Monday, July 28, 2008

Islam Dog Bites Man - Muslim Group Threatens to Attack Olympics

I know you're all going to be surprised by this (and really, it's like me reporting that a dog has bitten a man), but members of the Religion of Peace are threatening to attack the Olympics with suicide bombers and biological weapons.

We all thought we could expect so much more from our friends, the Muslims.

A MILITANT Islamic group has threatened to attack the Beijing Olympics with suicide bombers and biological weapons and has claimed responsibility for a string of fatal bombings and explosions in China over recent weeks.

In a video released by IntelCenter, a terrorism monitoring group, a bearded man identified as “Commander Seyfullah” is seen reading a declaration of jihad against the Olympics and warns athletes and spectators, “especially Muslims”, to stay away.

It was issued by a group calling itself the Turkestan Islamic party. The group may be allied with the East Turkestan Islamic Movement – designated a terrorist organisation by the US, China and several other countries – which seeks independence for the Muslim Uighur people of China’s far west province of Xinjiang, which Uighur separatists call East Turkestan.

“Commander Seyfullah” said the group was responsible for three bombs last week on buses in the city of Kunming, which killed two people, and for two bus bombings on May 21 in Shanghai, which killed three.

You know, it's almost as if the world just isn't big enough both Islam and the rest of civilization.

Hmm. I just don't know what to make of it.

(post courtesy of IBA's Pastorius)


Anonymous said...

Answer, all non-muslim world governments to act together to surgically remove heads of radical islamic groups. On an ongoing basis.
Will it happen?

John Sobieski said...

If they achieve a major attack, I believe the Chinese will not be bound by political correctness in dealing with Islam. Why not ban Islam? Just ban it. You can become an atheist, an agnostic, whatever, but no Islam rituals, seize all mosques and madrassas. disband all Muslim organizations completely, seize their assets. If Muslims don't want to abandon Islam, they can leave. The 'original' ummah land awaits, ie.e, the turd world caliphate.

Anonymous said...

Note how China engaged large sections of Chinese living abroad, to counter protests by Tibetans and human rights activists. This happened in Japan, South Korea, the USA, UK and France. French President Nicolas Sarkozy was brought to his knees to write a letter of apology to a Chinese athlete in a wheel chair who was roughed up in melee in Paris during the Olympic torch run. The incident happened in a clash between protestors and Chinese citizens over the politics of China, especially human rights and Tibet. Note Chinese officials and bloggers kept up a relentless propaganda against Sarkozy and refused an invite to the Olympics. After the Olympics, China will showcase to the world that all muslims are nothing but terrorists, thta the cult called islam founded by a mass murderer, mass rapist, bandit, paedophile is evil and detrimental to their health. The Kumming blast and the earlier Shanghai blast were mosquito bites inflicted by braindead muslims to "warn" China of their "might".

The West can never ever understand the ultra nationalism of the East and Far East. China's use of overseas Chinese for espionage in well known and documented.
For dragging China into the Korean conflict that saw MacArthur order U.S. troops to continue their penetration of North Korea all the way to the Yalu River, the North Korea/Red China boundary line. The result: waves and waves of Red Chinese troops, in the dead of winter that caused hundreds of thousands Chinese dead.
China took its revenge after the Korean War by having their Chinese Secret Police embed themselves in the heart of USA. The history of the Chinese Secret Police goes back to 550 BC. They have always been highly skilled at their work. By the 20th Century they were called Te-Wu and they use a clandestine dialect almost impossible even for professionals to get into and understand. How could the American CIA and FBI---the Secret Police and Counter-Intelligence of the U.S.---deal with such a situation? With only one exception, there have been no defectors to the West from the Red Chinese Secret Police. In 1956, the Red Chinese Secret Police launched a massive effort to infiltrate the U.S. and to punish Americans ON THEIR OWN SOIL And are controlling America. Heck, your Wal-Mart is a profitable partner.

America's Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport , gifted to the Chinese Secret Police by none other than Pres. Clinton is a place for huge non-stop air flights from China. It has numerous warehouses. Law enforcement personnel contend it is not difficult to evade regulations as to the Free Trade Zone. In-coming non-stop air shipments from Red China, reportedly containing contraband, can be quietly transferred to another warehouse and re-shipped to U.S. DESTINATIONS. Because of the Free Trade Zone, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration personnel, DEA, and other federal authorities, reportedly assert they have no jurisdiction to inspect Red Chinese shipments. Howszat for espionage, eh?

Today, China, always a political power, is an economic power. And the islamic world will soon learn what China is capable of doing. The Avian flu is from Chinese laboratories. China has alwasy demonstrated it does not wish to waste time in "dialogue" - it believes in action, ruthless action that strikes fear and terror into the hearts of men.

