Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paris Burning While Sarkozy Plans Muslim Union with EU

Much like Bush, Sarkozy has turned out to be a clueless fraud. While Sarkozy plans his Mediterranean Union with the Muslims, Paris continues to burn. At Brussels Journal, this article reports that over 150 cars are set on fire by 'yutes' nightly in the Paris region and around 600 in all of France. Let's see, that's 54,750 a year in Paris, and 219,000 a year in France. Isn't France grand! Wake me when they burn down the Louvre and Versailles since obviously French politicians now consider this the norm. I guess the towtruck companies are happy, but what about insurance premiums? Now I live in a city of about 1 million, and from time to time read the police report summaries and it is rare to hear about any car being deliberately set on fire. Of course citizens of a democracy get the leaders they deserve. We get Obama or Juan, France gets Sarkozy.


Mark said...

The West is going to hell in a handbasket!

Anonymous said...

Follow the money.


Anonymous said...

mark, I join you in thinking that the twits that we have elected are just numbskulls who wouldn't know a handshake from a smack in the mouth.
ea, don't you mean follow the debt?

Anonymous said...

voulez vous flambe avec moi ce soir?
how would you like your Renault Sir, rare or well done?

Anonymous said...

French leaders have always been given "baksheesh" in great largesse by Middle Eastern and African "leaders". Baksheesh is tolerated, and extra-curricular largesse has been a way of life for French politicians and businessmen. Writer Poller : "Jacques Chirac has been linked to various benefactors from the Arab world; the ex-presidential couple (Chirac) is moving into a 180 square meter pied à terre on Quai Voltaire, courtesy of the slain Lebanese politico-millionaire Rafik Hariri’s family. The deadly MSMs of the world quietly swallowed Mr. Chirac’s real estate gift package. How much did they get paid for maintaining elegant silence?

Chirac and his cronies were accused of becoming personal friends with Middle Eastern financial empires. But then, former President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, a center-rightist, has never explained why the Central African dictator Bokassa gave him a million dollars worth of diamonds when he was finance minister. Former Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, a Socialist, lived in the lap of luxury paid for by his bribe-taking Elf scandal mistress, Christine Deviers-Joncour. President François Mitterrand’s mistress and daughter Mazarine were kept on public money. Former Prime Minister Alain Juppé, the number two in the new government, was ensconced in a sweetheart deal apartment. The list runs on. And now we have Sarkozy. He's got to look after his future when he leaves Versailles. Having a model for a wife is rather, ahem, expensive? Of course the leftist media huffed over President Sarkozy’s coziness with big money , question is: HOW MUCH WERE THEY PAID FOR THE INFERENCE?

If today Paris is burning while its Elites have gone into hiding, its because they were co-creators of the destruction of their country which their ancestor Charles Martel saved at the Battleof Tours. It was dunghead Charles de Gaulle in the 1960s, the “politique Arabe de la France” (Arab policy of France), meant in practice an accommodation by Paris to the wishes of foreign powers providing cheap natural resources to the country’s industrial complex. Very smartly, the domestic jihadi web positioned itself under the umbrella of the French Oil interest and multinational corporations; radical clerics were financed by Saudi and other Arab regimes, spreading Wahhabism and Salafism across the country. Any interference by French authorities would “hurt” the relations with Petrol-regimes and thus would have a negative effect on the “economic benefits” to the country. Got France by the balls, so to speak.

Chirac, taking the Gaullist doctrine to its extreme, thought he could spare his country from the “holy wars by opposing the Iraq invasion - real reason being he stood to lose his massive cut from the 40 billion investments signed in Iraq, country and countrymen be damned. Traitor to the core, and the French loved him for it.
Chirac and his slime politicians felt safe at home and overseas. But the Jihadi powers, Salafists, and Khomeinists had different calculations. Didn't France shelter Khomeini from the bad bad Shah? The mass murdering muslims message to the French was: Either you are with us or you are against us.
Not supporting the U.S. in Iraq didn’t shield France from this domestic threat. And France learned how the muslim mind works when in 2004, the Syrian regime went after Chirac’s allies and partners in Lebanon, most notably after Chirac’s friend Rafiq Hariri. In September, Paris reacted by introducing, along with the U.S., a resolution to get Syria out of Lebanon. In retaliation, the Assad regime launched an assassination campaign, killing many politicians, including Hariri. France’s “Arab policy” was collapsing. By the fall of 2005, France’s national soil was transformed into a battlefield.

