Saturday, July 12, 2008

An enemy which bears close scrutiny

The Organization of Islamic States (Organization of the Islamic Conference, or OIC) has been trying to muzzle all discussion and/or criticism of Islam since the group's inception, but now they've taken their legal jihad to the next level. They are now lobbying the United Nations to adopt a resolution that would make speaking out against Islam a crime, a crime punishable by heavy fines, imprisonment, and even death.

The OIC is the largest lobbying organization inside the United Nations. In fact, next to the U.N., the OIC is the largest global organization. And the OIC is the enemy of all free people everywhere. Like the Comintern and the Nazis, if the OIC has their way, it will result in nothing but grief for the infidels, and anyone else who loves their God-granted freedoms.

The resolution the OIC wants the UN so desperately to pass is a sinister one that is nothing more than blatant religious bigotry. Called ''Combating Defamation of Religions,'' it sounds palatable to the uninitiated. However, what it really does is boldly target men and women of faith who speak out against Islam. This radical proposal would in essence outlaw Christianity--it would make the proclamation of Christian faith an international crime.

In his recent dissent on the Supreme Court's ruling on Guantanamo Bay, Justice Scalia said, ''America is at war with radical Islamists.'' Scalia got it half-right. We are really at war with Islam, and especially with the OIC, the premier international front group for Islam's war to conquer the world--whether by violent means or otherwise.

Never have Christians been more targeted for their religious beliefs. And never have we so-called 'infidels' faced a more dangerous threat than the one posed by the jihadists of the OIC.

Please sign this online petition to fight the OIC and their legal jihad.


Anonymous said...

Christians,-- Jew haters and Jew killers, are about to get a dose of what they meted out to Jews for 2000 years. Out here in the Far East where Buddhism rocks, we call it Karma, The Universal Law of Cause and effect to you.

Two years ago Christian nations of EU, Britain castigated, reviled, lied disgustingly, supported their evil incarnate Kofi Annan that Israel's defense forces in Lebanon was "disproportionate". Now, you co-creators of evil are about to learn what "disproportionate" is when the muslim you so loved, supported, kissed his ass, mollycoddled persecute you the way the Jews were persecuted. Enjoy it. Universal Law and all that.

From lands where our Buddhism has shown we don't take prisoners, we know when to remove our robe of peace and take up armour to fight to the death.
And we will win. We won against mightier forces. Muslims are craven cowards, and we know that too. We have no qualms in razing their lands to ashes and exterminating every single man, woman, and child without batting an eyelid. Believe it.


Anonymous said...

Islam needs to be beaten down,The borders need to be closed,If they want to live under sharia law then they should go back where they came from,don't come here or to any other country and put down our religions and beleifs,live and let live or get the hell out.Our spineless politicians wont do anything to rid this country of your evil religion until you start your bullshit here,but you should know that this country is full of patriots and you will be gone when the time comes.You people have alot of balls killing people for their religious beleifs,there is no allah,no virgins,no wonderfull life after death for you,you are a bunch of idiotic hatemongers,cowards,women beaters,child molesters and fanatical scumbags.You have no regard for human life,you are all ignorant and barbaric and don't tell me you want to fit in,if you did you would speak english and maybe even say hello when you pass us on the street.I say hello to all of you just to see who will say it back and 9 out of 10 ignore me.I hope you eat pork and choke on it.America is in trouble for sure but we will pull out of it in the end,we alway's do.God is on our side,he exsists,he real,he dislikes evil islamist murderers.DON'T YOU PEOPLE KNOW THAT ALLAH WAS JUST SOME SCREWBALL MADMAN WHO TWISTED THE WORDS OF YOUR HOLYBOOK AND MURDERED AND BULLIED PEOPLE INTO BEING SUBSERVIANT TO HIM AND HIS PLEASURES.HE WAS A TYRANT WHO INTIMIDATED AND ABUSED MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN THEN KILLED THEM.IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP STUPID,YOU ARE KILLING AND DIEING NEEDLESSLY.IF YOU DON'T LIKE ANYONE SPEAKING AGAINST ISLAM THEN SHUT YOUR MOUTHS ABOUT OUR RELIGIONS.IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A TOTALITARIAN SCOCIETY THAN GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM AND CUT EACH OTHERS HANDS OFF,MAYBE YOU WILL ALL KILL EACH OTHER.AMERICA IS WHAT IT IS BECAUSE OF BIBLES BACKBONES AND GUNS.AMERICA WILL WIN THIS WAR TO.