After the devastating earthquake caused by America's HAARP electromagnetic waves, the head of China’s Central Military Commission, General Guo Boxiong, has ‘warned’ the United States Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, to ‘immediately stop targeting China or we will bury you’. America can experience the fun of China's Scalar Weapons, after the Olympics. They call it tit for tat.

But for now, with the Olympics opening on August 8, China will dazzle the world. With the colourful opening and closing ceremonies, it is supposed to be a show of sporting powers. China is not short in this area in any way. In fact, the Chinese athletes are poised to give the Americans, the Russians and some other leading sporting nations in the world a run for their money. They want the second position after the powerful Americans.


Anonymous said...

js, way forward. could be done, just needs the reason d'etre

Anonymous said...

ea. Interesting what you say about China's "unstoppability".
Reports in Europe show how Chinese containers bringing lucrative fake cigarettes into Balkans etc are transshipped by one of the Italian Mafia's making billions of dollars and costing same in lost taxes to EU.
China is making up for lost time, and West is dependant on China for most of the cheap-goods that keep economy going.
We export our business and raw materials, China exports the gadgets and needs of the affluent West.
At same time we have exported our pollution generation, which makes public feel better and allows West to harp on about the "major pollution" caused by the "emerging economies" ie mainly China.
It can't go on forever, methinks.
When the roundabout stops, the riders will be dizzy and stumbling from the effects.
In the Uk, the lead-roofs of Churches and the copper cables from Rail-lines are being ripped up by Pikeys (colloquial term) and shipped off by the ship load to China.
I visited my local metal scrap yard recently. Dozens of lorries with tipper-containers being loaded with 40 tons of scrap each every day. All marked with Chinese writing.
China, with her hand on the production strings of the Western puppets, can do as she likes.
We have allowed our stupid politicians to throw out the baby with the bathwater, and the bath was made in China as well!

Can't get to grips with the reality of Haarp's capabilities and scalar stuff.
I've read a bit about it but it smacks a bit of "conspiracy nuts" and lone scientists, who if they really knew about "doomsday technology" would probably have suffered the same fate as scientists like weapons inspectors in Iraq who died in "unfortunate circumstances," when they tried to spill the beans.

Anonymous said...

china has repeatedly warned of terrorism rearing its head during the olympics but was pooh poohed by the western media as overplayed . Now we know the truth. Islam in China has to be controlled and not allowed to be politicized. terrorism is terrorism, simple. Not so crappy excuse of historical loss of heritage.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.10 pm. Both HAARP and Scalar are no "conspiracy theory" "lone scientist" stuff. No country in the West possesses the Scalar weapon. China, Russia and Israel have it. The Israelis are not telling it loudly either, and rightly so, seeing how TREACHEROUS America is. Selling out Serbia that fought alongside her in both WWs, destablising leaders/nations, deliberately causing FAMINE in once agriculture rich, food sufficient countries. America stinks to heaven high. Didn't America support the IRA and bleed England, its purported cousin, for 30 years? And wasn't it America's Wall Street that propped Hitler to power? Wasn't it Carter and Clinton who propped up North Korea's dictatorship? Doesn't America have a vile record of sleeping with terrorists, dictators so long as they fill their bank accounts with filthy lucre?

China's Military leader does not indulge in mere threats. Robert Gates knows that. China has the capabilty to bury America.

The real tragedy is there appears to be little or no evidence that the American people themselves are aware of , nor care to investigate on the propaganda and lies fed to them by their Deadly Leftist Media. They seem to be more concerned with celebrity news, hollywood, superbowl, etc. Anyways, one in five Americans can hardly read or write. America's evil leaders have succeeded in shaping Dumbed down generations, for easy islamisation and for the final kill. Vote Barack HUSSEIN Obama in and every WHITE American will experience what the blacks experienced under slavery, and then you'll know what Islam is all about.
That narcisstic megalomaniac is a psychopath in the making. And a real Muslim to boot. Not a shred of doubt. Hamas backs him and he backs Hamas. What does that tell you? The entire Islamic world roots for him. What does that tell you? For more, go to the earlier thread on Obamamessiah where I have posted the evil agenda of this vile creature.

China, as I wrote, is a 5000 year old civilisation, a continuing civilisation. China has never invaded any country. Its leaders do not indulge in verbal diarrhea like the West has a penchant, a need to do so. Talk, talk, talk, then quietly retreat and appease on bended knees. Look at America and its dealing with N.Korea and now Iran. Look at Tony Balir's craven cowardice in the case of 15 British navy personnel held hostage by Iran. And Israel, the only real democratic country ready to fight to protect the lily livered West is brutally vilified, brutally hamstrung to the point that even protecting its own citizens is a Crime? How sick can the West get?

