Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Islamic Protection Racket

The Islamic Protection Racket--it’s standard operating procedure for Muslims who live in the West. The process runs something like this:

Step 1: A trivial incident — a cartoon, a video, a book, an interview with a prominent public figure — is inflated into a huge outrage against the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims.
Step 2: During Friday prayers, fire-breathing imams exhort the faithful to “defend the honor of the Prophet”.
Step 3: Muslims in Jordan, Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere in Dar al Islam take to the streets, burn infidel flags, and kill a few of each other.
Step 4: Muslim countries institute a boycott against products manufactured by the offending Western nations.
Step 5: Moderate spokesmen for Islamic groups appear on television and offer soothing words about peace and understanding, but… the violence of some of their co-religionists, regrettable though it may be, is understandable and hard to prevent, given the offense to their Islamic sensibilities.
Step 6: Muslim ambassadors pay calls on heads of state and government in the Western countries involved, and insist that the host country needs to do more to understand Islam and promote constructive dialogue.
Step 7: Officials in Western countries offer abject apologies and make concessions to Muslims, which usually involve massive “aid” programs to poor Muslim countries, all-halal menus in school lunchrooms, allowing women to wear burkhas on public transport, etc.
Step 8: Muslim leaders proclaim that Islam is mollified (for the moment), and the world returns to a state of multicultural harmony.
Step 9: Repeat steps 1 through 8 as often as necessary.

The latest victim of the Racket? Norway


Anonymous said...

If only more politicians could see the issue as clearly!

Anonymous said...

They do the same if you are involved in a car-accident with them.
Whiplash injury? Plenty compensation.