Sunday, June 08, 2008

New Mo Cartoons from Norway - 'A Terrorist Act'

Norway terrorist strike against Islam! What will Europe do? Cower and plead for forgiveness?

The English translation is “I am Mohammed — and nobody dares to print me”.

Are these cartoons a terrorist act too?


Anonymous said...

The English make jokes about the Welsh and their possible carnal relations with sheep.
"Why do Welshmen wear Wellington boots?"
"So they can put the sheep's legs down them to stop them getting away!"

However, I have never heard of rioting in Merthyr Tydfil because the English make bad jokes.

Why does Mo have a beard?
He daren't trust his barber with a razor!


Do you guys wanna be satisfied?

I think we should nuke Mecca and tell them "Ragheads.. you guys have been pissing off the whole fucking world for 1400 years.. ARE YOU SATISFIED??"