rot in the timbers of the "Hearts of Oak" serves one purpose, the "Common Purpose."
This centrally formulated plan will bring any of Europe's wayward spirits into line with the convergence and dilution of individual National customs and traditional values.
Whilst Britons imagine we are still independent and of a particular individual historically based birthright, the reality is that most of Britain's powers are slipping away towards the European Parliament, and will soon fall under the remit of the pan-European project with it new President.
When they have finished greasing through the Lisbon Treaty, aka the new European Constitution,the Presidential Office will gain immense power and momentum.
It will become virtually impossible for a future government to abort this process and it follows that all of Britain's assets , such as the military will fall to European puppet masters.
What do we gain?
Well on paper there is a theoretical gain in all areas, as being part of a Union gives greater bargaining power.
The trouble there is that it is then a committee of many countries with a figure head, that will in future control foreign policy and the like.

It serves these disgusting political toads to further this process, as their personal careers gain with the possibility of elevation to the centralised bureaucracy with all that brings.
More secretaries, more free travel, second homes, private transport, security guards, Swiss bank accounts, the ability to employ your family members in government positions.
The BBC is run on similar principles.

An example to research is Niel Kinnock and his family.
A failed Labour Prime Ministerial candidate, he now wallows in luxurious comfort with many of his family in plumb jobs, and nobody bats an eyelid.

To see how they operate, one needs only to look at the history of "Red" Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London.
When the Conservatives gained power under Margaret Thatcher, The Greater London Council was done away with, in an effort to de-centralise.
The Civic Hall was full of Socialist cronies from a background of the Socialist Workers Party, who were basically communist agitators, who have slowly lost their Trade Union support and used their similar backgrounds to invasively gain control of Local Councils and Town Halls.
Many of them had honed their skills during the Sixties and Seventies. They squatted properties whilst students and used their Leftist University training to take over the targeted assets.

Thatcher all but crushed the Trade Unions and the Town Halls were the obvious bastions for them to move into.
Gradually they worked their way into key jobs and since Labour gained power under Tony Blair, more than ten years ago, they have drawn in a newer generation that their University lecturer brothers have moulded and shaped into the current crop of lick-spittle brown noses, under the poisoned chalice leader Gordon Brown, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and now Prime Minister.

While Tony Blair preens his well-oiled feathers readying himself for the post of the first European President, "poor old" Gordon is struggling with the economy he created in his last job.
Personally I think that the whole economic issue has been concocted as another way to emasculate Britain, with the ultimate aim of removing that most awkward of National Institutions, the Pound Stirling.
As it sinks ever lower, it's esteem and importance is wavering and will prove to be an easier pigeon to shoot when they feel they may get away with it.

Britain's Armed Forces are not the only target for degradation and emasculation.
Any of the old British moral values are fair game.
British T.V. is full of examples of moral corruption in the disguise of "freedom of speech" and liberal morality.
While you will almost never see any criticism or comedy about Islam, Christianity is a permanent feature for insult and mistreatment by both news, documentary programmes and comedy.
So too are all past mores about the moral standards of Britain.
It is almost "anything go's" with personalities such as the formerly drug-addled Russel Brand (now in USA doing films for Disney!) pushing the bounds of libertarian unrestricted expression.
Foul mouthed, promoting loose bisexual values, promoting all kind of vulgarity.
This in itself does not matter. A comedian doing these things is not going to change much on it's own, but combine it with the free availability of alcohol to young teenagers, so called "binge drinking" the all 24 hour relaxed licensing laws, the expanding Casino industry and establishments such as lap-dancing clubs,combine all this liberality and the message going out to the young generation is one of licentious debauched permissiveness.

Who has an answer for all this?
Well, Islam promotes itself as the moral Foundation of humanity, and the vastly over powerful media- savvy promoters of Sharia and their military backers, Al Quaeda and such like, between them are used as another means of social control by the Socialist hierarchy.
Little by little this religious group is being handed over control of it's own environment, almost by default as a pay-off for not launching attacks on Britain.
This means that large areas of Britain's towns and Cities are gaining virtual independence from the established law.
There is no doubt that the dilution of Britain's once powerful military establishment has been hastened by involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unable and unwilling to tackle the problem of Al Quaeda funding Heroin importation by the Pakistan connected populations of these self created "ghettos" in British towns, a distant war in Afghanistan serves as a public statement that they are tackling "extremism" and the drug trade on conveniently distant shores.

