Thursday, May 01, 2008

Killing Americans is official Iranian policy

So says the head of the CIA in a recent question-and-answer session.

Here's the money quote:

CIA Director Michael Hayden said Wednesday that Iranian policy, at the highest government level, is to help kill Americans in Iraq, the boldest pronouncement of Iranian involvement by a U.S. official to date.

Hayden made the statement in response to a student question while delivering the Landon Lecture at Kansas State University.

"It is my opinion, it is the policy of the Iranian government, approved to highest level of that government, to facilitate the killing of Americans in Iraq," Hayden said. "Just make sure there's clarity on that."

This isn't the first time the Mullahs have gotten away with committing acts of war against the nation they steadfastly refer to as 'Great Satan'.

In 1979, Iranian "students" invaded the US Embassy, held diplomats hostage, tortured them, and threatened them with execution. This continued for 15 months without letup. Eventually, the US struck a deal with the mullahs--in essence paid a hefty ransom--so that the hostages could be released.

In 1983, Iranian terrorist proxies bombed the US Embassy and Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, killing almost 300 Americans. The US response? Immediate and unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon (and this was when Reagan was commander-in-chief).

In 1996, a US military housing complex in Saudi Arabia called Khobar Towers was bombed, killing 19 Air Force personnel. The trail of evidence again pointed to Iran. But with the bombers under the likely protection of Iran, and safely away from the reach of justice, nothing else was done.

And since 2003, US troops have been killed directly by Iranian forces inside Iraq.

All together, this is at least four separate acts of war committed by Iran against the United States over the past 30 years, all resulting in the death of Americans, destruction of millions (if not billions) in property, and causing grievous harm to US interests in the region and beyond.

So, Director Hayden, what is the US going to do about Iranian policy? If past history is any guide, the likely US response will be to continue doing nothing. Doing nothing, actually, would constitute progress of a sort. Previous US responses to Iran's wanton acts of aggression and murder have rewarded Tehran quite handsomely.

No wonder the Iranians think God is on their side.


Mark said...

This is no surprise, though, is it?

Anonymous said...

J.D. Pendry is a retired Army Command Sergeant Major who writes for Random House. He writes:

"""Jimmy Carter, you're the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home, and then lacked the spine to confront the terrorists when they took our embassy and our people hostage. You're the runner-in-chief."""

Jimmy Carter is directly responsible for the nightmare that is today's Iran. First of all, for engineering the ouster of the Shah only to be replaced by something far more evil. it would be Carter who first fanned Islamic fundamentalism - which would have devastating consequences. He was the CIA's first wholly owned subsidiary," an agency operative would boast to a friend later, "and the beauty of it was that so few people, even on the inside, ever knew it."

But before that, British and American military intelligence ousted Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953 in a CIA-planned coup called Operation Ajax; imposed the vicious Shah of Iran as a dictator; and then removed him for the Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.

The truth is the entire nightmare can be traced back to the liberal democratic policies of the leftist Jimmy Carter, who created a firestorm that destabilized US greatest ally in the Muslim world, the shah of Iran, in favor of a religious fanatic, the ayatollah Khomeini.

Carter viewed Khomeini as more of a religious holy man in a grassroots revolution than a founding father of modern terrorism. Carter's ambassador to the UN, Andrew Young, said "Khomeini will eventually be hailed as a saint." Carter's Iranian ambassador, William Sullivan, said, "Khomeini is a Gandhi-like figure." Carter adviser James Bill proclaimed in a Newsweek interview on February 12, 1979 that Khomeini was not a mad mujahid, but a man of "impeccable integrity and honesty."

When Carter entered the political fray in 1976, America was still riding the liberal wave of anti-Vietnam War emotion. In his anti-war pacifism, Carter never got it that Khomeini, a cleric exiled to Najaf in Iraq from 1965-1978, was preparing Iran for revolution. Proclaiming "the West killed God and wants us to bury him," Khomeini's weapon of choice was not the sword but the media. Using tape cassettes smuggled by Iranian pilgrims returning from the holy city of Najaf, he fueled disdain for what he called gharbzadegi ("the plague of Western culture").

Carter pressured the shah to make what he termed human rights concessions by releasing political prisoners and relaxing press censorship. Khomeini could never have succeeded without Carter. The Islamic Revolution would have been stillborn.

Carter gambled the lives of Americans held hostage by Khomeini.
Gen. Robert Huyser, Carter's military liaison to Iran, in tears: "The president could have publicly condemned Khomeini and even kidnapped him and then bartered for an exchange with the [American Embassy] hostages, but the president was indignant. "ONE CAN NOT DO THAT TO A HOLY MAN"

Carter's "holy man" in February 1979 Khomeini had boarded an Air France flight to return to Teheran with the blessing of Carter. The moment he arrived, he proclaimed: "I will kick his teeth in" - referring to then prime minister Shapour Bakhtiar, who was left in power with a US pledge of support. He was assassinated in Paris by Iranian agents in 1991.