This is not China's way. China warns, then acts. Every Chinese military personnel has read the quran. It is China that removed all the 100+ violent verses in the book of terror and subject the Uighurs to observing "universal" respect of the word Religion. It is the West dumbos that encourage terrorism, radical islamists to breed and grow virulently and take perverse delight in the intimidation of its native populations, and exult in the deaths of their natives. Sickos .

The West will not be able to root out Islam simply because your Leaders, and you allowed them to, are corrupt and have sold their people out. The reprobate mind is leading America and Britain. They've got their islam religion of peace goggles on, and those specs are much too rosy. Worse, they drill their natives to beliee it.

It is China and Russia that will do the dirty job of cleansing earth of islam. Look at the West's reaction and response to China's hosting the Olympics. Every impediment they can think of they try and wish to destroy China's chance to succeed. Not a single Western country offered security in the light of radical islamists threat. Whereas in Athens the West had nato forces to protect that Olympics. Why this Discrimination against China? Do not underestimate the pride, strength and Will of the Chinese people. They will rise to the occasion of splendour. Face is very important out here in the East/Far East. And China will protect its face and show the world the Face of Success brought on by sheer grit and will power of its nationalistic people.

//////Reports in Europe show how Chinese containers bringing lucrative fake cigarettes into Balkans etc are transshipped by one of the Italian Mafia's making billions of dollars and costing same in lost taxes to EU.//////

And China is to blame? What aboutthe Italian Mafia? How about going after the Sicilians? Just make sure you don't end up at the bottom of the sea.

And how about America dumping its nuclear waste on the shores of the state of Kerala, India? That's OK? And who was behind the creation of Pakistan, aiding Pakistan militarily against Hindu India? Even now? The intent to balkanise India has been ongoing since August 15, 1947. By the West. That's your democracy?

If China is hungry for raw materials, it does so legitimately. China pays for those raw materials. Unlike the West, the so-called christian nations that colonised countries, plundered it to barren earth to feed their parasitic appetites, and then to walk away leaving trails of devastating destruction. And then the hypocrites they are to return to further Exploit under the guise of Compassion with its World Bank and IMF bull where they make sure $8 out of every 10 returns to them, and then have their lickspittle presswhores write that Africa, Haiti, Ivory Coast etc are all bottomless pits of inhabitants without redemption.
""By controlling energy, we can control nations; by controlling food, we can control individuals"! (Henry Kissinger) Says all, no?

//////We export our business and raw materials, China exports the gadgets and needs of the affluent West.///////

America, like Britain, has sold its Crown Jewel Industries so their natives can buy Guccis, Karl Lagerfeld, Porsches, etc. Simple as that. You guys gave it all away. Don't blame the buyers. You sold. They bought. They carry on the business and profit. So why lament? How about taking a good look in the mirror?

As for affluent West, more in America and Britain will join the Soup Kitchens Line very soon. America already has 14+ million lining up for their bowl of soup and bread daily. America is unreedemable. Says who? Says Morgan Stanley who went hat in hand to China and managed to get loans paying 8 % successfully negotiated down from 11%, Lehman Brothers, and the Federal Reserve props its big banks with the printing machine while letting small banks go under. That's the reality. Just make sure you don't die Homeless and Hungry, seeing how your Leaders pander and pamper muslims in your midst, and worse, enforcing islamic studies on your young children. In Britain they have gone insane. A 3 year old commits a crime for saying Yuuuuk to foreign food!!???


Anonymous said...

ea, sorry I was not dissing China, just observing how we have let go of our ability to do much heavy manufacturing and rely on the ephemeral processes called the "service industries."
I would rather our leaders have the guts and decency to really get down to brass tacks with the East, instead of baksheeshing with the Saudis.
A missed opportunity.
And as for smoking China over "human-rights" well what has thatgot to do with sport?
I hope they have a successful games with no nasty surprises.
You are right about the Mafias of course.
Now we have open EU borders, crime is becoming a much more corporate adventure.
Latest reports say UK cannot control billions dollars drug gangs, and policing is ineffective.
So their answer?
To consider taking drugs out of the criminal justice system.
No crime statistics to worry about then.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, relax. We are having a nice exchange of views. And I really appreciate your respnse.

I participate on other blogs and read a lot of asinine comments dissing the East and Far East, including Israel, without any knowledge, which sucks.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

If islamics do any damage at the olympics the Chinese will wipe these sick scum off the map, no PC srap we in the west adhere to.