These now ever wealthy populations are using their influence within the corridors of power, to persuade the removal of British influence in so called "Muslim Lands" with the almost daily spectacle of British politicians publicly stating that terrorism and Islam are not linked, when the facts clearly demonstrate the opposite.
So in yet another forked tounge, two faced manoeuvre, the government keep British Forces in place, whilst removing much of their ability to fight.

Even promised new Navy projects are being shelved, such as the new Carrier Fleet of two proposed aircraft carriers to "project" Britain's influence around the world.
There is "something rotten in the State of Britain" to paraphrase from Shakespeare.

We can only hope that somehow Britain can find itself and it will take something big to bring that about.
It will take years of surgical repair and cleansing of the stench that is rising from so many rotting corpses created by the self-poisoners of the Socialist elite.
Perhaps Islam will oblige us with the motivation, but please God, not the means.

Anonymous said...

Why blame Nu Labour? Dumbed down native Brits, (recent poll showed they thought Israel was a country next to Vietnam, never heard of Churchill, those who did think he's a Myth .) the unwillingness to be informed (jeez, in these days of the net, inexcusable) swayed by the rants of mad barking moonbats voted them into power. Ordinary Brits might be tired of muslims in their midst, but there is no concerted effort to support BNP capable of taking back their country and defend St. George their patron saint. Instead they slink into passivity and ignorance. Knowledge means having to do something. It means having balls, or finding the balls now covered by tutus.

The last disgraceful conduct of Cheshire-Cheese-Eating British Surrender Monkeys when they skulked back to good 'ole' England from Iran with pink goodie bags in hand. Yellow would be a more fitting colour, methinks. What a profound demonstration to the world of Britain, the land of the legendary stiff upper lip, celebrating cowards who clambered over one another to shame their country. A country whose Navy was dreaded and treated with much respect from ambitious neighbours, and a scourge for brigands on the high seas, an Admirality that defeated against overwhelming odds against Philip's Armada, that took on the Germans, today reduced to pitiful inability to defend itself.

Meanwhile, the German-led European Union continues to strengthen and prepare to rise militarily, this fact is completely discounted in Britain’s new defense
strategy. This is what happens when a nation allows its politicians to dictate its military. Britain believes it can get away with the huge reductions because it will achieve its aims in the future by holding sway within coalitions. The idea is that its force structure will allow Britain to maximize its influence on other nations within a coalition at all levels of planning, execution and management of operations. Thus, the Defense Ministry believes that even with greatly reduced capability, Britain can still achieve its wider security policies and objectives. Neville Chamberlains in the War Dept.

For readers who are interested, The Cuts: culled from several sources.

//Britain’s drastic defense cuts will affect all three armed services, with the Royal Air Force (raf), Navy and Army all having both personnel and equipment slashed. Notice the severity and broadness of these losses, the biggest for generations:

In all, 10,500 military personnel will be cut, with the raf losing the most—7,500. In addition, 10,000 Ministry of Defense civilian staff will go. The London Times reported that all three forces will be smaller in size than they have ever been

The Army will lose four infantry battalions, three from England and one from Scotland. A third of its main Challenger 2 battle tanks will be discarded. Six as90 heavy-artillery batteries will also go. The Army will undergo drastic restructuring, resulting in the further altering of Britain’s famous regimental system—a system which has served it so well in the past—and an anticipated loss of morale.

Four squadrons will disappear from the Air Force and five bases will be closed. By way of comparison, the Air Force’s home-defense squadrons are being slashed to the level of 1936 (Scotsman, op. cit.). Five of the 21 high-tech Nimrod mr2 maritime patrol aircraft—almost a quarter of the fleet—are being axed. All Jaguar fighter-bomber squadrons will be cut. The number of Rapier anti-aircraft missile launchers will be reduced by a half, and High Velocity Missile capability will also be almost halved.