Carter's administration scrambled to assure the new regime that the United States would maintain diplomatic ties with Iran . But on April 1, 1979 Khomeini proclaimed it the first day of the government of God. It was no April fool's joke for Carter's "holy man"

Ayatollah Khomeini also gave Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization terrorists the concept of suicide bombers, and offered $35,000 per blast to their families. Arafat—who won the Nobel Peace Prize himself in 1994—and his plo hijacked and bombed jetliners, buses and a ship; took hostages; executed people; slew children; blew up a full school bus with a bazooka; executed a U.S. ambassador; machine-gunned numerous Jewish families in their homes, cars and in public; and used male and female suicide bombers, bombs and assault weapons to murder people at markets, restaurants, plazas, religious ceremonies, schools and elsewhere.

So why did the peanut farmer voted by American dunces to be president want to overthrow the Shah of Iran?
Carter attempted to demand financial favors twice for his political friends in Georgia from the Shah of Iran. These two rejections of his demands by the Shah could well have led to Carter’s resolve to make an irrational decision to remove the Iranian Emperor, an American ally in the Middle East.

Carter’s anti-Shah feelings appeared to have ignited publically after he sent a group of several of his crony white trash friends from his home state, Georgia, to Tehran with an audience arranged with His Majesty directly by the Oval Office and in Carter’s name. At this meeting, as reported by Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda to some confidantes, these Georgia businessmen told the Shah that President Carter wanted the contract previously awarded to Brown & Root to build a huge port complex at Bandar Mahshahr, to be cancelled and as a personal favor to him to be awarded to them. The Shah politely refused stating that it was against international law and the contract was already signed and that when you do business in the Middle East, business commitments made must be honored.

Carter’s next demand on the Shah was a formal country to country shameless demand that the Shah sign a 50-year oil agreement with the US to supply oil at a fixed price of $8 a barrel with his political allies in the oil import business. The Shah was told at the meeting that he should heed the contract proposal if he wished to enjoy continued support from the US in these perilous, political times could become much worse if the United States support were withdrawn. The Shah politely refused stating it would be treasonous for him to fix the price let alone give oil away for only $8 a barrel - and the repercussions in the OPEC Cartel could result in the immediate expulsion of Iran. Carter has been described by many who know him well as a petty mean man who becomes extremely vindictive when anyone opposes him or does not give him what he wants.

The whole operation to depose the Shah was planned in advance by Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan’s revolutionary Islamic government with President Carter fully endorsing it. “He helped us, now we help him” was the matter-of-fact comment from the cleric. In 1978 when Carter allowed the overthrow of His Majesty the Shah, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi from the throne, he didn’t realize that the “Ayatollah” Ruhollah Khomeini and his velayat faghih (Islamic jurist) version of Islam were the real power group in Iran and would then take over and govern Iran as an Islamic theocracy. These Islamic Jihadists siezed the US Embassy and held 63 U.S. diplomats and three other U.S. citizens hostage until January 20, 1981. Of those captured, 52 were held hostage until the conclusion of the crisis 444 days later. The ring leader of the hostage taking terrorists was a younger MAHMOUD AHMADINJEJAD, now the present President of Iran. When he was head of the Iranian Secret Police, he was also known for assassinations of Kurdish politicians in Austria, terrorist bombings in Europe, direct involvement in Hezbolla and Hamas terrorist activities, torture, interrogation and executions of political prisoners and homosexuals in the Evin prison in Tehran. He has also publically vowed on multiple occasions to annihilate Israel with nuclear weapons and he appears to be a cult hero to American leftists recently at Columbia University where he was an invited guest speaker and received quite an applause. Of course the Democrats (Party of Defeat and Dhimmitude) and meddling Jimmy Carter today insist on the US having direct negotiations with this insane homicidal psychopath.

The Iran hostage crisis ended with the signing of the Algiers Accords in Algeria on January 19, 1981. The hostages were formally released into United States custody the following day. The release took place just minutes after President Ronald Reagan was officially sworn in as Carter’s successor. Earlier, President-elect Reagan had communicated directly to Iran that he was considering carpet bombing and destroying all of Iran’s infrastructure with B-52 bombers as his first act as President unless the American hostages were immediately released. Reagan’s policy of non- appeasement apparently got some pretty quick results!

Gen. Huyser told sources that the shah feared he would lose the country if he implemented Carter's polices. Carter had no desire to see the shah remain in power. He really believed that a cleric - whose Islamist fanaticism he did not understand in the least - would be better for human rights and Iran.

