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60th Anniversary Celebrations Won’t Save Israel from Annihilation, Says Ahmadinejad

Map of Israel courtesy of Google Images

YNET NEWS: Iranian president says anniversary celebrations won't save Jewish state from 'annihilation' by Middle Eastern nations

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Wednesday that Israel is dying and that its 60th anniversary celebrations are an attempt to prevent its ''annihilation.''

His remarks coincided with the arrival of US President George W. Bush in the Middle East to celebrate Israel's 60th birthday and try to revitalize peace efforts.

''The Zionist (Israeli) regime is dying,'' said Ahmadinejad during a speech in the northern Iranian city of Gorgan. ''The criminals assume that by holding celebrations ... they can save the sinister Zionist regime from death and annihilation.''

The hardline Iranian president used an Arabic word, ismihlal, that can also be translated as destruction, death and collapse.

"They should know that regional nations hate this fake and criminal regime and if the smallest and briefest chance is given to regional nations they will destroy (it)," said Ahmadinejad, who often rails against Israel and the United States.

Iran doesn't recognize Israel, and Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for Israel's destruction. The threatening exchanges between Iran and Israel have intensified since 2005, when Ahmadinejad said in a speech that Israel will one day be ''wiped off the map.'' The Iranian leader has also alleged that the Holocaust was a ''myth.'' Ahmadinejad: Israel Is ‘Dying’ >>> | May 14, 2008

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Anonymous said...

[[[[["They should know that regional nations hate this fake and criminal regime and if the smallest and briefest chance is given to regional nations they will destroy (it)," said Ahmadinejad, who often rails against Israel and the United States."""]]]]

Ahmedinejad . Iranians often call him "Antarineja" which means "OF THE MONKEY RACE". Next time, take a good look at his face and you'll see the proof.
Like ALL Muslims, the brain has to indulge in Al-Taqiyyah to boost its immorality for zombies (muslims) consumption . The vile pimp who is nothing more than a marrionette controlled by Ayatollah Ali Khamenehi wants Israel destroyed because his deranged mind actually mulls over that he could be the 12th Imam.

Fake and criminal regime? Homosexual Ahmedinjej "Antarineja" does not know his quran?
that Israel exists by 'DIVINE RIGHT" and that the quran clearly states (Sura 5:21) that God granted the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel and ordered them to settle there. In addition, it is predicted that before the end of days, God will bring the Children of Israel to retake possession of the Land, gathering them from the different countries and nations (Sura 17:104). Does he not know that these verses are backed by none other than Al Qaeda?
Has he not read The Al Qaida website that recently carried an article entitled, "The Jews Are Unworthy of the Promised Land. As translated by, the article reads, "Allah decided to test the Jews when they were still an oppressed people [while in Egypt]. He seeks to lead them to the path of faith and victory and therefore urges them to conquer the Land of Israel. They [the Jews] are even more afraid to fight for the Promised Land than they are of God. For this reason, the Jewish People does not find it hard to break the covenant between God and Abram which awarded the Land of Israel to the Jewish People for all generations."

............the covenant between God and Abram which awarded the Landof Israel to the Jewish people for ALL generations.

That muslims of every stripe chose to interpret otherwise in between camel buggering and goat shagging and spilling their sperm all over (that's why they have their womenin burqas) does not in any way make obsolete, nor open to interpretation, those Quranic verses. Otherwise, those verses would have been abrogated. savvy? And to go against those verses is to go against allah's divine" decree, is it not?

Is he unaware that in 1919, when the Hashemite Emir Feisal first heard of Zionism, he exclaimed that he was seeing what was announced in the quran - " the Jews coming back to the land." And this was one of the reasons he signed his historic agreement with Chaim Weizmann.

