Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Game Is Up! Saudi Arabia Invited to Invest in British Nuclear Power Stations

THE TELEGRAPH: Gordon Brown has invited oil-rich states like Saudi Arabia to invest in the next generation of British nuclear power stations.

The Prime Minister extended the invitation to OPEC members as part of a deal he will propose at a summit in Saudi Arabia on Sunday. 

Mr Brown said he wants oil producers to allow Western energy firms to invest in their fields, increasing OPEC's extraction and refining capacity. 

In exchange, he said, Western oil-consumers led by Britain should open their economies to investment from oil-states' sovereign wealth funds. In particular, he said, sovereign funds should be encouraged to invest in alternative energy sources, including nuclear power.

The government has signalled its willingness to license a new wave of nuclear power reactors in Britain, but there are doubts about the energy industry's appetite for funding new stations. Gordon Brown Invites Saudi Arabia to Invest in Britain's Nuclear Industry >>> By James Kirkup in Brussels | June 21, 2008

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Anonymous said...

And Gordan Brown laughs all the way to be bank.


Mark said...

Don't they all? Always?

Anonymous said...

Makes you hope for a total global economic meltdown, so the Arab money becomes worthless.
Gordon the Moron has near bankrupted Britain.
He has become a charity hand-out collector instead.

Anonymous said...

c'mon Mark, gis a new post here will ya?
Have you noticed the furor in Turkey where the secular Parties, and the military powers are joining in action to outlaw the ruling Party, who are infested with a Sharia bent?
gotta bewworth a comment or two!