On October 27, 2005 , in Clichy-sous-Bois, an eastern suburb of Paris, “youth gangs” began torching cars and destroying property.
By November 8, , a state of emergency was declared. Ten thousand cars had been burned. Pussies helming Reuters called those who torched cars, assaulted the police, and behaved very inappropriately "demonstrators" and didn't call them "thugs", and god forbid, the dreaded no-no word "muslim". Perfect example of arselicking lickspittles of mussies . Very British, no?
Large urban zones around France’s cities had slipped away from national sovereignty. The radicals had built a “société parallèle,” concluded the average citizens. If the police couldn’t go into the suburbs, it was because they had become Taliban-like pockets. Wherever French police and social workers couldn’t go, jihadi cells would mushroom. The combination of areas ruled by Imams and migrant terror-networks was explosive. The British call it no-go areas in their isles.

In the fall of 2005, it did explode, right in the face of French citizenry. Finally France woke up to the threat of islam, muslim mass murderers in their midst, having rid the country of "hooked nose Jews" and their brains, entrepreunership, hard work, discipline which was a daily affront to the fun and frolic Parisienne who preferred the parasitic muslims who watched porn whole day and raped French women whole night, BUT who were not a "threat" to their stupidity. Demented, degenerate French, until they saw what their darling muslims were doing in Madrid, Bali, and elsewhere.

When I first read that Sarkozy was in the presidential lead I was rather elated. Finally, I thought. Nicolas Sarkozy,as minister of interior, took charge in what was the most sensitive aspect of the French collective psychology. After having organized the Islamic Federation of France in an attempt to whisk it away from the radicals. the year before, Sarkozy became the target of attacks by the Salafi clerics, many of whom were preaching Jihadism in the mosques. Sarkozy used French laws to deport a number of them who were non-citizens. In 2003, Sarkozy had organized a state backed Council for Islamic Faith to contain the rise of the Islamists. The November 2005 intifada was a response to the Sarkozy counter-Jihadi measures. In response the minister of interior pushed for the deportation of the radical clerics he accused of incitements. In his actions, Sarkozy did what Otto Shilly, then minister of the interior of Germany did right after 9/11.

The right wing had triumphed at the French elections when the average French woke up to the danger he was in. Sarkozy's win would be far reaching,
not only for France, but especially for Europe! Sarkozy is determined to bring France back to itself after decades of Gaullist erring, so he said. So I thought. Maybe I am not wrong. The guy's of Hungarian Jew stock. There's hope yet. Besides, there are no permanent friends in international relations. There are only permanent interests. Whatever, he's a damn sight better off than that slime in Britain called Gordan Brown and his equally despicable predecessor Tony Blair.
They should be tarred and feathered , cut and drawn and left to dehydrate for treason.

If Sarkozy today seems to be accommodative to muslims a part reason could be the collective consciousness of the French public today is primarily concerned with survival. Or Maybe he thinks himself to be a kind of Napolean Bonaparte. He was involved in the freeing of the Bulgarian nurses from Libya although the full-of-vile-hate anti-semitic MSM refused to publish the truth, it was the Israeli Mossad , among more than a dozen foreign security services that helped free five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor from life imprisonment in Libya in a long-disputed AIDS-transmission affair, Bulgaria's intelligence chief said on Monday.
Bulgaria had enough to its back teeth with muslims and islamism. Gen. Kirtcho Kirov told the 24-Tchassa daily that the Mossad "put us in contact with people in Libya and across the world who had the information and influence to create a favorable psychological environment to resolve the problem."Digest that, anti-semites.

I have given up on Western "leaders" willing to save civilisation, christianity, country, and people. It will be the common man/woman who have to rise to the occasion to fight to the death for their freedom, liberty and way of life. Enough resting your minds and indulging in talk. Time for action. Many know about islam and the muslim mind. So People Power to the fore. For starters, the most sinister is the Saudi Wahabbi mind.

