Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The West Should Applaud the Brave Geert Wilders for His Courage to Air the Film, Fitna, Against Great Odds, Pressure and Criticism

Ever since Geert Wilders released Fitna last week, all we have heard from the mainstream media and from politicians is criticism of the Netherlands’ best-known, most courageous, and clearest-thinking public figure.

So many people, spineless ones mainly, have said that Mr Wilders set out to insult the Qur’an and Muslims. What a ridiculous thing to say! Surely, what he set out to do is plain to see: He set out to inform the Dutch (and by extension , other Westerners) that they were in danger of losing their country (ies) to a backward, regressive ‘culture’: Islam. He stated categorically that this was the last chance for the Dutch to do something about the explosive growth of Islam in their country.

Now what is extreme about that? And what is "far-right" about it, as far as that goes? Yet Geert Wilders is almost always portrayed as a "far-right", "extreme" politician by just about all the media. Why? Just because he wants to warn his fellow countrymen of the dangers that lie ahead? Seems like good old-fashioned common sense to me. Patriotism, even!

I have been warning for years of the danger of the explosive growth of Islam in the West. And just in case anyone out there thinks that I entitled my book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age, for reasons of sensationalism, think again! That title was carefully chosen, for I truly believe that we are heading for a "New Dark Age" if our politicians do not stop passing ridiculous laws to mollycoddle Muslims. They need to change course, and quickly.

I have just finished reading Mark Steyn’s book, America Alone. Clearly, he has taken up the theme in my book; since he refers to the coming "New Dark Age" often enough in it. So I am obviously not alone in my judgement that a "New Dark Age" is dawning here in the West.

In the past days, it has come to light that many Muslim countries, that oh-so-Western country Turkey included, are calling for the film Fitna to be banned. Clearly, Muslims don’t want to be confronted by the truth, for obviously they are hurt by it. The truth, as they say, so often does hurt.

So what Muslims now want the West to do is close down freedom of speech and freedom of expression. If we do that, it will be a fast track to a "New Dark Age". It is freedom of expression which so clearly delineates our two worlds: the world of the West and the world of the East. Were our politicians to be so stupid as to contemplate such a move, then they will surely deserve to incur the wrath of the electorates around the Western world!

Like so may others, I waited patiently for the film, Fitna, to be released. We had to wait a long time for it, but it was well-worth the long wait. I had expected the movie to be controversial, and it was. But in actual fact, it wasn’t that controversial at all; on the contrary, I found the film to be rather mild and measured. There was very little in it which most of us haven’t seen before. But it was very cleverly put together, and the choice of music was superb. All in all, Fitna impressed; and it had a message which all Westerners should take the time to ponder, since so many Westerners go about their daily lives, oblivious of the dangers which lie ahead of them.

I take my hat off to Geert Wilders for a number of reasons: First and foremost among them is for his courage in stating the things which almost all other politicians are far too cowardly to state. I also applaud him for his clear thinking, and for his refusal to obfuscate the truth.

The images in the film were, in some ways, shocking; but only to the uninitiated. For people who are familiar with the blogosphere, they were mild indeed. But powerful for all that.

The Dutch government has egg on its face! Those politicians made such a fuss over the impending release of that short film that they showed themselves up to be the wimps they truly are.

Oh, and a point on Islamophobia, something which so many Muslim countries seem to view with increasing alarm…

As I have said before, the term ‘Islamophobia’ is a misnomer, since a phobia is an irrational fear of something. Many people fear Islam; but that fear, alas, is not ‘irrational’. People’s fears are based on solid experience and history. It is an undeniable fact that the intention of Islam is to take over the Western world, and replace our way of governance with the Islamic way. Given the track record of most Muslim countries, it is surely not phobic to fear the exceedingly fast growth of Islam here in the West. On the contrary, actually, it would be irrational not to fear that explosive growth!

Moreover, I should like to say this: If Muslims don’t want their religion to be feared, if they want to be liked and welcomed around the world, they have to change their behaviour. Governments cannot legislate for its people to ‘love’ Islam. Only Muslims can make themselves loved and welcomed; and to bring these changes about, then they need to change their own behaviour. They need to stop their inexorable programme of expansion around the world, they need to free up their peoples, and they need to stop the cruel punishments: the beheadings, the stonings to death, the amputations for theft - the general cruelty which is so obviously part and parcel of their way of life. And they certainly need to put a stop to putting people to death for apostasy.

The expression, "In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful", is found in almost every chapter (Surah) of Al-Qur’an al Kareem. Isn’t it high time that Muslims started to follow the example that Allah has supposedly given them? Isn’t it high time that Muslims started to show the same compassion and mercy that Allah supposedly shows His followers?

In summary, I would say this about Fitna. It was an excellent film, well worth waiting for. It was in no way insulting to Muslims; though I appreciate that many might have been hurt by it. But then, as I have already stated, the truth is usually hard to swallow. Nobody, Muslim or non-Muslim, likes to be confronted by the harsh realities of life. I applaud Geert Wilders for having the courage and bravery to raise issues in the Netherlands (and in the West) which should have been raised long ago. Bravo, Mr Wilders! Bravo!

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Normski said...

