Tuesday, July 01, 2008

An explanation for South Korea's rampant anti-Americanism

Who says Muslims and leftists don't think alike? This photo, taken this week in Seoul, is rather strongly reminiscent of the French 'car-bee-ques' that are lit up most nights in Europe. Only this time, Korea's anti American thugs have one-upped their Muslim brethren--here a Korean police bus goes up in flames.

Korea's chronic anti Americanism, of which the so-called 'anti US beef' protest are only the latest manifestation thereof, have an explanation, by way of Strategy Page. That explanation may surprise you:

Commies Employ Teenage Mind Wipe

June 30, 2008: The South Korea government is beginning to realize why there is such a vigorous anti-U.S., pro-North Korea movement in a country that was devastated by a North Korean invasion 58 years ago. The reason is that most (OK, 51 percent) of South Korean teenagers know little about the Korean War (1950-53). After all, this was their grand-parents, or great-grand-parents war. The reason for the ignorance is the education system, dominated by leftists who have, over the decades, played down the unprovoked and savage North Korean invasion in 1950.

The South Korean Communist Party was outlawed in 1946, by the American occupation forces, for using violence to try and gain control of South Korea. But the South Korean Communists went underground, and some remained after North Korean forces were driven out in late 1950. After the war, North Korea sent agents and money south to keep leftist organizations going. Suppressing the bad memories of the Korean war (the North Koreans were exceptionally brutal, ask any South Korean over 70) was a typical communist Information War ploy, and it has paid big dividends by creating a generation of teenagers who can be convinced that the Korean War was all the fault of the United States (who had withdrawn its troops just before the North Koreans invaded, and that was not a coincidence.)

After the Cold War ended, the Russian archives were opened a bit and it was revealed that the Soviets had convinced the North Koreans that the Americans would not defend South Korea. When that didn't work out, the Russians talked the Chinese to come in and keep the UN forces from taking control of North Korea. That operation cost the Chinese half a million dead, and a grudge against the Russians that led to decades of bad feelings. But the South Korean educational system has managed to purge most of this from the curriculum, or downplay the teaching of it in the classroom.

The Big Lie technique not only lives, it thrives, and you can see it happening in South Korea.


Anonymous said...

Much beefing about the beef dispute. Has it occurred that it might not be a beef issue per se but that South Koreans are testing whether their leader can resist pressure from an ex superpower-in- the making? South Korea has built the world's 13th largest economy within three decades largely through exports.
But historical resentments linger. That S koreans still chafe of the fact that the US and the then Soviet Union divided Korea after liberating it from Japanese colonial rule at the end of WWII? The popular childhood song handed down from their fathers and grandfathers: "Don't be cheated by the soviets. Don't trust the Americans. Or "the Japanese will rise again" holds sway? America has an established nasty record of , to put in Reagan's words: Government does not solve problems-it subsidizes them. -- Ronald Reagan, December 11, 1972. And this is both domestically and globally. For every "good" act (bottom line must reflect profits for the Dumb Mute Blindmen) 9 are used to destablise nations that do not entirely cooperate.

If the leftists in South Korea are responsible for anti-americanism, then the Ayatollah of Leftists in America, led by Naom Chomsky et al are responsible for the rapid acceleration of islamism in the US, the teaching of Hegelianism that the state is supreme, the individual merely a pawn to be trained. This is the basis of your 'educational system.' the dumbing down of American kids in America, as well as the import of 182,000 immigrants into the US every month in light of the fact that America suffers 14 million unemployed Americans, over 1.5 million (and rising) Americans walk the streets homeless and jobless; in excess of 13 million American children live below the poverty line. A gigantic 47 million Americans cannot afford health insurance. And as reported by NBC/s Brian Williams, 1.2 million American kids do not graduate from high school annually. Care to explain why leftism and liberalism is allowed to command riot in American U's?

