Friday, July 25, 2008

Muslims Doing What They Do When No Kafirs Are Around

This is my foreign policy. Stop the jizya, get out, defend our borders, halt Muslim immigration and let the Muslims kill each other as they won't be enough kafir to go around. proof? The Pals.

Palestinian Officials: 4 Killed in Explosion Near Gaza City
By VOA News
25 July 2008

Palestinian medical officials and the militant group Hamas say four Palestinians have been killed in an explosion near a beach outside Gaza City.

Officials say the casualties included at least two Hamas militants and a girl. At least 15 other people were wounded.

Friday's attack occurred near a car being used by Hamas members, but the cause of the explosion was not immediately known.

It was the third blast of the day in Gaza, after a relatively calm period that followed a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

Earlier, an explosion outside a cafe killed a passerby and wounded at least three others. Another explosion took place a few minutes later outside the home of a Hamas politician, Marwan Abu Ras. No one was injured.

Palestinian officials say gunmen carried out both of those blasts.

Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip last year.

The area has been mostly calm since an Egyptian-brokered truce between Israel and Hamas went into effect last month. However, Islamic extremists in Gaza have been waging a campaign against cafes and shops that sell or play music deemed unsuitable, as well as against Christian institutions.


Anonymous said...

Marvellous! Let the Slaughter begin. Let the Gaza be the Coliseum for non muslims to watch how the muslims - allah's best and greatest of men - kill one another. Question is: which allah? Both scream allahu akhbar. Both dream of eternal erection and sexual orgy in their heaven. So which allah is aiding which best and greatest of men?

Faster and more please. How about Hamas, the other proxy of Iran getting a few Qassam rockets from Hizbollah to target the mass murderer terrorist Abbas hiding in his rat hole? He is the leader of "members of the fugitive party"—a derogatory term for Fatah by Hamas.

Tony Blair, the lover of muslims of every stripe, but in particular terrorists, should visit Gaza and be peacemaker, despite the threat to his life which made him cancel his intended trip. The Craven cur.


there_is_no_palestine said...


John Sobieski said...

Oh yes, let me quote Tony Blair -

ON THE KORAN - '..To me, the most remarkable thing about the Koran is how progressive it is."

Help, we are surrounded by useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

Tony Blair gets out the vaseline pot and practises touch-toes ready for his visits to his special friends Hamazobollah friends.