Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clueless Condi, Why Are The Muslims Blowing Up The Indians?

As this naive and incompetent administration rolls down the hill and out into the trashbin of history, I have a question for our brilliant leaders. Today the Muslims blew up India, killing 50 and mutiliating hundreds of others. Now why, Clueless Condi, would they do that? You have no clue? Do you know your history? Obviously not. While I certainly did not study India's historical events in high school or college, I have become knowledgeable about the pox on India's house that Islam was and continues to be. The Muslims despise the Hindus. They're polytheists and worship all kinds of idolatrous gods. They're worse than the Christians. They're worse than the Jews, and those people are monkeys and pigs, don't cha know.

It is very discouraging to see the energy this administration and the overwhelming majority of politicians expend on covering for Islam. Where does this persistence for denial come from? I went to college and don't recall such brainwashing, but I got a real degree in business and computer science. I knew there were the 'others' at college, the social science majors, the liberal arts, etc. You can only imagine how far they have come since the 70's.

Of course, today all the big ivy league schools are corrupt and dominated by anarchists and American hating whiners who will never be happy until America's identity is destroyed. Condi and Jorge Bush really must have sucked it all in. All I have to say to Clueless Condi and her clowndaddy Jorge Bush is "Don't let the screendoor hit you on the way out."


Anonymous said...

Condi is only the tip of clueless ice berg at State. The State departartment seems to be worse at hating the US of A than the NYT. Expect nothing from them until that whole department of the government is cleaned out. The State so needs John Bolton.

Anonymous said...

Condi Rice, the worst Secretary of State was treated as a whore by President Putin during her visit, because she is a clueless whore.
He told her to behave like a lady should! Says all, methinks.

The following is a short summary of India's HOLOCAUST at the hands of straight from hell allah and his best of men murderers. Modus Operandi - Jihad, and a demonic hatred for all non muslims breathes alive today as much as it did during satan's son Mohd when he blazed the trail of wilful murder and turned it into a celebration of death, butchery and revelry in the slaughter of innocents. Today, the mindset of muslims is one of genocidal mania. A muslim is NOT a good person because he tolerates and accepts the hate and evil that Islam teaches against other humans on this planet. There are more than 100 violent verses in their book straight from the pit of hell called the quran that decrees murder, slaughter, subjugation, inhuman humiliation of non-muslims as a holy act that will be rewarded by their sex maniac allah busy making virgins for deflowering. They use babies, women, girls due to their dwindling number of men who are slowly waking up, as did those jihadists in Kashmir, who are not too keen to be suicide candidates. Apparently the thought of deflowering 72 virgins, eternal erection/ejaculation , sodomising 10 year old pearl-cheek boys and feasting on tables laden with food and wine flowing does not appear to work anymore many Kashmiri muslims.
But then, Kashmiris were Hindus before, so somewhere hidden in that corrupted blood , somewhere a gene still floats that has now reached the cerebral to make them finally Think. Thinking is not allowed in Islam. However, Thinking is Forbidden by the stupid, stupid West insofar as their mania to embrace islam as a religion of peace is concerned. Result: Common people pay the price. Wake up people. The elitists have sold you down the river. "Storm the bastille".

Today, in dailymail.co.uk, it has been reported that Iraqi insurgents use eight-year-old girl as suicide bomber . The girl was strapped with remote-controlled explosives and used as a human bomb by Iraqi insurgents in a blast that killed an Iraqi commander earlier today. An Iraqi captain was killed and seven other soldiers were injured in the explosion which took place in the town of Youssifiyah, south of Baghdad. The explosives were detonated as the girl approached the Iraqi commander. Jacqui Smith, Britain's home secretary is as clueless as Condi. Two peas in a pod, across the Atlantic. And these are the two primers in their War on Terror? Place your bet with Russia and China, good people. You want proof? The darling of the US - Pakistan is a failed State. The darlings of Britain, all muslims, the Mid-East they created, are all cesspits of utter misery, degradation, and continuing human agony. The hated, full of contempt India is still a beacon of light!