The Navy will lose 12 vessels, including three Type 42 destroyers and three anti-submarine Type 23 frigates—a fifth of its destroyer/frigate fleet—along with their Sea Dart missiles, vital to air defense. Three mine hunters and three patrol vessels will go. For the first time since the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, Britain’s surface ships will number below those of France.

And this is all on top of cuts that have already been made in the past decade. For example, in 1990 the British armed forces contained almost 315,000 personnel; in 2000, there were only 213,000 (Aviation Week & Space Technology, op. cit.). Do the math: To say this is a drastic reduction is an understatement. Now, with the current round of cuts, within the next four years the number will drop to 188,000.

With the intensity of the cuts, one would think that all was quiet on the world scene. The very opposite is the case! British forces are already overextended in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and Iraq (Mirror, op. cit.). In the words of the chairman of the Commons Defense Committee, “Please explain who the idiot was who thinks you can cut the infantry at a time when the pressure on them is enormous?” (ibid.). Aviation Week & Space Technology reports that for elements of the British armed forces, overstretch has been a “chronic condition” . The Army’s manpower, for example, is currently 5,000 below levels set by the government in a 1998 strategic defense review—and now it is being cut by a further 1,500!

Though there are plans to replace some of the defense hardware being cut, by the time the new equipment is procured, it won’t even cover the shortfall let alone fill expanding needs. In the case of the Air Force, which will have less than half the number of crew needed to fly the number of jets supposedly being procured, there are concerns that the government isn’t really committed to the purchases. As for the Navy, the delivery of two new aircraft carriers is not due until 2012 and 2015. As Defence Systems Daily stated, Blair “may well come to rue this restructuring of the UK’s armed forces”

However, there is much more to be concerned about than just the cuts.

At the heart of this data and voice network is Skynet 5, a very sophisticated satellite to be built by the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (eads). Paradigm Services, an eads subsidiary, will actually own the satellite and provide critical specialized secure communications services to the British Ministry of Defense under a contractual agreement.

While this may not sound unusual under modern military modus operandi, it is an extreme danger and an Achilles heel for the entire British nation. eads is a German-dominated European conglomerate. This means that Britain has hedged its national defense, all its troop and equipment reductions as well as future battle plans—the defense of the nation—on a high-tech strategic system whose very lynch pin is being held by a nation that has twice attempted to wipe it off the map.//

Germany is increasing its Navy and sea patrols. Would it be far fetched to think if Britain were to be attacked today, it would have to go hat in hand to Germany for help? The price of naivety and its politicians today has made Britain vulnerable.

Theodore Dalrymple, that astute observer, believes "the media and the authorities have been deceiving the public for decades about Multiculturalism, EU integration and the true cost of Muslim immigration. Thus a culture of lies and moral and financial corruption is cultivated. It starts at the top and spreads downwards. If the state lies, cheats and collects money for services it fails to provide. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” end of quote.

Perhaps what Britain is undergoing, the natives suffering being colonised, how I love that word being applied to the most treacherous race in the world - Brits -by their own moonbats and stark raving mad liberals, the muslims in their midst, the law of Cause and Effect. For being brutal, barbaric colonisers, the descendants of those brigands who indulged in brutal rapine and its parasitic people, what is happening is the precise, accurate Law of Cause and Effect in action. The cries of the souls of Indians who died in British created famine to subjugate a peace loving people, souls of Chinese on opium for easy conquer, souls of Africans , the utter brutality of famine created in Ireland and the horrible wounds on that people, the list goes on. Read British history of rapine barbaric atrocities with a sick bag at hand.

Enjoy dhimmitude, Brits. You reap what you sow. Doesn't your holy book say "sins of the fathers unto the thousandth generation"? Calamity will strike you, and you will end up as slaves to Germans. Believe it.

Anonymous said...

Your research and assessment is phenomenal.
Strangely perhaps, before my visit to this page, the jumping board to much interesting information and rarely spoken words of wisdom, I had just visited at random, the pages of "Brushfires of Freedom" and read the words of clear and unfettered wisdom of that man Dalrymple.
Great respect is due to such surgical and uncoloured analysis.