Since the UN mandated State of Israel came into being on May 14, 1948, ALL Arab opposition to the State of Israel was based on nationalism, not Islam.
The 1967 war by Nasser's Egypt was not based on the idea of a revolutionary party based on Islam. Islam was considered a religion not related to politics. But with the collapse of Nasserism, the rise of oil-rich Saudi Arabia and the Iranian revolution. At the time Egypt was the strongman in the Arab world. After the humiliating defeat of 40 million muslims at the hands of 4 million Jews in 6 days, and ISRAEL WON THE WAR ON ITS OWN with pre-emptive action, thank you, the US should be thoroughly ashamed of itself for hemming and hawing, while the Brits stood like vultures they are to see the outcome ; there was a power vacuum . In stepped Saudi Arabia and its brand of islam - Wahabbism. Why do you think ALL Arab nations keep the riff-raffs, the rejects of the entire Arab world, termed Palestinians by Arafat only after the 1967 war in refugee camps? Because Israel borders on the Arab countries and is in the center of the Middle East, it is a more direct threat to Arab regimes. They are afraid that if there were normal relations between their countries and Israel, their citizens would be able to compare between the democracy and advanced society in Israel and their own backwardness. And this is testified by Walid Shoebat, ex-terrorist, ex-muslim, ex-Palestinian. Now that famine is in, will we see 'storm the bastille' by the hungry in the Mid-East ? One can't drink oil, eh?

[[[["Israel will one day be ''wiped off the map.'' ]]]]

Then Ahmedinejad is either an apostate (being a homo already condemns him to the muslim hell) or he thinks the quran is what we all justly think - plagiarism from the Torah, New Testament, 10% from Hinduism, jinnsm, shaminsm, and 40% infused with arab folklore. Jews have in their possession a recent find that proofs islam to be nothing but a Jewish heresy.

If muslims , as their founder Mohd. who many times referred to the Torah in disputes, believe that their ancient forefather is Abraham, then they should turn to A,ps Chap. 9, verse 15. So I will plant them on their land, and they shall not be plucked up again from their land which I have given them."
Joel 2: 20 " I will remove the invader from the north far from youand I will drive him into a parched wasteland, his front in the eastern sea, and his rear to the sea of the west. His stench will arise, his foul smell will ascend, for his evil works have been fast. ........26: You shall eat and be full, and be satisfied....My people shall never again be put to shame " To believng christians read Joel. Prophecies fulfilled and being fulfilled. (Pls, I am not a Christian.)

And if muslims reject their own quranic verses, who are we to argue satan's beloved? They are shit. As Russian proverb say: Salt water or fresh, shit floats.
Bad news for muslims. You will all be annihilated. Syria will be devastated to a desolation. Egypt and Jordan will be destroyed. Iraq a wasteland. It's a-coming.

As for Iran: From a Military Intelligence Source:

July 21, 2007: A recent opinion survey showed that 58 percent of Iranians would support a foreign invasion to overthrow the current religious dictatorship. However, nearly 70 percent would prefer a popular, but non-violent, revolution, like the one that tossed out European communist dictatorships in 1989-90. Worse, 92 percent do not approve of how their government operates. Only eleven percent oppose democracy, and 72 percent did not support the "Islamic Revolution" that has dominated the country for 28 years. Still, most Iranians are not willing to fight, knowing that the minority of Iranians who do support the government are armed and willing to kill Iranians that oppose them. The survey also showed that 78 percent of Iranians believe the country should have nuclear power, but only 46 percent believed they should have nuclear weapons. Interestingly, 52 percent believed that Western Europe would accept Iran having nuclear power. People are not happy with the government foreign policy, with 60 percent opposing support of Hizbollah, 56 percent oppose support for Hamas, and 70 percent oppose the destruction of Israel. However, a third of the population agreed with president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's contention that the World War II German death camp program, that killed six million Jews, never happened.

