Saturday, July 19, 2008

Merkel Not Yet A Dhimmi

Unlike the absurd kafir women of Bush's administration, Merkel has a clue.


(ANSAmed) - BERLIN, JULY 18 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to enter in an Algiers mosque during her first official visit to Algeria because she did not want to cover her head with the traditional headscarf, German daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported today. Thus the visit in the mosque, which was part of the chancellor's agenda, was cancelled. Yet, Merkel's visit to Algeria remains linked to a mosque since the German chancellor took part with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in the ceremony for the signing of the contract entrusting a Frankfurt am Main architects studio with the design of a new mosque to be built in the Algerian capital. The new mosque will be the third largest in the world with the world's tallest minaret of 214 metres. [That's 702 feet! more than 2 football fields, or a 50 story building!. Allah be praised!] (ANSAmed).
2008-07-18 16:44


Anonymous said...

Deutchland uber alles Angelika Merkel represents and upholds German pride which is intact unlike the lobotomised Britain leaders, from Brown to Williams.

She is well aware the mosque is a manifestation of paedophilism as its founder was.

Germany will be the annihilator of both islam and muslims, and she is well aware of that too.


Anonymous said...

ea, I always wonder about your belief in Germany resisting Islam.
How so?
The runes do not spell it to me!

Anonymous said...

Read up why the capital was moved from Bonn to Berlin and the Reichstag. Reichstag means Empire. It is the building from where Hitler launched a war that cost about 50 million lives. The connection between Pope Benedict, Edmund Stoiber, and Angelika Merkel and connect the dots.

The outcome of the past decade’s Yugoslav wars, was started by Germany’s recognition of Croatia and Slovenia in 1991: “The European empire is acquiring colonies fast. Currently engaged in negotiations with nato in order to take over the running of Macedonia, the EU has acquired de facto control of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the extent that the new High Representative, Lord Ashdown, has appointed a German and a French deputy but no American. This is the first time there has not been a U.S. deputy in the body which governs Bosnia. It means that the ‘big three’ EU states are now in control of the former Yugoslav territory” (European Foundation Intelligence Digest, May 2, 2002).

Following that war, Serbia and Montenegro are now virtually vassal states of the EU, almost totally dependent on the Union for financing reconstruction and development . It was “the single most visible demonstration of that power” since Germany was reunited. What does that mean? It means that Germany is on the same track they were on when they started World Wars i and ii! This is the grisly truth . America nor Britain was anywhere in sight. The UN was deathly silent.

Read which country in Europe is rebuilding its military furiously. German navy cruises the Mediterranean as well as keeping an aggressive eye on Lebanon's Hizbollah, why the ploy to allow mosques to be built with the clear intent of arousing anti muslim feelings pretty similar to anti jewish feelings, enmasse. The Left will be dangling men/women. Probably rounded up and hanged, like they did during Hitler's time.

Merkel's efforts with reference to Europe's Catholic heritage, not so much Christian heritage, that has more theologians in office than any other Western nation. The clash of civilisations is already underway and Germany is preparing for the blitzkrieg not only against muslims in Germany but against all of islam and all muslims. Numerous facts . Also read up on German psyche. Nazism is alive and doing very well. Woe to muslims residing in Germany. The annihilation will make Putin's actions in Chechnya look mild. Watch out for muslim Kristallnacht.


Anonymous said...

So does that mean another war with Britain facing off Germany, this time, on behalf of the Muslims and Arab states that Blair and Brown seem so keen on worshipping?
In which case will America be called on to support another war against Germany?
If that has the same result as last time, won't this time end in the same destruction of the new Reich?
Your point is very interesting though difficult to get to grips with from my British perspective.

Anonymous said...

Your Britain is a vassal of Germany. No Airforce, no Navy to speak of.

Britain's armed forces will be hard put to save the country let alone be ready for war. According to MoD figures Figures also show that over the last year the Army has seen a shortfall of three battalions, or 1500 recruits, graduating through training with only 84 per cent of the target of 9,200 trained soldiers being achieved.
Similarly there was a shortfall of 40 Army officers graduating from Sandhurst. The MoD conceded that it was "consequently unable" to meet the Public Service Agreement (PSA) target for readiness, which states that 71 per cent of units should be able to deploy to the frontline.
Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox said the Army was not "big enough" and that "this has resulted in an increasingly dangerous national security situation where our Armed Forces are unable to react to the unexpected".that Service fitness levels "continued to fall slowly" with 27,000 out of a total of 180,000 service personnel not "fit for task" with their ability to deploy on operations limited. In one of my earliest postings, I had outlined the disastrous state of the British Military.