To be so clued up with the military minutiae I guess you have some veritable connection with aviation and the like, maybe a journalist.
No, I'm not probing, just throwing a line, and like the wily pike, you will likely dart beneath the rock only to reappear when least expected.
Your perspective is broad and hard to fathom, though the deep resentment of Colonial Britain from the Asian continent or the Celts perhaps, is darkly shining like an isotope.
It is good to know that there are those people well equipped to fill in the gaps in the story, as readers pass from one jot of information to another, a bit like the pike, though I confess to being more like the lazy carp.
You mention Nu Labour quite intimately, so perhaps you are more a Brit living as an exile.

"Why blame Nu Labour?" you ask.
Why not?
It seemed like a relief from the stress of the Thatcher years, when Blair anointed his bushy scalp with the wine of his new Church.
Like the puss squeezed from a black-head though, he erupted onto Socialst politics and then set forth on his self inflated rapture as one by one he and his cohort of Ceasaricidal victors got drunk with their own image and self worth, and took the bull by the horns, only to wrestle the sacred cow to the ground as they performed their bestial ceremonies on the latter suffering Biblical generations.
What better way to kill the beast of national identity, than to take up where Edward Heath left off.

They struggle to goad and poke the the bullock that was once a fertile Bull, force it into the Euro-abattoir beyond the Channel, and, facing Mecca, sharpen the knife that will drain the life-blood into a sandy gully, to clot and dry in the Mesopotamian Sun.

But, I say there is a New Jerusalem, and maybe it will be builded here.

No pigeons coming home to roost, but self inflicted wounds to justify the sentence of death by hanging drawing and quartering.
Did you know that that practise was devised so that the disparate parts of the body should not reassemble at night? Witchcraft methinks.

If the enemy are pushing you back, then burn the crops and all the houses, slaughter the animals and destroy the machinery.
Where we are I am not sure, but to write so, you must share some concern at Britain's fate?
I think you have been too unkind at times, condemning "the rapine and brutal barbaric colonisation" that you point to, was not the sole domain of Britain only.
You do not look at the Spanish Colonisation and the brutality of the treatment of the Indian races to the South.
I certainly cannot feel remorse for the actions of generations ago, we surely have paid in blood and kind since.
Maybe you look across the ocean from the shores of "New England" and forget that the brutality of the struggle was part of that ever revolving blood sacrifice that births Continents, America included. Those recycled Boeing tankers fly back every day from Iraq and Afghanistan over our heads almost forgotten, to land on a little USA outpost upon British soil. Complete with Burger King's and bowling alleys, big ol pick-up trucks and Bud.
To quote that old record, "Who's Zooming Who?"
Ta ra for now.

Anonymous said...

What revolution can you expect from a people so completely fenced in?
The State organ of Propaganda for the Socialist mock-Marxist Nu Labour government of Britain that extorts equiv of 400$ a year for the privilege of watching ANY TV channel, is riddled with the rotten thinking that is leading Britain into destitution and eventual civil strife.
This Ministry of State propaganda is called the B.B.C.
It is intimately connected with the government scum that floats to the top of the muddy pond as the concrete weighted corpses of Freedom of Thought and Speech bubble their way to the murky bottom.
Here is a list of the virus carrying Bufotene spitting illusionist giant toads that are woven as a spiders web across the two mutually masturbating State organs, Das NU Labour, and Al BBC.
Borrowed from another place,

"we learn that ex BBC producer Nicola Burdett is now a spinmaster for Gordon Brown.

Via one of Mr Fawkes's co conspirators , here's a list of Beeboids closely connected to the Labour Party:

Chairman Gavin Davies (later Labour adviser)
Chairman Sir Michael Lyons (previously Labour council chief)
Director General John Birt (later Labour adviser)
Director General Greg Dyke (previously Labour donor and candidate)
C.O.O Caroline Thomson (previously Roy Jenkin's aide)
Head of Political Research Bill Bush (later Labour spin doctor)
Deputy Head of ditto Catherine Rimmer (later Labour spin doctor)
Director of Strategy Ed Richards (later Labour spin doctor)
Head of Corporate Planning James Purnell (now Labour Minister)
Head of Northern Ireland News Tom Kelly (later Labour spin doctor)
Scottish News Editor Tim Luckhurst (previously Labour spin doctor)
Political News Editor Joy Johnson (later Labour spin doctor)
Political Editor Andrew Marr (student Labour organiser)
Home News Editor Celia Barlow (now Labour MP)
Head of European Affairs Chris Bryant (now Labour MP)
Newsnight Producer Phil Woolas (now Labour Minister)
Foreign Correspondent Martin Sixsmith (later Labour spin doctor)
Current Affairs Reporter Ben Bradshaw (now Labour Minister)
Current Affairs Reporter Lance Price (later Labour spin doctor)
"Question Time" Editor Gill Penlington (previously Labour researcher)
here's some more:
Austin Mitchell,BBC journalist, now Labour MP
Katie Kay, former diary secretary for BBC Director General Lord Birt, now works for Tony Blair
Ed Richards, BBC policy wonk, now Downing Street policy wonk
Sarah Hunter, ex-member of BBC's policy directorate, now doing the broadcasting brief at Downing Street
John Dickie, Labour deputy of Camden council, now head of BBC's Public Affairs and is responsible for the BBC's corporate relationship with the government

Update , April 13th:
Anna Gorman, wife of chief Brown spinner Stephen Carter, is working on re branding BBC News.

These guys have learned all of Mr Hitler's tricks and are taking Britain apart brick by brick.
Insidiously scraping out the cement mortar between the masonry layers.

Anonymous said...

TO: anonymous 9:18 PM

Tks yr comments. Allow me to reply to: [["To be so clued up with the military minutiae I guess you have some veritable connection with aviation and the like, maybe a journalist."]]
NO! Just an ordinary citizen of a country that woke up to Islam and its perversities after 9/11. However, am well versed in martial arts and am a crack shot. So will make my last stand by taking out as many muslims as possible. One thing is for sure, I will not be on bended knees.

History is crucial to every person. Consider it to be Script of World Drama in Action. I stressed on British Colonial History as the subject is on Britain's Armed Forces. I furnished those data as otherwise would consider posting to be frivolous with inane opinions. But of all the races, if one is a reader of history, if one researches, one finds that the british are masters at the art of treachery through skilled diplomacy.

The question raised by Pedestrian Infidel whether Britain would make an ally, the answer is a clear NO. Britain has already murdered 3 US Presidents., Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and William McKinley, all of whom opposed British interference with the American industrial development. In its true significance, American Civil War was in great part, instigated by the British. They added to the natural and historical friction between the industrial North, and the agricultural, non-industrial, slave-owning South. British ships ran the Northern blockade to supply the Confederacy with weapons made in England. Don't be shocked. There is more than sufficient evidence that since at least the War of 1812, Britain had plotted to take back America as a puppet colony with so-called "Americans" again as subjects of the British Crown. To their credit, Czarist Russia at the time of the War Between The States, or as called, the American Civil War, attempted to aid Lincoln with the Czar's naval fleet coming right offshore the U.S. Don't forget the French too.

{You mention Nu Labour quite intimately, so perhaps you are more a Brit living as an exile}
I am as British as an Eskimo calling himself a Whitey!!! Nah, I am a product of the East and damn proud of it.

TO: anonymous 8:07 AM

Ever read the French Revolution? Remember what happened to the last monarch who scornfully told the anguished populace, "Let them eat cake!"

Ferdinand Lundberg in his classic book of 1968, "The Rich and the Super-Rich", pointed out that the very wealthy are some of the most stupid persons in the world and continue to abuse and beat down common people until one day, there is a revolution where the heads of the rulers and top clergy are chopped off.

The Chinese, who possess neither academic freedom, nor a free press, nor the rule of law, nonetheless possess a useful proverb: never smash your own rice bowl.

Food for thought!!

Anonymous said...

Dear anon, I bow to both your greater erudition, and your Martial Arts skills!
I find the comments here, though they are often few, at times even more informative than the story, no disrespect.
It is to our shame that we often know less of our history than does "Johnny Foreigner."
That says it all, I think.

I must say I find your turn of phrase both funny and harshly illuminating, I just hope some bod in the Admiralty could read it!