The Amrican media is run by Liberals who do not have a clue that their liberal leaders are communists and their corporate employers are Fascists, with no loyalty to any country. The constitutional right of a free press was to insure Americans the information they must have to remain free, but the media is nothing more than the propaganda arms of owners in the “Chain of Command for Treason” who are in the process of enslaving and taking away the sovereignty of the American people.

And what/who is the “Chain of Command for Treason”-CCT? It consists of Elites and their Foundations, who control the Corporations and Media, who in turn control tje Government with the direction of their think tank and shadow government, The Council on Foreign Relations, et al. Elites are mostly the progeny of wealth, a few have earned or stolen their own money, many of the forebears were ruthless and very active supporters of Fascism and Communism as are the leaders of both parties today. Prescott Bush, grandfather of Pres. Bush made billions dealing with Fascists, Hitler. There is just too much documented evidence available that denial is futile. Today’s leaders of the CCT and their supporters have been taught from birth that they are superior to average Americans who are only ignorant and common people born to be their slaves. They haven't quite succeeded to take away the ordinary American's Sovereignty. The ultimate objective of the CCT leadership is Power, Wealth and a One World Government with them as the unelected despots. Americans, as uninformed as a box of rocks, have still a fighting chance to take back their country, their constitution, safeguard their sovereignity for all times. It is time that every American wakes to the fact that:

The CCT is absolutely ruthless by allowing millions of Americans to be Murdered, Killed, Raped, Robbed, and Molested by millions of illegal invaders so they could make Billions in Blood Money by exploiting illegals and paying slave wages. Politicians at all levels of government as part of the CCT are guilty of Treason for refusing to obey the constitution and laws of the United States to protect Americans. The blood of those Americans is on the hands of most politicians, and especially President Bush, Bush the elder, Bill Clinton and presidential candidates McCain, Obama and Clinton. The only difference between both political parties is the name, they are both part of the CCT, hold Americans in contempt, and are up to their necks in the blood of innocent Americans for their profit and power

on 2-5-08---- the United States Congress passed a law that defines anyone speaking out against the criminal acts of the United States government as a “domestic terrorist.” . Through the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, established by Bush, the push has been to label every American as mentally defective, ----- This labeling of every American as somehow mentally defective is no different than the tactic used in the U.S.S.R. to label dissidents who refused to conform to the social psychology of oppression practiced by the communists to control the masses; the same social psychology now being forced on the American people.

Ah, the bogeyman Soviet Union. Pray tell, Why did the US build-up the Soviet Union, while it also transferred technology to Hitler's Germany? Why does Washington want to conceal these facts?" When will those archives be open to the public? Today America is up for Sale. Today the American president is given a nod by Europe while the Russian premier Putin is listened to. How come? Nasty ex Soviet Union, no?

Quo Vadis, America?

Anonymous said...

Some facts to moot over.

USA Today wrote, “even ‘old Europe’ has surpassed us.”

“Much ink has recently been given to the deplorable state of teaching these subjects in our public schools,” USA Today continued, “where in eighth-grade math we rank last among 20 nations and in science we also fell below the median. America’s pre-eminence as an innovator, source of advanced scientific education and producer of engineers is disappearing.”

India and China, on the other hand, are turning out 5 million graduates a year, including 600,000 science and engineering graduates.

“By 2010, more than 90 percent of all scientists and engineers in the world will be living in Asia,” Joann P. DiGennaro, president of the Center for Excellence in Education, estimates.

Europe is also beginning to outperform the U.S. in science and technology. Next month, the most sophisticated and expensive machine on Earth will be switched on in Europe, the Large Hadron Collider at cern. The trend of cutting-edge science moving from the U.S. to Europe won’t stop with a particle accelerator; there are plans to build a $13 billion experimental fusion reactor in France. While the U.S. is participating in the new $1.4 billion Herschel Space Observatory, the largest infrared space-based telescope of its kind, it too is a European project. The U.S. is not taking the lead as it once would have. How come????