The destruction of the Shah’s Government and the establishment of an Islamic terrorist state in its place is directly attributable to Carter’s irrational actions — and the Iran-Iraq war which followed within a year that cost millions of dead and injured on both sides, and required the US to prop up a tyrannical dictator, Saddam Hussein in Iraq to prevent Iran from conquering Iraq and creating super Islamic jihadist theocracy that would control almost half of all the Middle East OIL RESERVES. In addition, the subsequent rise of radical Islamic terrorism led to Iran’s massive funding of proxy terrorists which of proxy terrorists which included Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) The escalation of Islamic jihadist terrorism in the Middle East right up to and including the present is a combination of the legacy of both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton’s foreign policy ineptness .

Jimmy Carter is directly responsible for the nightmare that is today's Iran. First of all, for engineering the ouster of the Shah only to be replaced by something far more evil. it would be Carter who first fanned Islamic fundamentalism - which would have devastating consequences on the world.
For Carter both the Sea and Sky have fused and the Horizon is no more.
For us, we are now in the Twilight Zone of Muslim Madness.
Carter's malfeasance was a primary factory in the whole mess.Carters malfeasance haunts us here to this very day

Today, Iran is the king of global terrorism! Ahmadinejad typifies the generation of Revolutionary Guards who followed the ayatollah Khomeini in 1979
Iran is king of the Middle East. Its influence permeates the governments and politics of every nation in the region. And as the leader of the region that receives the most attention from Western nations, Iran has successfully gained a massive amount of influence in international affairs.
The ascension of Iran as the leader of the Islamic Middle East—and the paralysis of the West in solving the problems this has spawned—is hugely significant
Iran’s support of terrorism isn’t confined to al Qaeda; the nation also embraces and actively supports the activities of Egyptian and Palestinian groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the list goes on.

Many of al Qaeda’s key leaders live in Iran—including Saif al-Adel, “believed to be one of the highest-ranking members of al Qaeda, behind Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri” There, in safety, al Qaeda operatives plan attacks against America and the West. U.S. intelligence officials also contend that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is forging an alliance with al Qaeda as a way to expand Iran’s influence in the region. Some observers counter this claim, saying that because Iran is Shiite Muslim and al Qaeda is Sunni Muslim, religious differences mean it’s unlikely that the two could ever work together successfully. This is untrue. Both groups are Muslim and share a mutual desire for the death of America and the West

Iran isn’t partial in its support of Palestinian terrorist groups either. In an interview with Ynet News in Tel Aviv , Defense Minister Mofaz claimed that Iran, in an effort to facilitate a higher number of terrorist attacks against Israel, had increased its funding of Islamic Jihad. In February alone, Tehran supported Islamic Jihad to the tune of us$1.8 million.
Hezbollah is another limb of terrorism whose origins lie firmly entrenched in Tehran. Created in 1982 by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah is an extension of Iranian influence in Syria, Lebanon and Israel. “Hezbollah—created … to export the Islamic revolution to the Arab world—receives financial, ideological and armed support from Iran and from the Islamic Republic’s Alawite allies in Syria …” (Stratfor, January 16).

But the influence of the Iranian clerics isn’t confined to Iraq. As the Telegraph noted, “[T]he voice of Iran’s clerics also holds sway with Shia minorities and Iranian communities in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Its capacity to destabilize the Middle East also extends to the West Bank and Gaza Strip” (March 19). Iran can effectively destabilize the entire Middle East!

Iran is 89 percent Shia; Iraq is 65 percent Shia and 35 Sunni. Thanks to its religious connection with the majority of Iraqis, Iran has a dominant voice in Iraq, including Iraqi politics. Shia political parties dominate Iraq’s new government, many of which have a publicly stated sympathy with the radical Iranian leadership. In other words, thanks to American efforts to remove Sunni leadership of Saddam Hussein and establish a democratic, majority-ruled (that is, Shia-dominated) government in Iraq, Iran now has a firm foothold in Iraqi politics.

The Spectator wrote, “For it is now becoming all too clear that the Islamic Republic has emerged as the surprise victor from the invasion of Iraq and is making the most of the power vacuum in the Gulf to establish itself as the new regional superpower."
“The demise of Iraq, together with Iran’s dash to nuclear capability—another development that the West has disastrously mishandled—has meant that the balance of power is changing radically in the Middle East, with Iran firmly in the ascendancy” (February 11).

The Spectator called Iran’s premier status “an unmitigated disaster.” From this position of power, Tehran is the maestro supporting and directing all of the major issues originating in the region: the collapse of peace efforts in Israel; the radicalization of Islam; the roiling insurgency in Iraq; international oil volatility. On top of its intimate involvement in all of these issues, Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

Many Sunni-ruled states in the region worry that—given the Shiites’ control over Iraq and Hezbollah’s victory over Israel—Iran’s rising star is igniting their Shiite populations with power lust. “They believe their time has come; it’s the Shiite era now,” says Abdullah al-Shayji, a Kuwaiti university professor (Daily Times, Pakistan, Dec. 11, 2006). Two Arab states illustrate the point: Bahrain and Kuwait.

Syria is mostly a Sunni Muslim country, President Assad has assented to Iran spreading the Shiite brand of Islam in his country. Iran has used this increasing clout to undertake a sinister joint project with Syria: swallowing Lebanon.

