Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Contribution request-- 1001 caricatures of Mohammad

The following was submitted recently to the PI inbox, and is being printed exactly as it was received:

What should the answer of the freedom loving peoples of the west be ageist the fascist forces in Islam who threatens with violence to stop critical opinions and caricatures of Islam?

If you are one of many who share my beliefs that we have to fight this totalitarian ideology, you now have the possibility to participate.

I am writing a book called "1001 caricatures of Mohammad" as a defense, for the right to ask the critical questions and make caricatures. As you understand from the books title, I need contributions in the form of 1001 caricature drawings of Mohammad.

I am writing this book under a fictional name because of the dangers combined with expression critical views of Islam. Any contribution will be protected in the same manner as my self.

Make history; defend the freedom to many take for granted. With a pen you can stand up and fight for the right to be free in the battle of liberty for all the peoples of the world.

Send your contribution to:


Yours sincerely

Alias John Smith




Parameters for the caricatures

JPEG, GIF and tiff form:


• black/white 1200 piksler/dpi
• Gray 300 piksler/dpi
• color 300 piksler/dpi


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Incase you haven't heard the Editor of Jllyand Postend Newspaper that originally published the caricatures had a divine retribution recently. The whole family were burnt to death when their house accidentally caught fire. The Danish goverment tried to cover up the news but somehow it reaches the media. So haters think again before you act or face ALLAH wrath.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that God is hanging about looking for humans that dare to make a cartoon of an ancient legendary pseudo prophet about which there is only hearsay evidence recorded hundreds of years after he may have lived?
If you believe in the wrath of God, then why does he inflict Islamic countries with so many earthquakes,and other natural disasters?
God isn't at all interested in your little fairy tales. He's got much better things to do.
After all there is an almost infinite Universe out there, hadn't you noticed.
It doesn't revolve round midges like you.
Perhaps he is telling YOU something!
And get a grip on yourself, that story was fabricated to keep him safe from Islamic terrorists.