Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Religion of Peace and Tolerance strikes again in Indonesia

In a recent small blurb that survived for a few hours on CNN's main page was a story about the destruction of a mosque in Indonesia at the hands of a rampaging mob. Now, who could be behind this dastardly act? Christians or Buddhists?

Why of course not. It was a shrieking crowd of Muslims, chanting 'burn burn' and 'kill kill'. The target of their right proper Islamic fury was a Ahmadiyah mosque, whom the majority Sunnis (i.e. most Indonesians) consider to be heretics. As of now, the 'heretic' mosque is in ashes and its followers fled, or in hiding. The Ahmadiyah Muslims are among the most persecuted of all in Dar al Islam because they do not consider Mohammed the Pedophile to be the 'last messenger' and also don't quite agree with the whole 'kill the infidel' message that all other sects of Islam adhere to.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) -- Hundreds of people burned a mosque Monday in the West Java province of Indonesia, police said.

Around 300 people attacked the Al Furqon mosque about 1 a.m., damaging a nearby school, police said. The mosque belonged to the Ahmadiyah sect considered heretical by many in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation.

The attack happened after negotiations to remove a sign with the name of the sect, police said, and comes a week after religious scholars, government officials and prosecutors recommended the sect be outlawed for "deviating from Islamic principles," The Associated Press reported.

Chanting 'burn burn' and 'kill kill', along with sundry acts like arson, destruction of property and attempted murder, of course are in line with Islamic principles. But don't expect The Associated Press or CNN to tell you this.

Many sect members had fled the area prior to the attack, AP said.

"We heard the attackers chanting 'burn, burn' and 'kill, kill,"' a sect member, Zaki Firdaus, told AP. "It was horrifying."

Islam in action is usually a horrifying thing, indeed.

Firdaus said around 200 sect members had escaped the mosque before the attack. A sect spokesman, Syamsir Ali, told AP that efforts to ban Ahmadiyah beliefs had prompted an escalation of violence again adherents.

You think? Actually, having followers of the Pedophile in any given area is usually a sure-fire guarantee of an 'escalation of violence', sooner or later.

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Anonymous said...

Total disregard for human life is a pre-requisite for the faithful.
It just helps to know which side has the upper hand.
War war war, that is how you you attain Heavenly re-war-ds, it seems.