For a long time, Iran has nurtured and funded the Hezbollah organization’s soft conquest of southern Lebanon. This area is strategically important because of its common border with Israel, a nation Iran has pledged to destroy . Iran used Hezbollah to launch a war against the Jewish state. After fighting and surviving that war, Hezbollah emerged with iconic status in the Arab world and unprecedented popularity including a large portion of Lebanese. Iran got what it intended: “The war made the world take notice of the extent of Iran’s regional and international role.” It also put Israel on the defensive, exposing before the world how dangerously vulnerable it has become and setting the stage for Iran’s next offensive against the Jewish state.

Fatah, the darling of American and Israeli diplomacy for the last two decades, the Ramallah compound of whose current leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has almost become a pilgrimage site for Secretary of State Rice. At least 40 percent of Fatah’s different fighting groups are also paid by Hezbullah and Iran.”

Claude Moniquet, president of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, a private think-tank in Brussels, said his organization also had evidence Tehran has increased numbers of intelligence agents across Europe.
Iran appeared to be preparing to target "British citizens on the streets of London," Moniquet said. "Just as they kill British soldiers in the south of Iraq."
Moniquet says Iran is working on plans to attack targets on the Continent.
“We have serious signals that something is under preparation in Europe,” Moniquet said, speaking of Iranian surveillance. The president of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center (esisc) specifically highlighted an increase in the number of agents in Europe as well as reconnaissance of nuclear plants in Europe

Conservative lawmaker Patrick Mercer told the meeting that Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, in a debate in December, had acknowledged worries about Tehran backing terrorist activity inside Britain.

Meanwhile, call him what you will, deranged, messianic fanaticist, Ahmadinejad's piety is his devotion to the 12th Imam --- the Hidden Imam, the Messiah-like figure of Shia Islam, 12th Imam will emerge to “bring peace to the world.” Furthermore, how can we doubt that Iran’s mullahs’ frenetic obsession with developing a nuclear capability - in defiance of strong international opposition - has the specific underlying purpose of causing the end of the world as we know it, so that the era of the 12th Imam can be ushered in? Ahmadinejad’s fanatically tenacious ideological belief that only through the destruction of the world as we know it can the prophecies promising a twisted version of “salvation” be fulfilled. Only then, according to Ahmadinejad will Shia Islam rule the earth’s inhabitants. This is why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is so frightfully menacing. And Western countries risk potentially catastrophic consequences by underestimating Ahmadinejad’s headlong rush to plunge our planet into a conflagration from which it may not recover.

Long-term, Islamist Iran seeks a "world without America." The possibility of attacks on US coastal cities by foreign-flagged, Iranian controlled cargo ships--equipped with containerized missile launching systems such as those already tested by Iran with North Korean assistance--cannot be excluded. On the contrary, this sort of sea-based attack is a real and growing threat against which the US has no known defense apart from the threat of nuclear retaliation--i.e. automatic destruction of Iran as a nation.

To Wesern hypocrites who accuse Russia as Moscow sells Tehran 29 anti-missile systems, cites secret Al Gore agreement as justification. The sale was confirmed by a source at the Koupol military factory in Russia who claimed the deal would not violate any international agreement. That's because Moscow made a secret 1995 agreement with Washington known as the Gore-Chernomyrdin protocol, which Russian officials believes permits continued military sales to Iran. Gore's office was not available for comment. Pls note!!!
Russian sources say the Tor system is "a weapon of defense" and does not represent a danger to the U.S. as long as Washington does not attack Iran.

Israel is the first line of defense against the Islamo Fascist terrorists and their war on the free world and democracy. If Israel falls, Europe, the United States, and the rest of the free world will soon follow. You don't win wars against evil with proportionate responses. Harry Truman understood that a major disproportionate response is necessary to get the attention of and to defeat the enemy. We need more, not less, leaders with the wisdom of Harry Truman today.

Israel successfully launched a new spy satillite the Ofek-7. Putatively able to count the eyelashes on a mosquito.

It's orbit takes it over Iran every 90 minutes. The one thing not mentioned is that the supercomputers on the ground can immediately tell if a mosquito has lost even one other words if truck A is moved from spot A to spot B the computer can tell immediately and track millions of items in doing so...Mr Wizard would be proud.
As Gomer would say, surprise,surprise,surprise...we got you covered.

India and Israel’s earth penetrating tactical nuclear weapons can take out Iranian and Pakistani nuclear infrastructure in less than an hour It has become a mantra often stripped of meaning but the fact is that Israel is the only reliable ally in the region and its relative power does remain strong.
Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran's uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons, Britain's Sunday Times newspaper said. Citing what it said were several Israeli military sources, the paper said two Israeli air force squadrons had been training to blow up an enrichment plant in Natanz using low-yield nuclear "bunker busters." Two other sites, a heavy water plant at Arak and a uranium conversion plant at Isfahan, would be targeted with conventional bombs, the Sunday Times said. According to sources, India has similar capabilities and have plans to neutralize Paksitan’s nuclear capabilities in similar way.