July 20, 2007: The government is playing a shrewd information war strategy, by appealing to the least educated. This involves severe censorship of the Internet inside Iran, with over half the sites in the local language (Farsi) being blocked. On television, in addition to the usual propaganda, there was a recent show that featured two of five Americans recently arrested (and falsely charged as agents sent to promote a popular revolution) "confessing" their sins. The two appear to have been under a lot of pressure. Meanwhile, parents openly demonstrate to complain that the police have arrested and tortured their university age children.

But readers, there's a man-made famine around the world, devised to depopulate. Will the MEK, Iran Solidarity and others rise to the occasion and cleanse their once great empire, Persia? Iran is a bastardised, muslim word.

Israel is hamstrung by America. Still, that tiny nation whose people are being killed by american taxpayer's hard work, did destroy many bunkers in Iran and Syria.
When threatened with extinction will Israel deploy arsenal weapon - the Neutron Bomb on Iran?
What is the Neutron Bomb? It is an extremely effective, though radical, atomic weapon. Rather than killing by bomb blast, heat greater than the surface of the Sun, and radiation, the neutron bomb kills by irradiating the area of detonation with untold trillions of neutrons that kill all humans and animals, but leave all buildings and vehicles intact. This bomb also releases very little radiation, so the area formerly inhabited by living people can be immediately occupied by the armed forces of the country which set off the neutron bomb.

Thus, with the neutron bomb, untold numbers of people could be instantly killed without damaging any structures or vehicles, and leaving the land "cleared" open for immediate occupancy by the victors

Israel also has the potential military weapon which can provide a 100% effective shield against all missiles, all mortars, and all projectiles of any kind, as this drawing, above, demonstrates. Israel has Scalar Wave weaponry in her arsenal, which enables her, among other things, to erect a Tesla Dome over cities, towns, and even most of tiny Israel.

Poor America nd Britain do not have what Israel has. You've been sold into slavery, penury, and daily humiliation by your elites, people. That's why the lyrics - tolerance, diversity, multi culti, appeasement, of the song "islam is a religion of peace" is foisted on you, while your elites have already taken their dues. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Once again thanks to Mark and anonymous.

Persia has a majority longing to ditch the monkeyman Arminajam.
They are not ready for war yet though.
Anon, let's hope that Israel does have the technology needed for it's preservation.
We are at the threshold of major events worldwide, I feel it in my water.

Mark said...

And I feel it in my bones, Anonymous! :-) or perhaps that should be :-(

Thanks to both for your comments. I presume that the two writing under 'Anonymous' are not one and the same person. I sometimes get rather confused when I get more than one anonymous commenter on the same blog.

Anonymous said...

And I feel it in my bones, Anonymous! :-) or perhaps that should be :-(

Thanks to both for your comments. I presume that the two writing under 'Anonymous' are not one and the same person. I sometimes get rather confused when I get more than one anonymous commenter on the same blog.

Watch for style of writing. That's the normal giveaway.

UPDATE .May 12, 2008: The U.S. will provide Israel with a mobile X-band radar that will enable it to detect incoming ballistic missiles father away. Currently, the Israeli Green Pine radar would only detect a ballistic missile fired from Iran when the missile warhead is about two minutes from hitting a target in Israel. The X-band radar would allow the Iranian missile to be spotted when it was 5-6 minutes away, enabling the Israeli Arrow anti-missile missile to hit the Iranian warhead farther away and with greater certainty.

Israel has two batteries of Arrow missiles, and over a hundred missiles available. An Arrow battery has 4-8 launchers, and each launcher carries a six missiles in containers. The Arrow was developed to knock down Scud type missiles fired from Syria, Saudi Arabia or Iraq. The two ton Arrow is being replaced with the 1.3 ton Arrow II, which can shoot down longer range ballistic missiles fired from Iran.

Israel has the power to destroy her enemies many times over. That is a frightening prospect. Her enemies do not believe that the Israelis, civilized in ways that her enemies are not, would ever take the necessary steps to safe guard their people and stop this war. Yet the Israeli government could win this war with methods far short of total war. It is a question of WILL.

