Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Can Marry A Monkey!

Spain is about to give gorillas human rights,eh? So where does that lead? Do you remember "I Married a Monkey" on SNL years ago? Couldn't find a video but very funny. But isn't that the next logical step?

From WIKI for what it's worth:

The I Married A Monkey sketches were created by Tim Kazurinsky to remind the viewing public that the show was indeed live. He essentially played himself, working with the premise that he had married a chimpanzee named Madge in a bizarre soap opera world. There was a real chimp on stage, and some sketches featured their "children" played by baby chimps.

Kazurinsky felt that the show had become too polished, and felt that the idea would offer some unpredictability. He explained in Live From New York, "I did it because I knew something would screw up and people would see that it was live. People would ask me 'When do you tape the show?' No, it's called Saturday Night Live. It's live." He eventually decided to put a stop to the sketches when he realized the dangers chimpanzees posed when they got agitated.


Mark said...

This story is about as absurd as it gets! Can we conclude from this that the more people are educated, the more stupid they become?

Anonymous said...

They make laws against torturing apes, killing them and imprisonment.

See here:

I don't see anything wrong with this. It is good to treat animals well. You're supposed to that.

- Matthew Dickinson

Mark said...


There is certainly nothing wrong with treating animals well; indeed, nobody should be cruel to them. But the absurdity of this is the way that the article suggests that they are equal to humans. There seems to be something wrong with the way the whole thing is worded. Unless I have misunderstood the message here.