Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Personal Statement

Here's my collection of Fitna Tshirts that I am proud to wear.

Here’s an easy personal project to show your support for Fitna and Geert. I created this reverse image and used Avery Ink Jet Transfer Sheets that I ironed on some pocket T Shirts. I think it is still legal to walk around mocking Islam on a Tshirt, but things....they are a changing.

The first image is the reverse image of Mo with Fitna script below. It is in reverse so that it looks like the finished Tshirt below when ironed on your chosen T shirt. Just enlarge the image then copy that image to your harddisk now.

The second image is the FITNA title imagetext reversed if you want to save the text only image as a ironon image.

All you have to do is create a Word doc with wide margins.

Create a 2x2 TABLE as shown in the photo. Copy the enlarged reversed mo image to your harddrive, then use Word Insert Picture to insert the picture in each cell of the table. Insert in one cell first, then resize it to fill out the cell. Then copy that image into the other 4 cells. Do a printout on regular paper until you get the size and placement of the 4 images perfected.

If you get a ‘outside margins’ warning when you start to print, say “YES” to ignore and continue to print. I did several printouts on regular paper in gray/black print before doing the final color print on the Avery transfer sheet.

You will also want to check size of the printed photo to where you want to put it on the T shirt and make sure it is not too large or too small. I do four to a transfer sheet and sized them so that they fit just perfectly on the pocket of the T shirt. You can do a large print as well, i.e., 1 large image to an Avery transfer sheet, and transfer that on the front or back of your favorite Tshirt.

After printing out the transfer sheet, cut out your image(s). It is best to cutaway all the non printed area except a small border (see photo).

Be sure to print on the white side, not the side that has the Avery blue shaded text.

Then all you have to do is iron it on using the instructions in your AVERY pack and you end up with the Fitna T here.

A pack of 24 sheets of Avery Tshirt transfer sheets is about $10 to $15. Cheap. At 4 to a page, you can produce 96 transfers. I am surprised how crisp and clean the transfers come out on the T’s Pretty neat.

It’s a great conversation starter!

note: The pocket Tshirt I use is from JC Penney, brand Solitude. They have a discreet embroidered palm tree on the pocket and a moderate to heavy cloth. Nice quality. Regularly $20 but often on sale for $12.


Spook said...

I just did it and it turned out great!! Thanks buddy!!

Creeping said...

we'd pay for a few of those...

Creeping Sharia