The Hindu Holocaust.
Physical: Millions of Hindus were killed because they were Hindus.
Cultural: Those that weren’t killed were spared because they agreed to convert to Islam. This is cultural genocide.
Economic: Those that were allowed to live as Hindus still, were subject to the dreaded Jiyza tax system forcing them to perpetual penury=economic genocide.
The Holocaust definition given earlier specifically uses the term “genocide” but applies it to a specific group/race. Fundamentally, Holocaust=genocide. Which is a certainty as far as Hindus are concerned. Aside, the term is rather apt to describe the Hindu genocide because the root meaning of Holocaust is “burn.” Islam’s violent history in India is a bloody record of burnt idols, temples, libraries, and entire cities.

…the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000, was followed by the annihilation of the entire Hindu population there; indeed, the region is still called Hindu Kush, ‘Hindu slaughter’. The Bahmani sultans in central India, made it a rule to kill 100.000 Hindus a year. In 1399, Teimur killed 100.000 Hindus in a single day, and many more on other occasions.
all primary sources, written by court poets/royal historians of emperors of the order of Mahmud Ghaznavid, Iltamush, Muhammad bin Qâsim, Nadir Shah et al.

The Muslim conquest of Sind was masterminded by Hajjaj, the Governor of Iraq, and effected by his commander Muhammad b. Qasim in 712 A.D. Qasim's instructions were to "bring destruction on the unbelievers...[and] to invite and induce the infidels to accept the true creed, and belief in the unity of God... and whoever does not submit to Islam, treat him harshly and cause injury to him till he submits." C.E. Bosworth.

MAHMUD OF GHAZNI (969 -The real conquest of India by the Muslims dates from the beginning of the 11th century . The Somnath Temple was so rich that it took Ghazni 17 trips to loot the temple. At the first invasion, 50,000 Brahmin priests were beheaded.

." In the course of seventeen invasions, in the words of Alberuni the scholar brought by Mahmud to India,: "Mahmud utterly ruined the prosperity of the country, and performed there wonderful exploits, by which the Hindus became like atoms of dust scattered in all directions, and like a tale of old in the mouth of the people. Their scattered remains cherish, of course, the most inveterate aversion towards all Muslims"

Mahmud began by capturing King Jaipal in the Punjab, then invaded Multan in 1004. On conquering the district of Ghur, he forcibly converted the inhabitants to Islam. Mahmud accumulated vast amounts of plunder from the Hindu temples he desecrated, such as that of Kangra. "Mathura, the holy city of Krishna, was the next victim. 'In the middle of the city there was a temple larger and finer than the rest, which can neither be described nor painted'. The Sultan [Mahmud] was of the opinion that 200 years would have been required to build it. The idols included 'five of red gold, each five yards high', with eyes formed of priceless jewels. 'The Sultan gave orders that all the temples should be burnt with naphtha and fire, and leveled with the ground. 'Thus perished works of art which must have been among the noblest monuments of ancient India." [VA Smith 207] At the battle of Somnath, the site of another celebrated Hindu temple, 50000 were killed as Mahmud assuaged his lust for booty.

In 1351, Firuz Shah ascended the throne and became ruler of the North of India. Though in many ways an enlightened man, when it came to religion was a bigot of the first order. He is said to have made "the laws of the Prophet his guide." He indulged in wholesale slave -raiding, and is said to have had 180000 slaves in his city, all of whom "became Muslims." He went to visit a village where a Hindu religious fair was being held, which was even attended by some "graceless Musalmans." He wrote: "I ordered that the leaders of these people and the promoters of this abomination should be put to death. I forbade the infliction of any severe punishment on the Hindus in general, but I destroyed their idol temples and instead thereof raised mosques." Later a Brahman who had practised his rites in public was burnt alive. Firuz Shah was simply carrying on the tradition of the early Muslim invaders, and he sincerely believed "that he served God by treating as a capital crime the public practice of their religion by the vast majority of his subjects [i.e.Hindus]." Firuz Shah also bribed a vast number of Hindus into embracing Islam, by exempting those who converted from the jizya or poll-tax, which was otherwise rigorously enforced, even on Firuz Shah, when due allowance is made for his surroundings and education, could not have escaped from the theory and practice of religious intolerance.

