Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Divide and conquer

Maybe the Israelis aren't as dumb or naive as I had first feared. This excerpt from a recent Strategy Page article explains Israel's current overarching strategy towards its Palestinian adversaries, which connects the dots and goes a long way to explaining the bits and pieces the MSM usually picks up.

Israel's Palestinian enemies--although grouped into many arcane factions--are currently organized into two main parties--Hamas and Fatah. Israel's ongoing strategy is a variant of the tried-and-true 'divide and conquer' gambit. Instead of fighting both groups at the same time, Israel is playing one off the other, which weakens both and is easier than fighting a unified foe.

The article is aptly titled "Deal with the Devil." Rest assured, whether its Fatah or Hamas, that's exactly what you're dealing with:

The growing war between Hamas and Fatah has presented Fatah with the option to turn on terrorist groups, and form an alliance with Israel. This is seen as the only solution to the dozens of West Bank Israeli checkpoints that slow traffic to a crawl, but are considered essential in limiting the movement of Palestinian terrorists. Fatah, however, has been spouting "hate Israel" propaganda for decades, and turning kind and gentle would split the organization. But Fatah is being forced to ally itself with Israel, because Hamas operatives in the West Bank are apparently under orders to destroy Fatah there any way they can, and take control. This involves the use of Islamic radical death squads, that murder Moslems for not being Moslem enough, and Arab Christians for not being Moslem. Thus Fatah is fighting for its life, and making common cause with Israel whether it likes it or not.


Anonymous said...

America feeds Palestinian terrorists and Israelis get killed. That's the ugly truth.

The United States remains the largest single state donor to the Palestinian Authority (PA) $562 million in total assistance in 2008, surpassing the pledged level of $555 million have been provided. No accounting , no transparency by their lover boy Abbas.
This includes

$264 million in project assistance through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL);

$150 million in direct budget support - the largest single tranche for funds provided to the Palestinian Authority by a single donor country;

and $148 million in contributions to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Now the reader can understand why UNRWA want to keep the Palis in camps. their daily bread with trimmings is taken care of, for life! So they fight tooth and nail, conjure stories against Israel in cahoots with the British Bismillah Collaborators (BBC) who sleep with Hamas; and all the anti semites along with the moonbats, the loonies and the politically correct, cowards to the bone marrow. These depraved scums should go to Gaza and be sodomised by their favourite terrorists.

The palis will bleed the US dry , and they'd turn on America in a nanosecond. They have no loyalty , no relationship. That's an absolute No No according to their book of terror, mass rapes, mass murder, banditry, paedophilism, all legalised, made most honorable and exemplary by their deranged Mo and his figment of his imagination deity called allah who has proven to be rather confusing and helpless. Which allah ? Fatah's or Hamas '?
As far as America's darling lover-boy Abbas is concerned, the infidel is to be spat on, who should work his ass off to feed them, for aren't they allah's best and greatest of men, gift to mankind?

Arab countries won't pay up, but it won't affect their relationship with the pali leadership because of religious and ideological loyalties. Besides, they need the Palis as an excuse to whip Israel every time their own people start stirring and the tin pot dictator, propped up by America and Britain - fancy Britain making Kings out of camel and goat herders, and an army brute; need a diversion for their shaky ground. Al Qaeda has just called for the assassination of the Saudi "king".

The American taxpayer just pays . Don't be morons. Assail your representatives in Congress. Now's the best time as many are running for re-election, they might just promise you they'll shut off the faucet to these useless, genocidal palis. They are liars and shameless thieves. They are inculcated to be so by their quran.

Follow Norway's example. That's what Norway is doing.

Norway's Opposition Party Calls for Freeze of all Funding to the Palestinians.......Itamar Marcus, director of the watchdog Palestinian Media Watch(PMW) organization and supplied convincing evidence that the PA uses its budget to glorify terrorism and terrorists, and to promote hatred and violence. The opposition "Progress Party," which recent polls indicate is Norway's most popular party, responded with a call to freeze all Norwegian funding to the Palestinian Authority.
The issue was the lead item on a recent edition of Norway's nightly TV news, which began with the dramatic announcement, "Norwegian tax money is used to teach children to hate the West, says the Progress Party."
The announcer continues, " The Progress Party demands that Norway freeze all money given to the Palestinian areas. The party fears that the money is funding Palestinian TV, which teaches the children to hate Israel and the West." Get the point? Not just Israel, but the WEST.

"It really makes you nauseous... You feel like crying when you hear this kind of hate message,"says Tybring Gjedde, member of the Norwegian Parliament's Finance Committee. He "fears that Norwegian aid money may go to TV productions like this," the news announcer says, "which promises that men who are martyrs will be met by 72 virgins in Paradise."

