Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rampant antisemitism at Malaysia Today (again)

Malaysian blogger and derring-do RPK has the disturbing habit, when there's nothing else he can think to write about, of resorting to antisemitic columns. The latest example, "Israel behind PDRM’s information management and security system", fairly reeks of it.

To recap RPK's sensationalistic column, apparently two Israeli passport holders are somehow involved in the contractors that the Royal Malaysian Police ('PDRM' in Malay) have hired to revamp their computer systems. Therefore, following the logic of RPK's title, two Israeli passport holders equals official involvement of the entire Israeli government, which in this Islam-besotted part of the world is usually referred to as the "Tel Aviv" slash "Zionist Regime". Anywhere else in the world (at least in the infidel parts of it), hiring a couple of Israelis for one's IT needs is either good business sense or a non-issue. But here in Islam-blighted Malaysia, it's a big deal. Or at least RPK wants it to be.

Unfortunately it gets worse. Many of the comments at the aforementioned RPK column are a tour-de-force of typical, hysterical, Islamic-style anti Jewish rantings and ravings. Read them only if you dare.

Remember that RPK, as a foreign educated, fluent in English, well travelled, wealthy, intellectual, writer, political activist, mover-and-shaker, is about the best that the country of Malaysia has to offer. And he's profoundly antisemitic. But this should not be terribly surprising, as anyone who wants to know Islam should know that Islam is as virulently antisemitic as a bunch of goons in central Europe were some 65 odd years ago.


Purple Haze said...

I think Raja Petra was highlighting the irony of an Israeli controlled corporation (Asiasoft Global) implementing computer systems for the Malaysian Police.

He had not alluded to anti-semitism as inferred nor the personalities behind this bold move (which goes against current Malaysian policies).

It is highly likely that this deal may be scrapped, once someone in authority recognises the policy faux pas.

Anonymous said...

Anti semitism is rampant not only in islamic countries but also in decaying, decript, dying slowly, ageing Europe, and Britain. Jews don't rape native women, girls, only the muslim vermin they so willingly and cheeringly allowed en masse into their countries - and find a perverse delight in slaving for them. More than something wrong . We in the Far East , thankfully, have our noetic faculties in more than good shape insofar as the scourge of the earth are concerned.

The pseudo intellectual by the name of Chandra Muzafar who heads the Just blog in Malaysia, a convert to islam who follows the deranged, mass murderer, mass rapist, paedophile Mohd like a dog and his rabidity surfaces in his articles. He is Palicentric, Pali obssessed, Pali rabid. History, Facts, Data means nothing to muslims. They repeat like the insane they are over and over again the nonsense of Israeli brutality and oh, poor Palis are confined a life of torture in refugee camps. Muslim minds is focussed only on hating the "other" everything else is blotted out. And all muslims are turncoats, to their own kind, and to the "others". On a daily basis, too!

All muslims, every single one of them, is a mass murderer. A human bomb. Beware of mosques, minarets, muslims at every turn. Keep far away or you'll be mince/barbecued meat before your next breath.


cruzeiro said...

Howdy, mate!
I believe what RPK was trying to highlight was the hypocrisy on part of the Malaysian govt agencies, when they despise the Jews in public, while they work with them when the need arises.

I cannot be too sure of this, though - especially with very subtle censorship in the comments section, that has begun of late.
'Select' comments are allowed, while certain comments (or parts of it) directed closer to home are deleted without acknowledgement.

Maybe with the increased popularity, RPK/MT has to be more careful, lest it be exposed to libel suits.
The same "freedom of the old days" don't exist anymore, huh?

As purple haze says though, "He had not alluded to anti-semitism as inferred ..."