"The last disgraceful conduct of Cheshire-Cheese-Eating British Surrender Monkeys when they skulked back to good 'ole' England from Iran with pink goodie bags in hand. Yellow would be a more fitting colour, methinks. What a profound demonstration to the world of Britain,etc,"
I felt the same at the time.
They have done the same to the Police Service. Half of them seem to be five feet nothing young ladies who I doubt could apprehend a villain, but are probably very good at handing out fixed penalty tickets to drivers. Little more than tax collectors really.
Dumbing down, watering down, from the cradle to the grave.
Good luck and I hope to read some more of your thoughts one day.
Look forward to your future comments. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Substantial discourse ala Gates of Vienna! More! More! Gimme more!

Anonymous said...

TO: anonymous 4:13 PM

After World War II, an enfeebled Britain pulled out its nationals from across Asia and progressively Africa. Unable to sustain the cost of colonising these countries, and needing better quality labour to replenish what had been lost in the two world wars, Britain simply threw in the towel. The severe depletion of able-bodied men in World War II only hastened the process of localising talent, leaving the colonies essentially unmanageable. While the impact of this removal of talented bureaucrats wasn't immediately noticeable, today's spiraling tragedies in Africa have much to do with the rather haphazard administration that prevailed in the last days of the British Empire, resulting in the creation of patently unviable countries such as Pakistan, Iraq and Kenya.

India was partitioned into three -WestPakistan, India and East Pakistan, now Bangladesh after India liberated the state from slavery imposed by West Pakistan.

Hindu India is about the only country to have emerged from the dire straits of poverty with its people clad in rags when the British left to being the next superpower along with China. The lovely darlings of the British, the muslims, continue to thrive and enjoy untold misery, deprivation, disease, - failed states. Who do we blame?

It was sheer hypocrisy on Blair's part to proclaim that Britain had given 400 Stg. P to Africa and expressed disappointment. Britain gave money to corrupt African leaders that practised despotism. That money never trickled to the average African . Africa is the "bottomless black hole" as Singapore former PM Lee Kuan Yew once said.

But I digress. We are on the subject of the Emasculation of the British Armed Forces. The RAF has been forced to borrow planes from the USAF. Apparently some planes will even be flown by American pilots laments Tory MP and former Army officer Patrick Mercer: The Ministry of Defense is experiencing a "cash crisis." Too bad it doesn't have access to the $pound;13 billion a year handed out to layabouts, and for muslim parasites to practise polygamy galore. No Maggie Thatcher to straighten out moonbatty Labour. All the +++ achievments by the "iron lady" has been irretrieviably reversed. It would take a Cromwell or a Churchill to tackle Britain's pitiful state in every sphere and sector, and there's none to be seen. That is the tragedy.

Britain today is pretty much in the era of the 1930"s. In the lead up to WWII, Britain maintained only a small air force, devoid of tanks. Churchill raised the alarm.
Germany was rising, but both establishment, media and populace were deaf; instead they turned viciously on Churchill and called him a war monger. The rest is history.

But that was then, when the nature of warfare allowed time enough for a nation to produce the necessary armaments and train soldiers even after the declaration of war. However, with today’s weapons, whole cities can be razed within minutes. Precision-guided weapons require only a few aerial sorties to destroy their targets, where it once took hundreds. In addition, the 21st century is far more unstable and dangerous than the previous. Global stability can be altered in a matter of hours. Today, a country may no longer have the luxury of time to build up its armed forces after a danger becomes apparent. We are in the Nuclear Age. We do not have the luxury that is - Time!

To compound its vulnerability is the selling off of its Crown Jewels - namely its indigenous corporations - airports, ships, banks, gas pipelines, stock exchanges, chemical plants and glass factories fell into foreign ownership. Yet there is no debate; scarcely an eyebrow is raised. In any other country there would be uproar.
What to make of it? What's happened to the common Briton? The apathy is unbelievable.

Much of the fault lies in the hands of Britons who voted Labour in. Taken in by form rather than substance. And Blair provided glamour. Young, articulate, brilliant at times, ordinary Brit couldn't see beyond
espectability, courtesy, bourgeois values he portrayed as a public figure. To the outside world, he passes as a classic Englishman. And yet in his ten years in power, he has consistently eschewed the virtues that is British. A cursory examinationof his policies showed that he appears not to value freedom. He lacks modesty, and grabs money, fame, glory and holidays. He wears his heart on his Armani sleeve. He dislikes Britain's past, its fabulous history. He cast aside the conventions on which British politics depends. What's that phrase which aptly fits the situation? Done your heads in?

