Saturday, April 05, 2008

Silencing the People

IT IS axiomatic that freedom of expression is the foundation of human freedom and progress. When people are not allowed to express themselves freely, there can be no debate or inquiry. It is only due to free debate and inquiry that humanity has progressed from the Dark Age to the Digital Age. This is why the first act of every would-be tyrant is to take control of the marketplace of ideas. - Caroline Glick, The Jerusalem Post

It has recently been reported that Susan Winter, a politician (Stadträtin) in Graz, Austria has been indicted for "Incitement and Degradation of Religious Symbols". If found guilty, she faces up to two years in an Austrian jail! Why? Because she had the temerity to speak her mind, she had the chutzpah to speak the truth as she saw the truth to be. After all, she believed, rightly in my opinion, that she lived in a European country which upheld the right of free speech. Not so, it seems.

She stated that the prophet Muhammad was a Kinderschänder, child molester, or paedophile. She also stated that Muhammad was a warlord. There were videos of her speech on YouTube, and even on my own website, but they all appear to have been removed! (God knows who removed them!)

That a person in Europe is now no longer able to express himself/herself freely, and with impunity, augers badly for our future here in Europe, for however repugnant a person’s ideas are, that person should be allowed to express them freely. As Caroline Glick stated (above): "It is axiomatic that freedom of expression is the foundation of human freedom and progress."

One thing that differentiates the world of the West with the Muslim world is this: Until now, we Westerners were allowed to express ourselves freely, without fear of reprisals from the law. The same cannot be said about people’s rights in Muslim nations. Is it, then, any wonder that the West has moved from the Dark Ages to the Digital Age, whereas the Muslim world has not? Whatever vestiges of the Digital Age the Muslim world enjoys can be attributed directly to the progress made by Westerners. For without Western civilization, Muslims would still be riding around on their camels, and would be living in tents.

One must therefore ask oneself one simple, but one very important, question: Is it the intention of European politicians to take western Europe back to the Dark Ages? Or are they just too yellow to speak up for Judeo-Christian civilization, the civilization which has brought the West so much in terms of human progress and development?

Do these weak, wimpish, excuses for politicians not realize that this wonderful civilization is not theirs to give away? Don’t they realize that we are merely custodians of this civilization?

Another recent example of the cowardliness of Western politicians is in their recent reaction to Geert Wilders’ wonderful, short film, Fitna. In that short little video, he managed to encapsulate all the dangers that Islam – yes Islam, not Islamism – poses to the till yet free, Western world.

Yet what has he got for his labours in return? Nothing but a blasting! European politicians, almost to a man, have denigrated this courageous Dutch politician for telling the people what they don’t want to know, but need to know if they are to be able to continue living in liberty.

Balkenende, the prime minister of the Netherlands, is probably the example par excellence of a politician without gonads. Before the film’s release, he had been running around like a headless chicken, trying to minimize the expected fall-out from the release of the excellent film.

If the Dutch government had been able, legally, to silence the brave and courageous Geert Wilders, then there is absolutely no doubt that it would have done so.

So where is all this leading to? Well, the answer to this simple question is quite simple: To no good place!

First of all, it should be stated that it is no good talking the talk without walking the walk. Western politicians are very adept at talking up the benefits of democracy and freedom. But to all but the blindest among us, it should be obvious that they are also adept at taking people’s liberty and democracy away from them! They are running scared; and they are hell-bent on avoiding conflict with an enemy – Islam – which is implacable. But there is a word in most languages for this. In English, it is called appeasement. In French, it is called apaisement, in German, Beschwichtigung. Whichever word you use in your language, it amounts to the same thing: Weakness!

It should be obvious to all that the West has not come to this wonderful place without struggle and strife. In each and every age, we will find our enemies and detractors. In the twentieth century, people had to live with the dangers of Nazism, for Hitler was the enemy of the day. But people back then had a backbone, and they had principle, too. And they were willing to fight for those principles; indeed, they were willing to die for them. They were most unlike the current bunch of excuses for statesmen we have leading us today! Think of them: Brown, Verhagen, Balkenende, Bush, ex-prime minister Blair. The list is endless. They are all wimps; they are all cowards, they are all unworthy of leading the free world.