Are you awake America? Your lover boy Abbas is asking for more money. What will you do? Send more money and weapons so more Israelis can get killed?
Radical arab nationalists, islamists, and terrorists lie all the time. The Western media denies those facts. These are co-terrorists passing off as journos. They villify Israel. And those Israelis who are still alive you ask them to give more land? When was the last time America or Britain gave away any territory, huh? The Queen grizzles that Wales, Scotland and Ireland should secede from England. Ditto with 232 year old America. How about handing Texas and california back tothe Hispanics? No can do? Too bad. The Dept. of Homeland Security has allowed 20 million Hispanics to turn America into a Third World country. The signs are increasingly visible to ignore as native Americans get robbed, raped, murdered on a daily basis.

ISRAEL is back in her land, as her YHWH prophesied along with the quran, which belonged to her for last 3,000 years. That's the reality. It is also a reality that Israel's small towns suffer a minimum of 70 Qassam rockets fired on a daily basis. Would America allow this? ? Or Britain? Or Europe? But they expect Israel to restrain and suffer. They delight in Israeli babies and children being traumatised. The Holocaust is on. Supported by America, Britain and Europe. Are the people of these countries proud of their govt's stand in the matter? [[[[As an aside, Gordon Brown has a Swastika, the new NuLabour logo on 10, Downing St.
Heil Fuhrer Brown? Brits, you've been had, guys.]]]]]

Are you, the American taxpayer aware that 40% of what you contribute to the darling Pali called Abbas goes to Hamas? Have you ever asked your govt for an accounting? Does your govt. care? It's your money, dammit.

/////The growing war between Hamas and Fatah has presented Fatah with the option to turn on terrorist groups, and form an alliance with Israel./////

The last time Fatah was routed from the Gaza by Hamas, their "brave" commandos were screaming to Israel for help. Pigs did fly, P.I. Form an alliance with Israel? In light of below?

PA "President" Abu Mazen, Feb. 12th, 2008: "Hamas are our brothers and part of the Palestinian people."

PA Prime Minister, Finance Minister & Foreign Minister Salam Fayyad, April 5th, 2008: "There is no solution for the troubles in Gaza, or for the rockets being fired from it ... All we can do is transfer funds to the Gaza Strip."

So what alliance with born , practising, seasoned liars P.I.? Every muslim's aim is spelt out in the quran which they follow to a T.

Oh, and Human Rights Watch is barking and snapping at America's heels. They BLAME America for Fatah's and Hamas Human Rights Abuses. How do you like that?


Anonymous said...


U.S Informs Russia Of Coming ‘Major’ Split With Israel says a spokesman fromPrime Minister Vladimir Putin's office.

Haaretz News Service:

“Senior officials in the U.S. State Department, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, have repeatedly complained to Israel recently over relatively minor Palestinian issues that it would have ignored until a few months ago."
“The United States security coordinator for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, retired general James Jones, is preparing an extremely critical report of Israel's policies in the territories and its attitude toward the Palestinian Authority's security services." James Jones is an Israeli hater. He passes on ALL complaints without investigation/ verification. Pls note.

In secret note, Olmert says Bush has deserted Israel against Iran. Is it any wonder that the Leftist coward now announces his resignation in September?
Mess up, demoralise the IDF, then desert. He should be shot, the traitor within.
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report dated July 26, 2008. But Treachery is so essentially American. America has a long history of Betrayals, Treachery. What's so surprising?

So, the Big Big Question.
Can Israel survive? Well,
Buffett paid $4 billion for 80 percent of Iscar and the deal just happened to close a few days before Hizbollah, a key part of Iran’s holding company, attacked Israel in July 2006, triggering a month long war. Iscar's chairman, Eitan Wertheimer, when asked what was Bufet's reaction when he found out that he had just paid
$4 billion for an Israeli company and a few days later Hizbollah rockets were landing outside its parking lot. Buffett just brushed it off with a wave, recalled Wertheimer: “He said, ‘I’m not interested in the next quarter. I’m interested in the next 20 years.’ ” Wertheimer repaid that confidence by telling half his employees to stay home during the war and using the other half to keep the factory from not missing a day of work and setting a production record for the month. It helps when many of your “employees” are robots that move around the buildings, beeping humans out of the way.

So who would you put your money on? Buffett or Israel's enemies and traitors? Plus their YHWH promises that Israel nor His people will be removed from His land after He brought them home from exile. So that's double bonus according to my reckoning. I'd go along with Buffet.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if Obama is elected, then US will no longer give financial aid to Palestinians, they may just deal the tools of war directly.