Anonymous said...

And while I'm still at it, can't resist after posting 2nd comment, even in mock aerial combat for the first time as part of the Anglo-Indian exercise "Indradhanush 2007". Six Indian fighters as well as several European "Tornados" participated in the tests. The operational aspects of the exercises involved one-versus-one air combat as well as mixed-mission, multiple-aircraft sorties. The organizers of the meeting did not announce the results of the mock fights. Indians pilots were awarded the prize "Spirit of the Meet" for having demonstrated impressive flight abilities of the aircraft. Whither American supremacy of the skies?

Reason why Indian pilots won? Makhmud Makmakhon, Deputy Chief of India Air Force Staff, who said that the Americans expected from Indian pilots the actions in terms of the western doctrine of fighting aircraft application, but they CHOSE THE SOVIET MODEL, and as a result gained the upper hand over the Americans. Finally, the absolute superiority remained on the side of the fighters of Sukhoi Company. They won each two from three battles, in which they took part. During the dogfight the less manoeuvrable US F-15C had a few chances to survive. Thus, under the Indian command reports, Americans were shot down not less than 20 times. Ouch! must hurt, no?

The victories of the Russian fighters over the US matches have been recorded since August 1992 when the delegation of the Russian Air Force including pilots Alexander Kharchevsky and Georgy Karabasov first time ever came to the Lengly American Air Base with a friendly visit. Two two-seat Su-27UB aircraft and Il-76 military cargo aircraft were included into structure of the command as technical support.

US Air Force was represented by the 1st Wing of tactical fighters, considered as the best aviation unit, with the top flight qualification pilots and the most advanced fighters. The mock fights included two-place Su-27UB (the Russian pilot in the front cockpit, the American, commander of this air base in the rear one), F-15D (American pilot in the front cockpit and the Russian air attaché), and also two-seat F-15D as an escort and observation plane, in the rear cockpit of which was the photographer with camera were directed to the flight zone. The conditions were typical for a dog fight.
First F-15D was attacked by Su-27UB. For the American fighter it turned out a problem to shake off the Russian attacker from his tail. Sukhoi kept the opponent in a sight without special efforts. With the roles changed Su-27UB by a fast climbing turn on a complete after-burning got away from the F-15D and after a while came into the tail of the US fighter capturing the target. After that the Russian pilot met with the two-place F-15D, which completely lost the sight of Su-27UB and was forced to request the escort aircraft the site of the opponent. At this time Russian fighter appeared from behind the tail of F-15Dl and, remaining undetected, followed it, which was reported from the escort plane. The American repeatedly tried to get off, but all its attempts appeared in vain. The pilots rotation from both sides in the fighting planes did not change the results.

Interesting quotation was given by the USA Today: We may not be as far ahead of the rest of the world as we thought we were, said Gen. Hal Hornburg, the chief of the Air Combat Command, which oversees U.S. fighter and bomber wings... The F-15Cs are the Air Force's primary air superiority aircraft and the results of the exercise were a wake up call.

So looks like nasty ex Soviet Russia leads, and demonised, castigated, condemned with contempt India has proven itself.

Quo Vadis America? Lost in the education field and now even in mock aerial fights? Neighbourhood bully no longer counts today. Reality sucks!


Anonymous said...

Interesting isn't it, the parallels between islamic attitudes and leftist ideology:
1. victim mentality
2. constant blaming of the west/rich/whites/big corporations for their own problems and failures
3. excusing violence/terrorism in their own camps as a result of oppression by the west/the rich etc etc,
4. wanting to keep the masses dumbed down so they can't see the truth and think for themselves

No wonder the leftists are so sympathetic to the islamists- same mentality. However, if islam gets strong enough to take over in places like europe, they'll turn against the very leftists who helped them into power, once they have no more use for them. What a rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I missed out:

5. having no qualms about being a parasite off the wealth of the west/the rich etc etc, and feeling they are completely entitled to it