The worst of allah's best of men from his hell-pit was AURANGZEB (1618-1707)

Aurangzeb was, in total contrast, a Muslim puritan, who wished to turn his empire into a land of orthodox Sunni Islam, ruled in accordance with the principles laid down by the early Caliphs. Once again, we enter the world of Islamic intolerance -- temples are destroyed (during the campaigns of 1679_80, at Udaipur 123 were destroyed, at Chitor sixty-three; at Jaipur sixty-six); and non -Muslims become second class citizens in their own country. The imperial bigot, to use Smith's phrase, reimposed the "hated jizya, or polltax on non-Muslims, which Akbar had wisely abolished early in his reign." Aurangzeb's aim was to curb the infidels and demonstrate the "distinction between a land of Islam and a land of unbelievers." "To most Hindus Akbar is one of the greatest of the Muslim emperors of India and Aurangzeb one of the worst; to many Muslims the opposite is the case. To an outsider there can be little doubt that Akbar's way was the right one.... Akbar disrupted the Muslim community by recognising that India is not an Islamic country: Aurangzeb disrupted India by behaving as though it were." [Gascoigne 227]

Auranzeb is also known as the murderer of Sikh gurus. Murder was his aphrodisiac. He murdered his own kith and kin, anyway. Delhi has those places of infamy where the ghosts of the innocents wait for justice.

At Delhi under the pretext that the hundred thousand Hindu prisoners presented a grave risk to his army, Tamerlane ordered their execution in cold blood. He killed thousands, and had victory pillars built of the severed heads. On his way out of India, he sacked Miraj, pulled down the monuments and flayed the Hindu inhabitants alive, "an act by which he fulfilled his vow to wage the Holy War. "This strange champion of Islam, as Grousset calls him, plundered and massacred "through blindness or close-mindedness to a certain set of cultural values.

"Between 1000 and 1200 Buddhism disappeared from India, through the combined effects of its own weaknesses, a revived Hinduism and Mohammedan persecution" Edward Conze [117] "[Buddhism in India] declined after Moslem conquest of Sindh, A.D. 712, and finally suppressed by Muslim persecution A.D.1200 " Christmas Humphreys
"It is partly, no doubt, because of the furor islamicus that post-Gupta remains are surprisingly few in Bihar..." J.C.Harle [199

According to Sita Ram Goel, in his two volume: What happened to Indian Temples, his research proved more than 60,000 magnificent temples were destroyed by the scourge of the earth aka muslims and their hideous mosques erected over it, much like the abomination Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

There is a column of human skulls in Afghanistan, testimony to the beheading of non-muslims in Afghanistan by Tamerlane. Perhaps the stupid, whore Condi should
visit there instead of harrassing the Israelis to give more concessions to Palis (who are they?) and then PAY WITH THEIR BLOOD.

Under Arya Samaj Dayananda Saraswathi from 1957 SHRUDDI saw many muslims revert back to their original religion as they discarded islamic evil and became humans once again.

After 762 years of islamic rule, Bharat (the correct name, not India the stupid bastard word imposed by Britain) refused to die and continues as a civilisation.
Muslims failed to turn Bharat into a heinous, hideous muslim failed state because the faith of the polytheist Adi Sanatan Devi Devta Dharam kept the flame of their Supreme Soul Shiva alive. India will not be turned into a muslim state again though , like Israel, is surrounded by muslims. It will be a Civil War of such magnitude as described in the Mahabharata.

But America and Britain continue to sleep to the lullaby of "islam is a religion of peace" and protect those waiting-to-murder the natives muslims with a raft of laws under the auspices of multi culti, political correctness, tolerance, etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...


