Monday, July 28, 2008

Wanna bet? I say: Switzerland will apologize...

We have very strong laws on racism over here. For example, you can get sued for saying in public that Muslims are terrorists (even though we all know that Muslims are not a race).

As it looks to me - and I am going to bet on it - Mr. Gaddafi junior and his pregnant wife will get away with having physically injured their staff. Charges will soon be dropped and the Swiss government will apologize to Libya. Mrs. Calmy-Rey, our foreign minister, will no doubt volunteer to put on her burqa again and have tea with Mr. Gaddafi's son, the same way she did with Ahmadinejad a few months ago.

I am asking myself now (being a Swiss citizen) if I can also go and beat up my Muslim maid (if I had one, of course) and get away with it. What do you think?

Injured pride could explain Libyan actions


Swiss attempt to defuse tension with Libya Middle East expert Reinhard Schulze says Libya's actions towards Switzerland are a measure of the Gaddafi family's importance and of national pride.

The professor of Islamic studies at Bern University believes the political crisis between Switzerland and Libya – triggered by the arrest in Geneva on July 15 of a son of Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi - is likely to continue for some weeks.

The Swiss foreign ministry has expressed concern about the detention of two Swiss nationals in Libya. Tripoli also ordered the closure of Swiss companies in Libya and ceased issuing travel visas for Swiss citizens.

There are about 40 Swiss expatriates – most of them have dual nationality - in Libya.

Tripoli wants an official apology for the arrest of Hannibal Gaddafi and his wife. They were charged by a Geneva magistrate with inflicting physical injuries against two of their staff.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps the answer would be a quiet word in Gadhaffi's ear;
"Sort it out or you and your cronies Swiss Bank accounts will frozen."

European Kafir said...

Not likely to happen... she would rather offer him to double the amount.

Anonymous said...

when you dance with the devil..
that son of ghaddafi, he gives you the creeps, no?
what did he change his name to? sword of islam ?
reminds me of uday, son of saddam.
all italian suits and clean shaven.

European Kafir said...

I find Hannibal suits him very well.... thinking of Hannibal Lecter....