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News Roundup-- 9 May 2008

All the news that's fit for infidels. Lots of stuff happening in the news this weekend:

Civil War on again in Lebanon--

The Syrian-Iranian terrorist proxy army known as Hezbollah is now waging open war against the rest of Lebanon. It's the 1970s and 80s Lebanese Civil War all over again--but this time, the trigger is not the PLO--this time, it's Iran. The goal of Hez, and hence their Iranian masters, is to expand the Iranian reich's beachhead on the Med and to turn the whole of Lebanon into a Jihadist state in Teheran's orbit. And Hez, armed to the teeth under the very noses of the spineless and powerless UN 'peacekeepers', is going to tear the country apart to take it over, or die trying. Not to mention the fact that that Hez/Iran's naked aggression is going to get a lot more innocent people killed.

Blogger and independent journalist extraordinaire Michael Totten has all the latest details, developments and analysis from Beirut.

Asia's perfect storm--

The Hermit Kingdom of Burma was walloped by a massive cyclone exactly one week ago, which hit the low-lying and heavily-populated Irrawaddy River Delta region. As is usual for megastorms like this one, the 4 meter high storm surge of Cyclone Nargis was the main killer. And the death toll, while not exactly clear at this point, looks to be downright Biblical in proportions. Like in the immediate aftermath of the last big disaster to strike this part of the world (the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake slash tsunami), no one is sure of the number of deaths, but most estimates being tossed around in the media range from 60000 to 100000. Likely ten times that many people are alive but homeless.

As in 2004, the international community is swinging into action to provide relief for the wretched survivors. Unlike 2004, however, the government of the disaster-struck nation is refusing practically all outside help. In particular, the biggest, fastest and most well-equipped disaster relief organization in the world--the US Military--has been repeatedly denied access to the disaster zone. As far as Burma's military junta is concerned, nothing is more important than keeping their grip on total power. Foreign relief workers coming into their storm-ravaged realm, in their paranoid view, threatens their power. So for the the suffering and starving people of Burma, there is no relief in sight. At least the cyclone is gone now, but the true enemy of the Burmese people--the thugs and tyrants who rule in their name-- stay on year after year, decade after decade.

It should be sadly clear to everyone by now what sort of place Burma is--a tropical North Korea.

Top Malaysian Blogger jailed, then freed on bail--

One of Malaysia's top bloggers, anti-government activist and acquaintance of mine, Raja Petra Kamarudin (better known by his initials RPK) was arrested and charged earlier in the week for 'sedition', following the posting of his article "Let's send the Altantuya murderers to hell" last month on his widely read political blog Malaysia Today. His excellent article suggests the likely possibility that Malaysia's deputy Prime Minister was somehow involved in the murder of a Mongolian woman who was apparently trying to blackmail his aide. Well in authoritarian Malaysia, to insinuate that a senior government minister might be guilty of, ahem, 'high crimes and misdemeanors' is, in the eyes of its police, seditious. Never mind whether the minister is actually guilty.

So while the government hems and haws and delays and delays the Altantuya murder trial (which I touched on in a post early this year) on the flimsiest of excuses, they swing right into action to jail a blogger who dares to write the truth, who dares to challenge the corrupt ministers who rule yet another Asian country.

RPK is now out on bail after first refusing to post it. After an overwhelming show of support from other activists, the Malaysian blogging community, and the general public, not to mention the pleading of his family, RPK posted bail and is now at home. His trial for sedition is scheduled for October, and it should be a media sensation. The government will pull out all the stops to railroad the thorn in their side that RPK has proven himself to be time and time again. But RPK is formidable. Can he be so easily silenced?

Malaysia's dictators are likely sleeping none too well tonight.

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Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora has expressed sympathy with Hezbollah claims against Israel. Lebanese President Emile Lahoud formally thanked Iran for its support during the Israeli attacks, knowing that Hezbollah is using missiles made in Iran. And though its been reported that the Lebanese army is too weak to take on Hezbollah, this report says the Lebanese army may join forces with the "Pary of God" to take on Israel.
It is paramount to remember: Hezbollah initiated this war by crossing Israel's border from Lebanon to kill eight Israeli soldiers and kidnap two. Hezbollah then returned to take refuge in Lebanon where the terrorist group enjoys a safe haven behind Lebanese human shields

These developments effectively assign UN Security Council resolution 1701 to the same dustbin as resolution 1559 which ordered Hizballah disarmed.

Now Fuad Saniora laments that the Israelis never did what Hezbollah is doing/has done. A bit too late, ding bat. Enjoy further destruction.

Meanwhile, the Dumb, Mute, Blindmen are at the ready to do business, big time. Once Lebanon is neutralized, both Iran and Syria will own that country, and war against Israel can begin. Ooooooh, all that lolly and imagine the laughter on the way to the bank.

A couple of missile attacks on France and Germany, and its all hell break loose.