Should read: Under Arya Samaj Dayananda Saraswathi from 1957 SHRUDDI saw many muslims revert back to their original religion as they discarded islamic evil and became humans once again.

The year should be from 1857.

Anonymous said...


When India was divided in 1947 by the treacherous British to punish Hindu India for wanting independence, the people of East Bengal decided to opt for East Pakistan. That was a decision taken by them, and 25 years later, they found that the authorities in West Pakistan were not favorably disposed towards the east.
Muslims, the east pakistanis were treated nothing more than with contempt with their western muslim brethren behaving like their colonial masters.

Throughout the Cold War, Indo-U.S. relations veered from chilly to hostile. India leaned toward the Soviet Union, and the United States provided political, economic and military support to India's arch-rival, Pakistan. Relations plunged to an all-time low in 1971 when Nixon sided with Pakistan in the war that created Bangladesh from what had been East Pakistan, at one point sending an aircraft carrier to the Bay of Bengal to discourage Indian involvement. When Indira Gandhi asked Nixon for arms he rudely and belligerently turned her down, while Kissinger waved off battleships carrying arms and ammunition to help Ayub Khan fight the East Pakistani slaves daring to go against the master. Indira then turned to steady friend Russia who airlifted the much needed weapon. Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw led the Indian Army to victory in the 1971 India-Pakistan war, which led to the birth of Bangladesh. West Pakistanis, muslims and all, raped both hindu and muslim women, murdered east pakistani men, mutilated both men and women. And the US was of course deaf, and totally blind to all these. West Pakistan was Nixon's and Kissinger's prostitute.

Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark in their recent book entitled “Deception” accuse the US Dept of State of suffering from a severe case of “Clientitis” vis a vis Pakistan. Since 2001, the US has provided the terrorist state of Pakistan military aid worth 11 billion dollars without any results. You do not fight terrorism by providing Pakistani military machine with nuclear capable F16 fighter jets. The US policy on can be summarized in one sentence: “Support the latest military dictator”! Nation states do make historical mistakes and reap the harvest of those mistakes. The now defunct Soviet Union did commit strategic mistakes and certainly paid for it. India also has committed strategic mistakes and has paid dearly for them. The same holds true for the only global “hyper-power.

Today , many of the retired Army generals and officers who fought in that war (1971) feel that had India left things alone, today Pakistan would again have been divided into two parts with India in between. That would have been a great administrative problem for them. For the Indian Armed Forces it would have been a great advantage to have the Pakistani armed forces divided between the two halves, which strategically would result in their having to look after two fronts.

Since 1970 the US cultivated communist China as an ally to the horror of the entire democratic world. During the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war, Nixon & Kissinger encouraged China to attack India. Later on, while India was targeted as an enemy nation by the 301 and the super 301 US trade protection laws, China was granted most favored nation (MFN) status annually by the US Congress. China’s transfer of nuclear technology and bomb design to Pakistan in 1988-1989 did not evoke any response from the George H. W. Bush administration. Chinese transfer of Ballistic Missiles in the early 1990s to Pakistan did not elicit any sanctions from the Clinton Administration. Though the US honeymoon with China is now over, the US continues to allow communist China to buy nuclear reactors but sanctions a democratic India even now.

Historically, Russia has been a reliable weapons supplier to India and has helped it in its times of crisis. Russia supports Indian emergence in the global platforms
Russia has been the most important partner of India in the nuclear field. It can help India with fuels and reactors. It also is an important source of oil and gas. India is one of the largest consumers of fuel. Russia can help India sustain its industrial development and economic progress by providing oil and gas etc. Russia has strong relations with China. It is the largest importer of Russian arms. So the Russian clout can be used in dealing with China. Besides, Russia does not supply sophisticated arms to Pakistan because of Indian concerns.

