Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top 500 World Universities for 2007

The ChiComm think tank known as the Institute of Higher Education in Shanghai has released their findings for the top 500 universities in the world as of 2007 (source).

Here are the top ten--except for #4 and #10, all are in the United States:

1. Harvard
2. Stanford
3. UC Berkeley
4. Cambridge (UK)
5. MIT
6. Caltech
7. Columbia
8. Princeton
9. Univ. of Chicago
10. Univ. of Oxford (UK)

The Anglosphere continues to dominate higher education beyond the top ten. Here are the numbers each of the respective countries have on the Top 500 list.

USA: 165
UK: 41
Canada: 22
Australia: 17
New Zealand: 5

The rest of the infidels aren't faring so badly either, especially considering the small size of some of the countries below.

Europe (excluding UK): 166
Japan: 33
South Korea: 8
Israel: 7
Taiwan: 6
Singapore: 2

How about universities in Muslim nations? How well do they rank, claims that 'the Quran encompasses all knowledge' or 'Islam is the perfect religion' notwithstanding? This is how many top universities each of the following Muslim countries has:

Turkey: 1
Egypt: 1
Pakistan: 0
Saudi Arabia: 0
Iran: 0
Bangladesh: 0
Malaysia: 0
Indonesia: 0

For a bit of perspective on the above, consider that a typical US state (Oregon, population 3.4 million) has more academic excellence--three schools on the top 500 list--than the entire Islamic world (which is over a billion).

This is not much change from when I posted on the 2006 rankings. The jihadists did manage to precisely double the number of Islamic universities from the 2006 list, with the addition of the Univ. of Istanbul at #473. The one other Islamic school remains Cairo Univ. at #407.

The rankings prove that overall, Muslims continue to suck at higher education. This is one of the reasons why the richer and more politically active Mohammedans (with a boost from their ideological allies on the political left) are working so hard to subvert Western schools.

I wrote this before last year, but it's well worth repeating. Islam--'moderate' or otherwise--annihilates free, critical, and rational thought that is at the heart of education. Islam is in fact the very antithesis of progress.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but then again, if islamic regimes provided good education (assuming they are capable of that in the first place) for their zombiefied ummah, they might wake up and get smart enough to realize what a crock their religion of peace is.

Anonymous said...

What is there for a Muslim to learn?
They think they know it all.
After all, if it isn't in the "Mo's little green book of jihad," it isn't worth learning.


The top 10 prestigious universities have one "slight" problem. Almost all are being taught by liberal left-wingers who are not too sympathetic with thoughts that do not reflect their values.

Even a brilliant student would have a problem making priority and value decisions unless they hear about both sides of the coin.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I am a muslim, and i know that we're now messed up, but that doesn't give the right to insult us, if it wasn't for us, europenas would've not had the "renaissance". 1000 years ago, we were building universities while europeans lived in cave, as a proof, the odest university in the world is Al Azhar university in Egypt, if you don't believe me , then check

The Anti-Jihadist said...

I have every right to denigrate the sorry condition of all things Islamic. In case you haven't heard, it's called 'freedom of speech'. But as you're unfortunately a Muslim, I don't expect you to be educated about such infidel ideas.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by our lil' site. Have a nice day.

Anti Jihadist

Anonymous said...

I think you all should be open minded, not just look through a closed window. You (for some odd reasons)feel Islam is "uncapable" ,a "crock", and consists of other lesser qualities. this is not true. Keep in mind that i am no muslim and I do not favor any particular side.

But people like you just love nitpicking the negatives of other people and their beliefs for the pure satisfaction of it. what benefit is it making if you harm other people's religion like this?
what benefit do you achieve of not looking at this religion carefully, with open hearts, trying to understand, instead of rejecting and patronizing them?
Does it matter at the end of the day if you were open minded and considered others (even if you didnt believe in what they do, but instaed coming to a mutual understanding to agree to disagree), or would you prefer being so hateful?
Think about it.
theres more to life than just acting like bullies, and a bunch of spiteful first graders.
open yourselves up.

Anonymous said...

İ cant believe my eyes!!!! what you have written about İslamic world Do you forget islamic scientist in 1000-1500 years European didnt know anything about medicine,chemistry, astronomy and literature. But we didnt insult you İn fact we helped. But what are you doing now.

Anonymous said...

This is not an insult to Muslims, or prais to Christianity. The advance of the civilization is only partially relevant with the religion. The world doesn't revolve around religions. Most of the scientists who are advancing the rankings of these universities are atheists anyway. ;)


Anonymous said...

Well! every religion followers have good and bad people in it, and What i think; is your lens that you wear to see the world! You see from black lens everything is black, you see from white everything is white: it is your narrow approch to see them all!, No religion tells a man to harm other, or other religion. Infact you are! its time to open your mind, history is a prove of Muslims scientist acheivement, if you still are having problem with religion Islam, Then mention it, may be someone will resolve it! HAve a nice daY!