Saudi Arabia exports its Wahhabist ideology around the world. In 2005, Prince Alaweed bin-Talal made $20 million grants to the US universities of Georgetown and Harvard to promote "Muslim-Christian understanding", yet there is no such tolerance of any other faith within Saudi Arabia. Which is an indictment on the whole of humanity for Saudi Arabia does not allow the prayers of other religions even in privacy. Saudi Arabia is a chaotically organized territory of rich nomadic tribal warloards. To call it a 'country' is a joke. And the Brits proudly installed an illiterate army brute and called him King. Crap!

Islam and Bedouin culture have been inseparable since the time of Muhammad. It is therefore impossible to determine which of the two was more responsible for the intellectual decline and fall of the Arab world. Raphael Patai explains it in terms of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis in his book “The Arab Mind”:

"“Arabic does not easily lend itself to verbal distinction between two different past time periods. Hence, for the Arab mind it is of relatively little concern whether two past actions, events or situations recalled were simultaneous or whether one of them preceded the other. It is almost as if the past were one huge undifferentiated entity, within which time distinctions are immaterial and hence not noticed and which, almost imperceptibly, merges into the present and continues into the future.”

If we are to understand Islamism we should better understand those who invented it, spread it, finance it and serve as its violent vanguard: the Arabs. For them the passage of time heals nothing and their sense of grievance against the infidel world is therefore incurable. Their desire to return to the ways of the distant past seems less bizarre when we realize that for Arabs there is no distant past. Bear this in mind the next time you hear an Islamist fulminating against the Frankish Crusaders or the loss of al-Andaluz."" Unquote.

What went wrong is that Arabs enjoyed for a time the fruits of the much more advanced cultures they had conquered without in any way being culturally transformed by intimate contact with them. Arabs refused to learn the indigenous languages of their subjects, took no interest in the cultural heritages or customs of those they conquered and ultimately destroyed the infidel institutions and cultures that had for a time elevated Arabs to a plane well above that of nomadic camel herders.
The magnificent Library of Alexandria and the Magnificent Nalanda University of India comes to mind.

And by "baksheeshing" European leaders to promote islamism in the EU the muslim hopes to have the "advance culture" they had and lost. Which they will later claim was theirs all along until the bad bad kafir stole it. Simple as that.

Yet, if China and Russia goes to war against them in the near future, it would be easy victory. The Japanese gave a demonstration of how to conquer hundreds of thousands with a handful of soldiers, including the then mighty British empire invincible forces. China and Russia will use two animals to defeat the muslims and deprive them of their heaven - dogs and pigs. Now stretch your imagination, fantasise and have fun.

Took time to write this out from office. So it appears rather neat.

Ta all, and have a splendid weekend.


Anonymous said...

I find P.I. a very informative platform of ideas, though it's contributors obviously have various constraints on them, time etc.
Now and again, there appears a particular viewpoint that is educative and global in it's reach, and novel, as it comes from outside the Anglosphere.
ea, you give me much food for thought, and so I think, to many others.
Taking your analysis of France and it's history of less than perfect governance, and coupling your views on Germany's possible new ascendancy, how can this be resolved within the growing folds of the E.U.?
As an individual I do what I can to float these kind of concepts with people I come in contact with, and though many many are aware of some of the issues, such as the growth of Islamic/Arab influence, the problems seem too big to tackle for the common man.
In an environment where to even blog about Islam and use certain terms such as "savages" to describe the growth of the "Islamic Kingdom" in UK/EU is likely to lead to arrest and interference with ones personal life, and even to lead to direct threats from Islamicysts, how can a campaign of resistance to Islamification proceed?
For direct action to work, it needs some mass support or the MSM can simply write it off as the work of demented racists.
To gain mass support means a battle of ideas and words, and the only platform for this is the web.
It seems that even Glenn Genvey, the blogger who trapped the "Hook" Hamza and forced the hands of the reluctant UK terrorist police to arrest him and got the Americans to ask for his extradition, has had his web-site closed on threat of arrest from the mi5.
Another blogger from UK who has ruffled feathers from within the "established" anti-jihad world, calling himself "lionheart" has eventually stopped blogging following his arrest and continued bail for supposedly stirring up racial hatred.
He has attracted mean-spirited words from both far-right groups for his support of Israel, and American bloggers who think he has fabricated his postings and is racist for daring to state that the only political entity in UK who speaks out it's resistance to Islamification, is the BNP. This because they have had, in the past, an anti-Jewish wing, although they seem now to have moved away from that position.
Even in France, Le Penn who is definitely anti Islam, is also tarred as anti-Jewish, though I don't know if that is the case.
What I am saying is, if the forces opposed to Islam are not united, how can they succeed?
It is the purpose of the Socialist wind-bags like Brown and Blair who use this tactic and change our laws to fence in the opposition. They use the media to create a climate of fear or self-protecting disinterest, by pumping smoke into the room.
The general public are torn between those that tell them the platitudes about "peaceful islam" and those that are painted as racist.
Just some thoughts following on from reading your comment.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.10 p.m.