The irrefutable fact is that fewer forces and less equipment mean a de facto reduction in the ability to defend the nation, and that is the state Britain is in.
“Just how much security the UK forces will now be able to deliver is a fundamental question” (Aviation Week & Space Technology, August 2). After all, as the Scotsman pointed out, no matter how good the communications and control systems are, they need to have troops and armaments to command and control (July 22). And what use is high-tech intelligence-gathering equipment if the military doesn’t have the wherewithal to take action on that intelligence? London’s Mirror described it as the government’s attempt to replace “boots on the ground” strength with “cyber-age science” (July 22). These are reports from 2004. Not the slightest improvement since then. In comparison, Germany is "on it" at every angle, in every aspect. Even as the German-led European Union continues to strengthen and prepare to rise militarily, this fact is completely discounted in Britain’s new defense strategy. Brown and his leftist moonbats will perform deft footwork and dazzle Britain's sheeple who will swallow the lies. The atmosphere eerily resembles the mood of Britain when Hitler was rising and building the military while Britain preferred to be wayword , cocooned themselves and called Winston Churchill "WarMonger" . Churchill spent 6 years warning, writing, fighting a LONE battle against pacifists, leftists (famous Oxford) and the liars in both houses of Parliament. Britain had the fortune of Churchill then. Today Britain has traitors at the helm who sold out the British natives long long ago, with the natives power of Vote! For more than a decade, too! Talk about masochistic stupidity!

And British dunghead electorates can thank Blair and Brown for treason. You voted in NuLabour not once, but thrice, despite the horrendous fact that both are instrumental in ensuring Britain leaves the native population behind in many aspects, slowly but surely. How sneeringly stupid can people with the power of Vote get?

Britain will be fighting a war within and without. Within because you allowed traitors Blair and Brown to allow radical Islam to grow and forcing the natives to submit to them through repressive laws. As many as eight police officers and civil staff have links to al Qaeda and other extremist groups. Some may have attended terrorist training camps. One suspect circulated downloaded images of beheadings and roadside bombings from Iraq. But none will be fired.
A member of Hizb ut-Tahrir welcomed and feted by Tony Blair was working as a senior official in the Home Office—specifically, in immigration. What does that tell you? NuLabour dances with Muslim Madness and forces the British natives to applaud and join in. Refusal to do so would mean intimidation of sorts. With George Galloway leading moonbats, loonies and the politically correct in tutus prancing at your misfortune.

War costs money. Britain has sold ALL of its crown jewel industries. You are beholden and controlled by foreigners. According to stats by the Office for National Statistics, two fifths of UK-quoted shares (£742 billion) are owned by foreigners, up from £538 billion in 2005. The ftse top 100 companies are 44 percent foreign-owned. In 1981, 96.4 percent of total shares were owned by Britons. Foreigners have consistently purchased more British public companies than vice versa over the past five years. “The scale of what is happening is truly breathtaking,” the Guardian reported. “No other economy is as open as Britain’s or makes takeovers so easy” (Feb. 17, 2006). British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL), the British state-owned nuclear power manufacturer, announced it had sold its power station construction arm, Westinghouse, to Japan’s Toshiba corporation. While British crown jewel industries were being swallowed voraciously Tony Blair
said that foreign takeovers of airports, utility companies and other strategic companies are beneficial to consumers (Independent, June 9, 2006)BBC: Bandar Bribed by UK Arms Dealer with Blair at the helm. How much went into his bank a/c?
Germany has been buying from Latin America to Africa to the Baltics.

Germany would finally conquer Britain and make you slaves. Better to be under the German yoke than the filthy muslim's. But there are already moves with Anglicans embracing Roman Catholicism so it might be a case of returning to Mother (The Vatican) bosom, after all. Aided by the schizophrenic Rowan Williams who currently leaves a nasty smell and taste in the average Anglican's mouth.