No one has destroyed British values, history, like Nu Labour . No party has reduced Britain to a third world status than Nu Labour has.
So has Britain 's natives any chance? IMO, it lies in the hands of the BNP. This party has exposed the evil design of Nu Labour to force your willingness to abandon any sense of a British identity in the face of truly Orwellian twist. BNP is pointing to the obliteration of your nationhood and is painted as the enemy of patriotism, of which Nu Labour scorns. (see Nu Labour's Education Policy) The British Bismillah Collaborators aka BBC are complicit in the destruction of everything British. Mind you, BBC has admitted it cooperates with Hamas.

Muslims parading around in your neighborhood telling you they'll cut off your head, and the Labor elite moonbats who look like transgendered clowns offer nothing but groveling submission, BNP is the bulwark against islamisation and sharia for Britain and the eradication of mindless multiculturalism, pacifism and nanny statehood that lie at the foundation of Nu Labour.

Daily, horrors from Nu Labour emerge. The Home Office has gone bonkers, Brown lies with impunity, your intelligence is compromised, your police dept. infiltrated with islamists and nothing can be done about it, MI5 and MI 6 tear their hair out with figures showing 2,000 ready-to-attack home-grown jihadists and 200 terrorist cells throughout the isles; Luton completely a no-go area of drug dealing, kidnapping white british young females (as young as 10) for sex slave trafficking and nothing is done to clean up the area (police can't do the job - but the SAS or paramilitary can) is it any wonder for the utter despair, despondency, of young native Britons who are made helpless, hopeless, and useless in the face of intense surveillance? How much anger is in the common Brit whose tax feeds those murderous muslim vipers, both in prisons and amidst them? And pay traitors like Ken Livingstone and that repulsive George Galloway in luxury, not to mention that hipopotamus terrorist Abu Hamza who bought a 200,000+ house while in prison??????!!!!!

Britain happens to be the ONLY country (Europe) that leaves the native population behind in many aspects, slowly but surely.

As Theodore Darymple points out:
""""the major problem isn’t that the state is powerless; it is that the state is now actively hostile to your interests. This didn’t happen overnight, it happened gradually over many years, with Multiculturalism, mass immigration and the EU.....Maybe it’s because our media, academia and state apparatus are heavily dominated by left-wingers and Multiculturalists who hate Western civilization. Maybe it’s because we as a culture suffer from a crisis of confidence following our declining influence in the world . Consequently, the state now exists purely to maintain itself and to serve abstract, Utopian principles.
At the end of the day, the cause matters less than the result: The state is now an enemy. Giving more money to the state isn’t going to solve any problems since it’s is no longer willing or able to serve you. It is merely interested in extracting more money from you for doing less and less, and for sustaining its bureaucratic machinery through projecting the illusion that it is still there to protect the interests of its citizens. How are we going to deal with this culture of lies and a hostile state? I don’t know. But Western Europeans will have to find the answer to that question soon."""""end of quote.

He who controls the Past controls the Future.
He who controls the Present controls the Past.
George Orwell.

Take back your country. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that you Brits can take so much crap from Muslims. Take this, for example, the latest in a long line of street violence. In other places where this sort of nonsense is not tolerated, it would have brought swift and brutal mass retaliation.

Anonymous said...

geopolitical junkie, at Dhimmi Watch there is the story of a poll conducted in Britain, which indicates that despite Plots, Britons See Peaceful Islam. Say a requiem for the natives, readers dear!

Anonymous said...

In Britain it is the native that will be arrested, fingerprinted and DNA recorded. This forever marks that person on the police and security computer systems and will affect many, many aspects of life.
Whereas a group of Muslims may gather outside Luton Town Hall, (a medium sized town with 20%Muslim population)
and harangue and jostle Jewish attendees at a Remembrance Service, and not one of them was arrested or questioned.
The last time the BNP tried to hold a legal indoor meeting there, the local Nu Labour M.P., Margaret Moran, took great pleasure in organising harassment parties driving round in taxis to prevent the meeting taking place.
She was once an aide to Tony Blair.
She crowed about this achievement in the press.