[[[[[All together, this is at least four separate acts of war committed by Iran against the United States over the past 30 years, all resulting in the death of Americans, destruction of millions (if not billions) in property, and causing grievous harm to US interests in the region and beyond.]]]]]]]

America's waning power and despicable weakness can not be depended on. America is dominated and controlled by Deaf, Mute Blindmen who Lenin is supposed to have made the following observation:
"If we were to announce today that we intend to hang all capitalists tomorrow, they would trip over each other trying to sell us the rope."

Would the Russians and the Chinese care if Pakistan and Iran are nuked? No, I don't think so. The Koranimals seeking WoMD are at the doorsteps of Russia and China. America is playing this game as totally pussified fagots.

My take is: GERMANY.
Germany stands nearly unchallenged as the leading power in Europe, and America is fighting a politically exhausting war against the same Islamic elements it once supported.

Margaret Thatcher, former British prime minister, said this about the European Union in October 1995: “You have not anchored Germany to Europe; you have anchored Europe to a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end, my friends, you’ll find it will not work.” Mrs. Thatcher clearly said the European Union was not a democratic union. It is dominated by Germany. But it seems nobody wants to admit that they have not repented of their fascist, Nazi past

Germany is the center of the Continent, in every sense of the word. Biggest, strongest, etc. What they do will affect their neighbors. And when push comes to shove, Germany doesn't always play nice with those they perceive to be threats.

Einstein's famous remark, calling for peace now that the world has atomic weapons. He said: "Everything has changed except our way of thinking."

runerreader said...

Anon, Astounding!
Could it be that an Obama victory would be a repeat of the Carter era, placing America in a similar situation viz a viz the Iranian situation?
Except this time he would leave Israel high and dry and maybe lack the will to use the ultimate deterrent effectively.
The Shahs's battle tanks drove over the bodies of the protesting students in Iran (literally) and cemented the Ayatollah's mass support.
Your analysis describes the machinations surrounding the events.
Even with new weapons technology and such like, it's availability and effects will possibly arrive too late to contribute effective deterrence, leaving only nuclear options.
(UK, and Frances new Navy battle groups etc.)
It is whose hands are on the rudder of politics that determines the outcome of momentous tipping points on the world's event horizon.
Americas Democratic/Republican periodic swing must surely be watched very closely in Tehran.

I would not put it past Russia or China to get involved, and possibly take advantage over USA at crucial times.
If USA fails to act swiftly in an Iranian/Israeli exchange, and then has to use ultimate force to intervene, it may open Israel up to the very same end-game that Iran seeks, but those other Nuclear powers could be the instigators, with USA's use of nuclear capability as the excuse-me.
Where would UK/Europe stand?
Impotently, probably, still awaiting Military upgrades, and overstretched.
Given the current Brown leadership, their is even the chance of separation from the USA/UK relationship, as we could watch Israel partially obliterated by quickly incremental or sudden outright war.
All very stimulating thought provoking and desperate possibilities.
The aftermath could be the point of the Islamic uprising in European Cities, with the inevitable consequences of economic paralysis and desperate martial-law attempts to control the Balkan-like ensuing conflicts.
certainly major cities would divide into their hostile camps and all the illusory propaganda of multi-cultism and Social cohesion will be out the window with bath water and the baby.
Exactly the situation that Al Quaeda or whatever they like to be known as, are waiting for.
A wounded and inward moving America, with a Europe ripped apart by conflicts with a passive unarmed majority and a millions strong hostile Islamic Kingdom, subversively armed and with both the intent and capability to inflict destruction by fire and death by any means on a leaderless enemy, whose government would inevitably apply sanctions to the "natives" to try to pacify the Uprising.
Unfortunately, these possibilities do not seem to wane as we advance into the second decade of this 21st. Century.
Thankyou, anon, and the Anti Jihadist.

John Sobieski said...

We are such weaklings. No wonder Iran believes they can defeat the kufars. We act like we are already defeated!

Anonymous said...

[[[Could it be that an Obama victory would be a repeat of the Carter era]]

Barack HUSSEIN Obama has already made it explicitly clear in one of his many lying speeches. ““I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” His children are baptized, but where is his baptism certificate? Take a good look at what company he keeps, whre his sympathy and empathy lies, his not-so-naked as his wife's utter hatred of Whites and America, his lies that he is not a muslim when he is one. Hamas has already endorsed him as one of theirs own. The muslim world looks forward to him taking the White House and rapid islamisation (already happening under the dimwits in America's high office) and Sharia imposed on all. Thereafter expect Life on bended knees, and receiving a tight slap when paying jizya .

