Monday, July 21, 2008

Promoting Islam to Appear in Subways Soon

WCBSTV.COM: Imam Linked To Bomb Plots Behind Controversial Ad Campaign

NEW YORK (CBS) ― After being linked to a plot to blow up city landmarks, a Brooklyn imam has a new target - subway ads explaining the true meaning of Islam.

Siraj Wahhaj, once a character witness for Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind sheikh now doing life for plotting to blow up the world trade center in 1993, was also linked by the feds to a plan to blow up city landmarks. Now he's behind a controversial subway ad campaign pushing Islam.

"Horrible, absolutely horrible," one New Yorker said of the campaign.

"I believe in freedom of religion, but anyone with terrorist ties – I'd be skeptical," said Court Williams, a Fairfield, Conn. resident who works in the city. Promoting Islam to Appear in Subways Soon: Imam Linked To Bomb Plots Behind Controversial Ad Campaign >>> By Marcia Kramer | July 21, 2008

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norm said...

I think there are ads for Islam on UK buses already.
"Islam R Us?"
No thanks, not today, not ever.

Anonymous said...

US and UK - supporters of islam and muslim mass murderers.


Anonymous said... many Muslims are there in the UK? Over a million. Right, how many of them, if you asked, would be willing to murder civilians? Have an open mind and allow yourself to believe it would be less than 1%. If you're so scared by these ads, don't follow them to the websites, it would be their loss after all! They ask the moderate muslims to voice themselves and speak out against violence, yet when they try, they are always somehow linked to terrorism! I wish it were easy to help someone grow a brain.

Anonymous said...

As a Muslim you are commanded by Allah, no less, to believe every word of the Prophet.
As a Muslim, do you deny the Quran's authenticity?
Do not try to pull the wool over the eyes of the unbelievers here.
They know the texts better than you do.
Ps, there are nearer 3-5 million Muslims in UK, no one knows because the Marxist Socialists of NU Labour have left the doors wide open for years, and you can get forged documents easily.
Because of this, we, once a free and proud People, are now subject to Government spying like never before.
Sharia never, not ever. No way.
The silent majority of Muslims do not kill, it is true, but they look the other way, and when the time is right, they will riot and mclaim religious protection, to cause the kuffars to kneel to their demands.
Look at Europe now, leaning over to let you get your way.
For now that is.
It will not always be so.
How many o9f the millions of British living Muslims took to the streets and protested about the killings of thewir brothers, that they committed in London more recently and New york before that.
How many?
Sweet F. A.
Don't try to kid us with your taquiya, buddy.