Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Making the case against Muslim immigration

This sad story from Atlanta is why Muslim immigration to the US should be exactly zero. Earlier this month, a Pakistani Muslim man named Chaudhry Rashid (in photo) murdered his 25-year-old daughter--a so-called 'honor killing'--because she wanted out of an arranged marriage.

CNN and the rest of the MSM is covering this barbarous crime, but the words 'Muslim' and 'Islam' are dared not uttered in said coverage, even though 'honor killings' are a chronic and tragic problem in virtually all Muslim societies.

Islamic societies nurture and encourage all types of violence, intolerance and aggression, and not just against whatever unfortunate infidels happen to be nearby. The insidious crimes known as 'honor killings' are how Muslim men maintain their Allah-granted status and power over Muslim women--by murdering them.

In case you were doubting that honor killings have religious justification within Islam, have a look at this related development from 'moderate' Jordan, whose parliament recently rejected (on Islamic grounds) the idea of stiffening penalties for honor killings.


Always On Watch said...

If the media won't tell the story with the proper terminology, they shouldn't be telling the story at all. Why do I say that? The media are desentizing the sheeple by not telling the full story.

Anonymous said...

DEAFENING MUTE BLIND SILENCE from the Feminists and Amnesty International.

Their utter cowardice and cowed down says all.

Anonymous said...

The "honor killings" (there is no honor about it, only shame!) is common among Arabs and Muslims living in Israel. Every few month we hear about it in the newspapers. Of course, lots of those cases are not reported and the victim's story is left untold. Usualy it is the brother or father murders their doughter or sister, because they thought she fell in love with a guy they did not approve of. Another barbaric act is to "circumcise" the young girl so she would not enjoy sex when she gets older. This is less common but still at practice in some places in the south of Israel amongs the "Beduins".

Simon said...

There is no honour in harming one's family. No honour in betraying the trust your children place in you as their parent to nurture them, care for them, love them. This is not honour. Whether he be Allah or Jaweh, this cannot be what what we are supposed to do. Here there is only shame.

islam_no thanks said...

Honor killings = Cowards

Anonymous said...

The media in this country is not helping by playing these crimes down.If an american kills his daughter or anyone for that matter the media is all over without holding back.Why is the media so afraid to do their jobs and report the facts.The headline should read-muslim coward murdered his daughter because she didin''t love the man that was picked for her.This by the way is a crime in this country asshole,death to you or life in prison with the toilet facing the wrong way and no special foods and no hate book as well.I love my country but it is to damn politicaly correct which is destroying us as well as the diversity from the open borders.You politicians need to wake up and worry about this country and stop worrieing about votes.Say no to Obahma,say no to open borders,say no to amnesty,say no to ISLAM,You politicians are suppose to be taking care of us and our country,did you forget all of the patriots who made this country what it is ? You politicians and judges are letting murders and terrorists plant themselves in our midst because you have your own agendas,I just hope you wake up before it's to late,The people they kill may just be your family members to.Keep that in mind while your bending over backwards for them and abandoning the principals this country was built on.Being islamic does not entitle them to any special treatment or status.Our ststue for religous freedom does not mention anything about murder for disbeif in islam.These people are barbaric and have no buisness in this country.I saw them laughing and hugging each other when the planes hit the trade center.Even the decent muslims know who the terrorist muslims are and they wont turn them in so they should be sent bak to their own country to.Most of the people pouring into this country hate it and show no allegiance to it,i beleive that if we don't maintain an american majority in our counrty it will play a big part in our downfall.We have to get back to our patriotic roots and retain our history,our foundation.Cultural diversity is destroying us because of our politicians,them getting votes to get in office has become more important than our country and way of life.I'm tired of ranting and i'm depressed about my choices for election this year.I need some aspirin,thanks for listening.