Indymedia asked this question: Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama Muslim?
It is common knowledge that his father and step father were Muslim. That being the case, Islam considers Obama a Muslim. If you convert, you are an apostate and this, Islam punishes by death. It is further understood by Islamic laws that the children born of a Muslim man must be raised as Muslims, which means that the religion of the children born of a Muslim man must be Islam. Therefore, it is obvious that Barack Obama is considered, according to Islamic Sharia, a Muslim regardless of whether he practiced the religion of Islam in dedication to the prayers, paying the ‘zakat’ (alms giving), or going to to Mecca for pilgrimage, or any of the other conditions prescribed by the Quran for Muslims to follow. Those conditions are important for any Muslim to be in good standing within his religion, but they do not cause a Muslim to be considered an apostate if he decides not to follow these conditions. Under these circumstances, Barack Hussein Obama is, without any doubt, a Muslim because he was born of a Muslim father. Obama claims that his father became atheist later in life; that creates more problems to the father, because the Islamic Shari’a considers a Muslim who becomes atheist (Arabic, zindeeq) as bad as is the apostate, and subject to the death penalty.//

Let's define Apostasy in Islam (Al Radda)
All Muslim theologians agree that a Muslim who converts to any other religion (Arabic, murtad), is subject to the death penalty. This is based on what the prophet of Islam said: “Kill he who changes his religion.” The death penalty for apostasy in Islam is supported by all four schools of thought in the Sunni traditions: Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanafi, and Hanbali, (see Kitab al Fiqh according to the four traditions by Abdul Rahman Al Jaziri, Dar Al Irshad, Egypt, vol.5, pp. 333-342).

When the great Liar Obama (exposed) and Deceiver (allah teaches all muslims to LIE and Deceive even as allah is the greatest Deceiver) was asked about his Muslim roots. He said: “My father was from Kenya. A lot of people in his village were Muslim. He didn’t practice Islam. Truth is, he wasn’t very religious.” That was a LIE. Obama’s father and stepfather were devout Islamics. Both faithfully practiced their religion. His stepfather, who had a much greater impact on Obama’s upbringing, was a radical Wahabbi Muslim. “My mother was a Christian from Kansas.” THAT WAS A LIE. Obama’s mother, his material grandmother and grandfather were all atheists. “They married and then divorced. I was raised by my mother. So, I’ve always been a Christian. The only connection I’ve had to Islam is that my grandfather on my father’s side came from that country. But I’ve never practiced Islam…For a while I lived in Indonesia because my mother was teaching there. And that’s a Muslim country. And I went to school—but I didn’t practice Islam.” ANOTHER LIE! Obama’s mother married Lolo Soetoro, a Wahabbi extremist who lived in Indonesia. When Obama’s mother moved to Indonesia—before she married her second Muslim husband—she enrolled her son in Francis Assisis Catholic School. He was enrolled as a Muslim because he was a Muslim. The enrollment form required each student to choose one of five state-sanctioned religions when enrolling: Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, or Protestant. Had he been a lifelong Christian, or even a recent convert, he—or his mother—would have circled Protestant.
[It is likely that neither his father or step-father were “radical Wahabbist Muslims or extremists”. After being challenged on certain facts Daniel Pipes wrote Confirmed:
Barack Obama Practiced Islam and concluded “In sum: Obama was an irregularly practicing Muslim who rarely or occasionally prayed with his step-father in a mosque.”
According to Tine Hahiyary, one of Obama’s teachers and the principal from 1971 through 1989, Barry actively took part in the Islamic religious lessons during his time at the school. “I remembered that he had studied “mengaji” (recitation of the Quran)” Tine said.
“Mengagi” is a word and a term that is accorded the highest value and status in the mindset of fundamentalist societies here in Southeast Asia. To put it quite simply, ‘mengaji classes’ are not something that a non practicing or so-called moderate Muslim family would ever send their child to.

Therefore, it is obvious that Barack Obama is considered, according to Islamic Shari’a, a Muslim regardless of whether he practiced the religion of Islam in dedication to the prayers, paying the ‘zakat’ (alms giving), or going to Mecca for pilgrimage, or any of the other conditions prescribed by the Quran for Muslims to follow.

***Raymond Ibrahim is the editor of the Al-Qaeda Reader, translations of religious texts and propaganda said of Obama:
Barack (whose Arabic name, incidentally, means “Blessing”), was born to a Muslim father (and raised by a Muslim step-father), attending the infamous madrassas, which are now synonymous with Islamic indoctrination. Obama insists that he is Christian, and there certainly seems to be no reason to doubt him; however, it is clear that his Muslim background makes him appealing to those many liberals who worship at the altar of diversity and multiculturalism, and who believe his Muslim heritage will only help bring about some sort of miraculous, overnight rapprochement between the West and Islam. though Barack is now Christian, according to Islamic law, anyone born to a Muslim father is automatically considered Muslim (there are no rites or baptisms involved). According to sharia, then, Obama is an apostate, a crime punishable by death. (Thus Obama might want to think twice about holding an “Islamic summit” as he recently announced — which will undoubtedly be composed of many a sharia adhering Muslim.)
If he would have made mention of it when referring to the baptism of his children. If Obama was really baptized, let him produce his Certificate of Baptism. Why does the scoundrel evade this question at every turn? ***

Whether Barack, god forbid he is elected, would make a worse president than Carter, the question I'd ask is would he surpass Bill Clinton who was even worse.