If a group of Nationalists were to gather outside a mosque in Luton, (or any British town) I guarantee the police would be there to video all the faces attending and quite possibly arrest any who seemed to be leading them.
They would be asked to move on (to prevent a "breach of the peace") and failure to do so, would be an arrestable offence.
On arrest in Britain, DNA records are created and are not ever removed even if proven innocent of crime.
A recent incident involving two young white men, sitting having a quiet drink at a table outside a bar, ended with them arrested under the Terrorism Act, interrogated, taken to their homes and searched, before the police realised they were not involved in any illegal acts.
Racial profiling of terror suspects has been banned by NU Labour.

The record of their arrest will stand forever, and cannot be removed. This will affect every aspect of their lives, as it will be flagged up everywhere they go.
Their crime?
To have been noticed "looking at a policeman!" And the other of them was reading his gas-bill.
They were near to a huge police presence protecting a Nu Labour Party gathering. (Nu Reich Rally!)

Believe, America, you think you have a problem with your Patriot Act.

Britain is now already in the grip of a Police State.

It is most like the era of Soviet Russia.
All the mechanisms for a full activation of the systems of complete control and monitoring are in place and functioning satisfactorily.
Certain other procedures are under way, such as full biometric Identity Cards, which will enable Authorities to link National Health Service data bases with Local Authority data, Revenues and Customs, Secret Service data, and Police data.
The total surveillance state.

Legal powers and the Constitution are passing to the control of the Federal Union of European States, at the moment named the European Union. (With the ever present spectre of a growingly powerful Germany as the pilot, and even more worrying, the burgeoning population of Muslims within Germany will certainly not be left out of the pact.) There will be a price to pay for their co-operation.

The stealthy allowing of Muslim infiltration into every Government department can only be seen as a further destabilising effort to promote civil unrest in order to invent and deploy even more Social Control mechanisms.
It is playing with fire.
Whether this tactic of allowing Muslim separatism within society backed by euphemistic policies such as "Social Cohesion" (read Division) and the pay off of the unspoken deal that buys time and intelligence about planned extremist acts by Islamic terrorists, will hold long enough for all the planks of the control mechanism to be nailed in place or not, time will tell.
The Social cost is no longer relevant to this government who have abandoned all sense of Britain as an independent Nation State with a history and a future.
Control for it's own sake is the goal.
Whether the NU Labour "brains!" think that they will eventually achieve a mollified British Islam, with a controllable expansion, or whether they are prepared to contemplate allowing some form of Sharia Law as the basis for Social Control, (divide and rule) I cannot speculate.

What of the ordinary man?
The British characteristics of politeness and just getting along with life, though fading, are prevalent enough to allow a determined coterie of completely unscrupulous brigands to establish the policies that will ensure the desired outcome.
Voting for a new government will be no different to choosing between Obama and Hilary.
There will be no great undoing of laws by a Conservative Government, or even a Liberaldemocrat one.
The BNP, should it ever gain enough monetary and popular support, will be attacked by every means to stop it's rise.
A dirty war will be launched against it, and fear will be the weapon of choice.

Their achievements are not their own, industry has merely coloured in the numbers for their grandiose dreams.
To believe that there is not collusion and collaboration at a Europe wide level, at least, is unthinkable.

Now under a pall of worry about the great bug-bears of modern times, that are rolled out daily to convince the population that the conditon is hopeless and the disease, terminal,
Picked up and spun into the web of confusion by the ex BBC spin doctors attached to the Propaganda Ministry of the Nu Labour Reich, the population struggles from one mortgage payment to another, from one dole cheque to the next, hoping that jobs will not evaporate, and they can get their next fix of what ever helps the medicine go down, be it crack or wide screen HDTV.
Turning a blind eye to what we all know is happening, but most are not able or willing to define.
The News rolls out daily to convince the population that the condition is hopeless and the disease, terminal.
No wonder we are up Sh"t Creek.
Depressing though this all may be, there is perhaps a small time left for the lucky few to jump ship, which many thousands are doing monthly.
The usual saying is that what happens in the USA, happens to Britain, ten years after.
Maybe the polarity has switched, this time.