Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Left Never Regrets Ever!

The 'Free Tibet' mobs are really anarchists. Check out this photo from the BBC photo log of the left's disruption of the torch journey through Paris. It was put out 3 times, maybe more. In this scene a 'free tibet' enthusiast attacks an amputee in a wheelchair!!! who was carrying the torch on part of the leg through Paris. In the left's mind, she is irrelevant for the greater goal. Sounds like Muslims who blow up people and if any Muslims die with the infidels, they are 'martyred.' I do not know who this is or her story, but I feel very sad for her. In the life of someone who has so many obstacles, a great memory destroyed by these creeps. Very distubing.


Anonymous said...

In Britain not a murmour was heard when the rights of Serbia were overthrown by allowing Serbia/Kosovo to become a seperate Muslim State, against the previous ruling of the United Nations.
In fact the whole episode was encouraged throughout government with the support of the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister.
No doubt the Saudis were calling in a favour, and these plums think they can buy more grace and favour with the moderate Muslims.
Hardly a flag wave of protest by the semi-professional demonstrative Left at the actions of Mungabe's thugs in Zimbabwe, save the usual years long tut-tutting from Westminster.
These pick and mix anarcho Leftisti, are able to switch skins as quick as a hot and bothered lizard.
That Tibet has a claim to some form of independent government may be the case, but along with the many Free Tibet wearing exiles were the loony-left, attacking athletes and participants with fire extinguishers.

fborfw said...

Can't forget Greenpeace if we're talking "looney left". Can't just pick on the lefties though. This reminds me of all those "religious" right nuts that would harass women going for routine ob/gyn treatment at clinics that just happened to perform abortions as well. Some of those clinics offer help for battered women and victims of rape too. These women don't deserve harassment any more than these torch bearers. Left or Right, extremism is pretty scary.

As for Tibetan independence...although personally I have no problems with groups declaring independence, as a Canadian I cringe any time my government publicly supports them. Call me a cynic, but this smacks of hypocrisy. This is the country that declared martial law in the seventies over "separatist" issues. I highly doubt that if Quebec wanted to cecede the government would endorse it with the same glibness that they tend to endorse other groups.

Anonymous said...

its good to see that someone on the internet is standing up for china and all of its human rights violations. They should be able to massacre non-violent buddhist monks!!!!

first anon said...

So what is America Canada or Britain going to do about China?
Stop buying all their cheap computers, cars engineering goods, medicines etc etc etc.
No? I didn't think so.
So are these great democratic countries going to have a war with the biggest army in the world? No. Didn't think so.
Wake up. You cannot push China around.
They will not respond.
Do you want another war bigger than Iraq?
You sound too peace loving for that.
There is reality and their are hopeful wishes.