If American choose him to be their next president, and disaster and tragedy of the deadly Ebola Virus SHARIA engulfs Americans, then recall:
–The Fault, America, Lies Not In Obama’s Stars. But In Yourselves—to paraphrase Cassius in Julius Caesar.

[[[I would not put it past Russia or China to get involved, and possibly take advantage over USA at crucial times.]]]

Why is it that when Putin who destroyed an entire nation (Chechnya) is feted and welcomed by the Mid-East as a friend. Bush is castigated with all sorts of insults though he bends backwards in appeasement and accommodation? . Despite its growing muslim population Russia’s Chechenya and the brutal handling of it reminds every muslim living there what’s in store for them. After Beslan Russia is more intent on mass annihilationof its growing muslim population, and will use horrifying methods and brutal savagery that will shock and stun the world. Russia has a 300 year history of warring with muslims. Russia in actuality is the frontier between Europe and the Islamic world . If one follows intelligence reports one finds that Iran's hands are pretty much tied by both Russia and China.

The Chinese have made it clear, in the only language that terrorists understand, that they will not tolerate the spread of islam into their world. China has not forgotten her history with the muslim murderers in 650 – 751. The Battle at Talas River, the only battle between Arab Muslim forces and the army of the Chinese Armyof the Middle Kingdom is kept alive in every Chinese psyche.

On the other hand, the so-called "democracies", custodians of Western Civilisation, is busily contracepting, aborting and sodomizing itself out of existence.
Doublespeak and newspeak is its MSM's new language. Political Correct in actuality means "No Intelligence Allowed" "No Thinking Allowed" and you allowed the leftist moonbats to run amok in your institutionsof higher learning infecting young minds to self-hate, self-loathe everything about their culture, tradition, religion.
Leftist rationality resonates with muslim thinking: conserve water when house is on fire. Leftist barking mad dingbats and whacky Liberals are in the Corridors of Power eager to have their utopian paradise: emasculated masses , sheeple who go to their execution with a smile on their face.

What I am saying is: Do not allow the will to comprehend the Islamist ideology to be undermined by multiculturalism and moral equivalency. Look at Japan. That nation never allows itself to be conned into multiculti BS, clings to its history, traditions, and culture with a strong sense of ethnocentrism. They never owned up to racial guilt for their crimes in WWII. They have restrictive immigration laws unlike the West that chants the universal mantra of multiculti, diversity, all equal children of planet earth and lets in hordes of scums who show gratitude by threatening the natives; where their white women are gang raped, their pacificsm allows for degeneration of cities with high crimes, culture, and their gene slowly dying into extinction with political correctness (cowardice) – much like the frog on slow boil. Shinto/Buddhist Japan proves far superior . Japanese respond to shame by ritual suicide. Muslim culture responds to shame by an attempt to remove the source of the shame, which generally means killing the person who shamed them. In this way they regain their honor by taking it back ala the filthy quran. Hence the hatred and ongoing war against the West. Japan does not tolerate leftism, liberalism, multiculti nonsense. That Empire knows those are the doorways leading to utter doom Hence, the 100,000 muslims working in Japan and who do the most dangerous tasks are on a tight leash. The US Department of Homeland Security is a standing joke: 20 million illegals allowed to roam freely in the US while HS screens/frisks and intimidates old ladies in airports. Sheeeesh!

[[[[The Shahs's battle tanks drove over the bodies of the protesting students in Iran (literally) and cemented the Ayatollah's mass support.]]]]

And with whose support? In the Watergate investigation, Deep Throat told Woodward to "....follow the money" Do that, my friend, and you will get your answer. all roads lead to the US.

What is significant is that Europe's Far Right is now holding sway. Britain is not all lost if it has Nick Griffin and the BNP inpower. ‘Yeah, Islam is a real serious problem; I'm really worried about it; what kind of future are my children and grandchildren, my nephews and nieces, gonna have, in a Britain which is on the way to becoming the Islamic Republic? That's what I want to stop. The British National Party are the only people talking about it." so Britons are waking up to the frightful reality having been "done in" by both establishment and the ArchDhimmi of Canterbury, the Et Tu Brutus. Henry II asked" who will rid me of this meddlesome priest" the answer is the BNP. Read that Nu Labour is getting mauled. Goodo. Take your country back Brits, and pls, shed your tutus. Rediscover yourballs.

France's National Front (FN) has now shed its anti semitism to anti islamism and forged an alliance with the Far Right — and empowered Nicolas Sarkozy, who is a Hungarian Jew.