We should all get one thing straight: Islam is not in the West to be equal to any other faith; rather, it is here to become dominant. Muslims will not rest until the laws of the land are supplanted by the laws of the Qur’an, by the so-called Sahri’ah laws that their god – Allah – is supposed to have sent down to them.

Shari’ah law is anathema to all the West stands for. It tolerates no equality between the sexes. It tolerates no rights for homosexuals. It tolerates no diversity of belief; and it certainly doesn’t tolerate disbelief. If Shari’ah gets the upper hands, we shall all be praying in the direction of Makkah, we shall all be Muslims then.

It is time for Westerners to re-assert their commitment to Judeo-Christian culture, to Judeo-Christian civilization, to liberty, democracy and all that our wonderful, superior civilization has given us. It is also high time for the people to stand up and tell their leaders that we will not be silenced.

As Geert Wilders said, the hour is late. There is little time to lose. If we lose this battle, we shall surely be taken back to a ‘New Dark Age’. No kidding!

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Anonymous said...

Volume 5, Book 58, Number 188:

Narrated 'Amr bin Maimun:

During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.

Mark said...

Good for you, Anonymous! I hope you feel better for that! I'm sure that the she-monkey didn't feel too good about it, though! It's a pity that you folk don't have better things to do with your time!

niconoclast said...

The Koran was obviously written in fits and starts...

Anonymous said...

Well you would stone a monkey after all, what better way to admire Gods creatures.

Anonymous said...

A very timely comment.
It is as if we must live in a kind of reality vacuum, sort of pretend games. While all the signs are that we will discover these childish whims of a rosy future just are just that. Fantasy.

Anonymous said...

"It is time for Westerners to re-assert their commitment to Judeo-Christian culture, to Judeo-Christian civilization, to liberty, democracy and all that our wonderful, superior civilization has given us. It is also high time for the people to stand up and tell their leaders that we will not be silenced."

If we in the west were to seriously re-assert judeo-christian values most of these freedoms we enjoy would be swiftly erradicated. Have any of you actually read the scriptures? forced marriage, genocide of innocent people (read the story of Jericho again), women made to cover their heads and forbidden to ask any questions or seek any source of information other than their husbands (read Paul's letters again), women being segregated during their menses (try keeping a job then!) divorce allowed for women even if abused...

You cannot talk about re-asserting the "good bits" without taking a real hard look at the bad bits that are Law, but conveniently ignored.

As for democracy....since when is it a democracy if a single individual (the US President for example) has the power to veto any bill, or piece of legislation he doesn't personally agree with?

Mark said...


It is not a question of re-asserting the "good bits" and forgetting about the rest. I am talking about re-asserting the civilization we NOW have as a result of the evolution of Judeo-Christianity. Cannot you see that THIS civilization is so much better than ANYTHING Islamic?

Nobody is talking about going back to Old Testament or even New Testament times. Were we to do so, we'd be no better than the Muslims!

As for your subsequent comment on democracy, I agree with you: Present democracy leaves MUCH to be desired.

fborfw said...


If you're talking about common sense secular values vs the way Islam is practiced today....then I tend to agree, at least on the basic premise. I just object to people touting Judeo-Christian values when, frankly, many of these values (like race or gender equality) have no actual basis in Judeo-Christian scripture.


if your comment is in response to the first post by "anonymous" about the monkeys....Please note that this quote is NOT quran! It is a hadith. Any hadith must be taken with a very large grain of salt. Many of them contradict one another, and many contradict the quran itself. Some muslims I have spoken to go so far as to say that without these hadiths the quran is, essentially, empty words. Is it any wonder Islam as practiced today is in such a mess?

I am still trying to figure out whether that was posted by a muslim or a non-muslim (with tongue very firmly in cheek).

Mark said...


Yes, I am talking about common sense secular values (which, actually, have their basis in Judeo-Christian culture).

John Sobieski said...

What parties have lent their support to Geert? The Freedom Party of Denmark? What about the National Front in France? No?

It is really disappointing that there is no prime minister that has said "Fitna presents issues that deserve further investigation" or "There are legitimate concerns about Islam and an imperialist mandate to conquer the world."

Anonymous said...

I think that Western government and Muslim leaders have had cosy chats on the phone and agreed that they will ignore the film.
Shows how the previous cartoon riots were organised from high up on a global basis.

Mark said...

John Sobieski:

You are right in your assessment, as usual. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Mark said...


That's quite possible.