Yeah, time constraints.

A quick note which i hope you read.

The West is in the throes of “perceptions”. Is the West a perishing society.? The view from here is a thundering YES. You kick your culture, spit on your traditions, despise your values. What do you in the West then have? You surrender to tyrants – from North Korea to going hat in hand to Saudi Arabia to Ahmedinijad. You have no Will. The last time America won a war was WWII. You have no Pride. You allowed yourself to be deceived. Britain is a tad worse than America. More dungheads live on those isles than in the Continent.

Out here it is known an entire govt to resign, fight over a 900 year old Hindu temple, watch our neighbour closely, smiling and bowing with much culture and politeness while we build our military arsenal and beef our Armed forces. Do you think any muslim would try and encroach the border separating Cambodia and Thailand now? They would be blasted by rockets immediately upon sight.

On GERMANY'S possible new ascendancy, how can this be resolved within the growing folds of the E.U.? you ask.

Former Soviet Dissident Mr Vladimir Bukovsky called the EU a "monster" that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a fullfledged totalitarian state."

All signs indicate that the German led European Union will be highly successful, rich and powerful enough to enforce their economic, political and religious views upon the rest of the world, insisting all receive their mark of approval or else.
"Corporatism is of course the basic building brick of all fascist systems," Rodney Atkinson notes in CORPORATISM - THE EUROPEAN DISEASE IS CATCHING.
Germany's “ Fourth Reich” is forming with partnerships around the globe. The German eagle looking both East and West as its talons are determined to clutch countries as prey and enslave all to their system. Germany is getting more powerful by the day with its economy full speed, its forays into Africa , Algiers (for oil) Latin America and its Corporate Blitzkrieg in America and Britain through sovereign wealth funds is too significant to ignore. Already other nations are benefiting from Germany’s booming economy although the country is still modestly dependent on the U.S. economy. But with the US already bankrupt , we all know that, the German-led EU will dominate the entire Western world.

Germany’s Angela Merkel told Bild on March 23, “We should not take peace and democracy for granted. The ideal of European unification is still today a question of war and peace.” Merkel bluntly highlighted one of the initial purposes for what is today the European Union: to bridle German militarism.
What Merkel envisions for Europe is far grander and more potent than the 60,000 multi-national Eurocorps currently on hand. Germany is bent on abolishing national armies and build one super European Army.

With the Vatican, Edmund Stoiber, prime minister of Bavaria, the richest state in Germany, and the financial crisis and food crisis, Germany will soon show its might and power. Didn’t Pope Benedict, on his very first visit to his birthplace Bavaria say that muslims living in Europe must be evangelized and become Christians to be eligible to live in Europe? Much weight behind those words.

The non muslim world comprising of powerful Germany, Russia, China have only to deny the 270 million muslims in the Middle East any food and you have the muslims dying like flies. America and Britain might go on bended knees to the Saudis who have blatantly lied about their oil resources – its way down below what has been fed to you – but there are other sources supplying the abovementioned countries. And they will help in the slaughter of their fellow muslims to feed their stomachs!