The Young Turks of Europe's Far Right, Geert Wilders of the Netherlands' Party for Freedom (PVV) and Pia Kjærsgaard of the Danish People's Party (DF). Like Fortuyn, both abandoned establishment parties to form groups prompt to defend "national values" against the multiculturalisme mou (milquetoast multiculturalism) of the new Europe. Add to the Old Guard and the Young Turks of resurgent nationalism a third group, comprised of right-wing populists often associated with the likes of Britain's Griffin and the Frenchman Le Pen. These are the nationalist (and regionalist) parties of Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Like the Old Guard, these groups have packaged themselves under nationalist-populist wrap to play on perceptions that establishment parties are deaf to the cause of the people; and they are interesting for having reoriented their politics and policies in calculation of popular support. Like the Young Turks, however, this populist Right has learned to exploit fears of insurgent Islam to great electoral success.

First to Belgium, where Vlaams Belang (the former Vlaams Blok) occupies 12% of the Chamber of Representatives. Party chief Filip Dewinter appears more than eager to transcend the politics of the Old Guard and declaim Europe's debt to Judeo-Christian tradition. Active support for Israel is a fine way to begin, he imagines
For example, in a 2006 interview with the American New Republic, Dewinter stated: "It's disgusting, it's infamous, it's treacherous, but … many Socialist and Green politicians … hope they can win over the Islamic vote bank by bashing Israel and the United States, and by turning a blind eye on the virulent anti-Semitic rhetoric in Islamic publications and Islamic websites. These facts mirror a remarkable switch of alliances in many European countries: … The right-wingers defend Israel and warn against Islam. The left-wingers are bashing Israel and the United States, and kowtow for Islam."

In Switzerland, the Swiss People's Party (SVP) defied electoral expectations to walk away with 29% of the legislative vote in October. This was accomplished with no small help from the party's outspoken (and hotly controversial) position on the expulsion of law-breaking immigrants — as well with the announcement, in May 2007, of the party's motion to ban minarets. Austria's Far Right has clearly sought to capitalize on the group's "Swiss Quality." In August 2007, Jörg Haider's Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ) introduced an initiative to ban construction of "unusual" structures in the federal state of Carinthia. The reason? Minister of urban planning Uwe Scheuch explains: "With the help of this law, it will be de facto impossible to construct mosques or minarets."

These state- and nation-wide initiatives to ban mosque and minaret have also borne continental fruit. A grand multi-party rally erupted in Antwerp in February, under the banner "Cities Against Islamisation." The organization, which boasts an online platform in six languages, speaks to the rise of Far Right populism across the continent. Event coordinator Filip Dewinter (who insists his politics are merely "right-wing") explained: "We already have more than 6,000 mosques in Europe, which are not only a place to worship but also a symbol of radicalization. … These kinds of symbols have to stop."

The Young Turks have profited from this language, of course; and that is quite the point. Denmark's Kjærsgaard sums up the mood among Europe's right-wing elites: "I am convinced that the Islamists want to sneak Shari‘a (Islamic law) in through the back door, that they want to combat Western society and they want Islam to become the main religion." And when asked by the Associated Press whether she believed Islam had anything to contribute to Danish society, she replied: "I don't think so at all." Ditto for Wilders, who told the Washington Post in an interview: "Islam and democracy are fully incompatible. They will never be compatible — not today, and not in a million years."

But above all, is Pope Benedict and the Vatican. The Pope threw down the gauntlet of Christian Civilisation vs Islamic Barbarism in September 2006. Europe has not looked back, since. The ousting of Prodi and electing of Berlusconni has the marks of the Vatican's . GERMANY will be guided by the Vatican to lead the complete annihilation of islam and muslims in genocidal method. Think out of the box for a while: why are muslim immigration allowed in Europe? How else can one have multitudes for easy herding into concentration camps and for slaughter? Less expenditure, less time. Literally, no manpower lost. That is needed to fight "the spoils of War" which is on the horizon.

As for tiny Israel which I admire, respect and hold in high esteem, it will annihilate with devastating ferocity, no holds barred. First will be those pesky riff raffs, the rejects that no one in the MId-East wants and who became tobe known as Palestinians after June 7, 1967. Take a look at the map. Look at the concentrationof coward Palis. One easy annihilation.
Israelis will not have another Holocaust nor another dispersion of Jews. On top of that, their Torah gives 100% guarantee that once Israel if re- established, "....So I will plant them on their land, and they shall not be plucked up again from their land which I have given them" says their god YHWH Amos 9: 15

So would guillotines, and the rack, and hang, draw and quarter be the method to eliminate the enemies of humanity -the despicable Left, Liberals? Up to the raging populace then.

And now I must leave for my fencing practice. My parting word: Don't rely on the state. Relyon yourself. Form vigilantes if you have to.

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Thankyou, anon.
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