How indeed can a Muslim be offended by seeing facts that are available to them elsewhere on the Internet, and many of the vile brutal ones on websites of their own?
It seems that many are happy to kid themselves that somehow they can pick and choose what to take from their Holy book, much like many Christians do, the difference being that the likelihood of a faction of Christianity re-emerging to advocate severe penalties against those that diverge from the original teachings is extremely unlikely.
As unlikely in fact as it is that a reversion to original brutal edicts is very likely for the Muslim who goes astray from the written path, is most certain!
This is clearly seen by the emergence of the reversionist Taliban as a force in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the vacuum left by the defeat of the Soviet Forces.
Taliban re-emergence is only controlled by the vast resources of NATO and still the task is faltering. Maybe the thousands of French and other troops on their way will make the task easier?
Muslims should in no way believe they are able to move the goal-posts of their religion.
For them to do so is only possible under the umbrella of Western values, and once these are eroded by the duel enemies of politically correct short-sightedness and so called radical Islamic authorities and their Saudi funded mouthpieces such as CAIR and MCB, then the reversion would begin.
The hopes of many young Muslims for the development of a revised and more modern Islam, as we see in Britain and France, will soon be dashed when their "religious right" has ascendency.
At the root of objections to films like Fitna and other Western analyses of Islam, is a kind of jealousy that others than adherents of Islam can indeed have a position and an understanding of them, that they believe is only available to themselves.
Jealousy and resentment are at the core of much Islamic thinking towards our Western values.
After all, if they were so sure of their model of the Universe, why should they give a fig as to what we believe? Could it be that they are commanded to do so by their dogma?
Or be so desperate to establish their model over the Western one which has thrived for two Millennia or more without much inspiration from Islam, save the necessity for war and defence of European countries from the massed armies of Caliphates and Sultans that periodically have been repelled from some countries such as Poland and France and Spain. The current environment of others, such as the Eastern Roman remnants like Constantinople are testaments to Islam's final project of total absorption and ethnic cleansing of the defeated.
The shape of the future is carved in the stones of history, and the bloodlines of our ancestors that died for our freedom call for our eternal vigilance against this self-proclaimed enemy of the the Occident.

Mark said...


Thank you for your wonderful comment, so clearly and eloquently stated.

John Sobieski said...

Stop lieing! That is all our politicians must do. Not a one of them has discussed any specific verse from the Koran or cited in Fitna and explained why that verse is not true to Muslims. Ship of fools and we're on it.

Mark said...

"Stop lieing!"

Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Our politicians are lieing.
And lying down for the road roller that is Islam, to flatten and crush every last drop of our resolve to be what we want to be.
I think? N.

Mark said...


Yes, our politicians wouldn't know the truth if it hit them in the face.

They are caving in to Islam at every turn, for they fear Islam like hell.

They know what Islam is all about, but as so many times in history before, they would rather lie to us, the electorate, and appease Islam into the bargain. They are convinced that they will be able to tame the roaring lion that way.

What a rude awakening they have before them!

In earlier times, our politicians might have been hanged, drawn, and quartered for treason for such behaviour. People are a little more long-suffering these days.

aNonymush said...

The disappearance of hanging, drawing and quartering from Western European Society, (even for crimes of mass murder such as the Holocaust or even the Armenian genocide, for which Turkeys rulers were left untried by International law,) has been a sign of our advancement and permanent progress from the barbarity of some Medeival practices.
Strange that our governments today, are playing with fire by kissy cuddling with a pre-Medieval Barbaric ideology that would return us in a few years to the Dark Ages, should it ever gain Lordship over even a s
I remain convinced that we shall, at the precipice, find our mettle and step back from the abyss, and at that point, I may turn my Nelson-eye away from a little H.D,& Q., if administered to some of the blinking traitors from our Socialist brethren.

Mark said...

I hope you're right about us finding our mettle at the precipice, Anonymush. There's little sign of it at the moment. But things can change, of course.

Turning a blind eye to HDQ would be one way of dealing with the gruesome practice, of course.

People can still be cruel. Our civilization is sometimes little more than a veneer. Look what they did to Mussolini only a matter of about sixty-odd years ago: They hanged him in the public square!

Anonymous said...

Such is the Roman way.
We have very deep roots that so many important leaders seek to dismiss.
If we look at the enmity of the East toward the Danish, we may wonder how it has come to it's views our civilisation.
Our Norman conquerors, settled French Vikings, conquered Sicily from the Arabs and Moors at about the time that Harold gave way to William. 1000 years as near as dammit have passed since then but how many of us remember these points of our history?
Europe was not given on a plate by some happy chance.
It was fought for and won with the machinery of the Knights.
The same bold warriors as those Crusaders who sought to replace the Holy Land in Christian hands.
Islam does not forget or forgive, but keeps jealous tally on the past and this serpentine biological memory must exact reparation for it's past hurt in the two currencies it best understands, blood and gold.
So the future is cast with the clay of the past.
Across the Middle Sea, a vast innumerable gathering of eyes look across those narrow Straits of Hercules and distant stirrings in the collective memory survey the plunder of the foreign shore.
Not by force can the Castle walls be destroyed, but by sinuous invasion at the roots.
At the foundations of our Society the vanguard are stacking their bundles, their kindling sticks for the fire their hereditary imagination holds before the archetypal heroes that tore at the ancient walls of Acre and the Christian East.
So much incandescent fury, throttled in the stultified Society that cannot be freed from it's subservience. Who's only saving is the fire, the consummation, the ablation of all difference without itself.
If we fail to remember what and who we are and from where we sprang forth into this world, then we disadvantage our offspring and throw up their lives with the dice.