If there is a second Holocaust, Israel has the ability (and hopefully the WILL) to take all of Islam down with her. Along with its precious oil -- for which the anti-Semites of Europe are willing to let a second Holocaust happen.

Israelis are capable of living with this painful reality and defending themselves against any aggression by its neighbors, as long as they retain the Will to do so.
Unfortunately, too many of its political leaders, as well as the nation’s cultural, academic and journalist elites, are, in the words of prime minister Olmert, "tired of fighting... tired of being courageous... tired of winning... tired of defeating our enemies..." This dangerous mind-set, the desperate wish for an end to the hostility of surrounding states, and the concomitant embrace of delusions of peace, are as great a threat to Israel as the strategic challenges posed by its enemies.

The more Israel appeases its enemies through concessions and the promises of more concessions, the more Israel's deterrence erodes. cultural, academic and journalistic elites all feed the peace at any price mood of the public. The Israeli media is almost monolithic, helmed by Leftists, useless scum, who identify themselves with the other useless scum - the muslims.
In 1950, Ben Gurion said “The most dangerous enemy to Israel’s security is the intellectual inertia of those who are responsible for security.” That is as true today as it was then. Israel has an incredible army, educated populace, robust society, and a luminescent heritage. What is most lacking today, are political leaders who have the personal qualities to guide this great nation—men and women of deep courage and unwavering moral clarity. Olmert, Livni, Barak should be thrown out.
Snivelling, grovelling, losers, despicable Leftists.

American leaders need to be criticized for exerting them and for the shameful, persistent, bipartisan reflex, going back at least as far as Kissinger's pressures on Rabin in the 1970s, of handing territorial and other plums to the Arabs while progressively weakening a democratic ally.

Israel bombed the Iraqi nuclear installation and both Europe and U.S.A. condemned it. Recently Israel bombed the nuclear installation in Syria going against the wishes of Condi Rice, the Pentagon and most of Europe. And if Israel needs to it will destroy Irans' nuclear installations

In 1980, Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed “We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. I say, let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant.” Ayatollah Rafsanjani said that “the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything. However, it will only harm the Islamic world. It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality." Rafsanjani also noted that 5 million Jews would die in an Iranian nuclear strike, while a mere 15 million Iranians would perish in an Israeli retaliation—as small “sacrifice” considering the over one billion Muslims worldwide. In February of last year, a fatwa was issued in Qom allowing the use of nuclear weapons in war.

Israel was forged in fury; it was born in blood and fire. With blood and fire (dam ve aish in Hebrew) Israel will defend itself if push comes to shove.
To make Peace with Hamas, Israel must defeat them (and their people in Gaza). Thoroughly. Completely. Give them a level of May 1945 Berlin destruction.
Bombing for peace is like fcuking for virginity. Then offer talks
Nothing is free. Everything costs. Particularly peace. No one knows this better than the Jews.

Take a tip from the Jews. They held themselves together for two millennia by holding services in Hebrew, keeping their sacred tongue alive enough to restore as a national language in 1948. The Israelites were the only people who ever had a history with God! That's the reality, and it's not going to go away, no matter how treacherous the so-called "democratic" "pursuing for peace" hypocrites of the world, immersed in jew hatred and viperous anti-semitism closet islamists, collaborators of crimes against humanity say or do.

Mark said...


I really don't have the time to analyze writing styles. I wish I had the luxury of that time. That's why I would find it far better if people used a name, if only a pseudonym. After all, it is so easy to choose one.

Mark said...
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Anonymous said...

"This dangerous mind-set, the desperate wish for an end to the hostility of surrounding states, and the concomitant embrace of delusions of peace, are as great a threat to Israel as the strategic challenges posed by its enemies."
So true.
Mark, Eastern anons style is very clear, you know me of old, I like a good riddle, if you remember, that's my saviour, old friend.

Mark said...


I am puzzled indeed! :-)