In 1971, Indian forces paid with lives to help liberate Bangladesh. In April 2001, New Delhi was seen as passive after 15 BSF men were killed and strung up like animals by the Bangladesh Rifles. What has changed over the years? Ah, corruption and India has its own Deaf, Mute, Blindmen and their loathsome greed.
Indian industrialists and rich classes of India (close to 100 families) who control Indian politicians, economy and even the communists. The new trading invaders from the West call themselves agents of globalization. They want to outsource every piece of junk they do want to perform or manufacture. They pay pennies on the dollar to Indian workers. They have joined hands with the Indian oligarchs like they did two hundred fifty years back with Indian kings. History is repeating in India after two hundred fifty years. These foreign invaders and the cooperating Indian politicians and rich oligarchs are raping Mother India again. Hence, the undercurrent of hatred and a yen for Civil War in India which should break out. Mother Earth's method of cleansing scum.

Kishore Mahbubani believes that the 21st Century belongs to Asia. He believes that today, China and India are emerging at a time when the West is losing faith in an open global order. This growing lack of faith explains the strange behaviour of both America and Europe towards global governance. He wrote:

"""With America and Europe losing faith in multilateral norms, the responsibility should pass on to the new rising powers, China and India, to maintain these norms. Indeed, both China and India want to preserve them, but only India can provide the leadership to do so. China cannot, for a simple geopolitical reason. The rise of India is not generating alarm in Washington DC. The rise of China is. Hence, China, in an effort to assuage American concerns, is deliberately trying to avoid assuming any kind of global leadership. When the Cancun trade meetings failed, Indian Trade and Industry Minister Kamal Nath could confidently explain India’s position and challenge the American and European perspectives. The Chinese Trade Minister said nothing.

By default, the weight of global leadership may fall on India’s shoulders. Fortunately, India is well-qualified to provide such leadership. Its credentials as the world’s largest democracy; its open, tolerant and inclusive culture; its unique geopolitical and cultural position as a bridge between East and West provides it a unique opportunity to provide the leadership for forging new forms of global governance that spaceship Earth desperately needs as it sails into the future.""""

That's the reason why Kissinger made a hat in hand trip to India to apologise. The US needs India against rising China. But India does not wish to be used as a US proxy to contain China in the Asian theatre as India believes genuinely in the inevitability of a multi-polar world. A newly resurgent India will deal with China on her own steam. India does not need to ally with US against China as it certainly would not gang up against US in company of Russia and China in accordance with the Primakov Doctrine. That's the reason why Delhi snubbed Washington when it try to interfere in India's dealings with Iran recently. Too late Kissinger. Save your ass and flee to another country. The KGB, or the Yakuza, or the Chinese Red secret society will be after you. Many many grievances against you.

Unfortunately, for America, the Chinese Red Secret Society have a tight grip on America. When the US has its series of 9.11 as it will sometime in the near future, then the Yakuza, the KBGs, the Chinese triads will be out in the open for a battle to death. The muslims will lose. Those mentioned have no qualms about slaughtering with such ferocity that will put terror in the hearts of muslims. Read their history. Joining them perhaps will be those Americans who love their country. After all, the French did save America from the British colonialists and thoroughly defeated them, that to this day has Britain bristling about her lost continent.

Anonymous said...

Pedestrian Infidel has always been a gateway to information necessary to understand the pernicious influence of the Satanist cult of the religion of peace.
Now and again, contributors hit the nail on the head.
Now and again, commenters add a new dimension.
Right now, this commenter, "Eastern anon" has given so much food for thought.
Some of it may leave a bad taste, but nonetheless, I hope we get more on the plate.
E.A., you have given many signposts to explore stuff I had little knowledge of, Thankyou. God bless mother India, Bharat.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.26 p.m.
you use the word Bharat so may I presume you to be Indian? Whatever, race has got nothing to do in this battle against the Cult of Evil islam. We are all part of humanity battling the inhumans.
tks yr appreciation of my posting.

Real info is not for entertainment. It is food for thought, and preparation for eventualities.

Pedestrian Infidel blog is not for patsies, weenies, pussified faggots.

eastern anon