Anonymous said...

ea, I cannot deny the truths you describe. I think perhaps the best thing would be for our economy to collapse and ruin the lot of them.
I join you in your assessment of the state of the average Brits complicity in not voting out this pack of Marxist hyenas, but the penny is finally dropping, and Labour's future is becoming more right uncertain, witness the drubbing the safe Labour seat got in Scotland yesterday, courtesy of the Scottish National Party.

Anonymous said...

Britain’s brave fighting men do not need wimps and weenies like the slimeballs scumbags NuLabour in office to continually humiliate them as they demonstrate they are second to none in terms of courage, sacrifice. Like Fusilier Damien Hields who used his grenade machinegun to destroy seven Taliban positions before his ambushers realised he was their main threat. After peppering his vehicle with bullets, they hit the 24-year-old soldier. He had to be dragged off for treatment by his driver after he tried to continue fighting. He , who almost single-handedly took on 150 Taliban after he and his 50-man convoy were ambushed in Afghanistan has been awarded the Military Cross. And there are hundreds, if not thousands like him and Grenadian Beharry. The treatment of ex servicemen by the British public especially to those maimed by the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, fills me, thousands of miles from your Isles with utter contempt and loath that they should be humiliated by these ingrates.
Out here, when we see a serviceman we acknowledge with gratitude and regard, in a restaurant we invite him/her to join us in our meal and lavish attention on him/her missed because of duty to country and people.

Margaret Thatcher’s actions in the Falklands when Argentine Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri engaged in unprovoked aggression by invading those islands. Compare that with Blair's open cowardice. He allowed the British Lion be humiliated by a third class country. The mouse roared and the lion has run.
I am referring to the British servicemen thanking Ahmadinejad for his gracious treatment and asking for forgiveness for “apparently” trespassing will not be easy to erase, particularly in the Middle East. As one Iranian commentator said mockingly : “Britannia really doesn’t rule the waves any more.”

The British showed themselves to be “Marmite-eating surrender monkeys”, said Michael Rubin, the American neoconservative and an Iran analyst. Britain allowed one of the chief sponsors and perpetuators of terror to look magnanimous before a fawning media. They allowed themselves to be lectured by one of the world's primordial oppressors of women on the safety of same. Others observed that the flowery “goody bags of dishonour” containing Persian sweets, pistachio nuts, CDs and vases, with which the servicemen returned, seemed designed to emphasise their wimpishness.
The MoD appeared happy enough with the way the 15 conducted themselves. The hostages were put on television and forced to make statements against their country. Iran got tough, Blair crumpled.

Britons who wondered if then Blair government would end up leaving Britain with a navy too small to protect its shores had a convincing demonstration that Britain has a navy that couldn’t even protect its own sailors. The whole world is aware that Britain’s navy is FINISHED as a credible military force. Blair and Brown since then has gone ahead of gutting the Navy’s surface fleet. Worse, the whole of the Military is being crimped and shackled by stinge endangering those brave men fighting in Afghanistan.

Britons have forgotten their history of brave men and women who stood against tyranny, who loved their beloved country to save it - from Elizabeth I to Churchill so they would continue to enjoy the freedom, the liberty, the thinking without terror.


Anonymous said...

Why Germany will win.

There is a certain type of mindset within a certain type of German ethnic that too readily meets the specification laid out by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: “The German soul has its passageways and inter-passageways; there are caves, hideouts, and dungeons in it; its disorder has a good deal of the attraction of the mysterious; the German is an expert on secret paths to chaos” (Beyond Good and Evil).

Perhaps Labor Party stalwart Harold Nicolson, who used to sigh to friends in the dark days after France's surrender in 1940: "All we can do is lie on our backs with our paws in the air and hope that no one will stamp on our tummies." In reference to Germany finally conquering England.

Tony Blair's got ahead of his countrymen by converting to Roman Catholicism. The Vatican will protect him and his family.


Anonymous said...

yes, ea, that time when the young sailors were treated like naughty tourists straying across the fence in a zoo, was perhaps the most telling tale of the lack of independent control the Navy Chiefs have.
It would not do to upset the Revolutionary Guards, by shooting back now would it!
At the same time though, we see our Navy active against cocaine smugglers in the Caribbean.
I guess that's a safer bet. And amongst them, our Royal Prince cutting the teeth he will need when future war becomes reality.
The British Lion is tatty and torn, and over-stuffed with the meat of easy living, but sure as eggs is eggs, nothing stays the same forever.