Thursday, August 14, 2008

All Aboard the Bush Train!

Do you think Bush has noticed? Train or trainwreck? As predicted by me and many others, Bush's Kosovo recognition has consequences. The US bombed Serbia to separate Kosovo from Serbia (thanks Clinton!). Then the US and EU unilaterally recognized a new country Kosovo, ripping Serbia's sovereignty away. They insisted that Kosovo has a separate Muslim identity and could never reconcile with the Serbs, so it must be separated. Putin warned then a precedent has been set. The world was on notice. It is legit for any section of a country that has a majority that don't agree with the majority of the whole have a right to separation. To create another country with its own sovereignty and in Ossettia's case, to merge with Russia as Russian citizens. But Bush and Clueless Condi don't see it that way. Of course not. Bush doesn't see a lot of things. He thinks the Mexican invasion is good for America. He thinks that Islam is a religion of peace, 'one of the great Abrahamic faiths.' He thinks the loss of white majority in America is a good thing. He thinks that the government can have its cake and eat it too. He believes billions in aid to Muslims countries 'wins hearts and minds.' It doesn't matter what reality in your face is telling you. Sadly, the same blindness and naivety engulfs the overwhelming majority of politicians and our presidential candidates. America's best days are behind her. Only a clearing of the decks in our policy decisions on Islam, culture, immigration, taxes and government spending will save us. It's way too late for Bush. I will stand. I will fight. The world and the US are surely entering a much more distressing period and deperately need politicians who will truly put America and Western civilization first. We shouldn't give a damn about Muslim countries. We don't need to win any hearts and minds. Screw them. America should become more isolated, and focus on securing our borders and working on revitalizing our great civilization.


dano said...

Another mistake. Seems the US is bending over backwards for muslims!

donplaypuks® said...

Who cares?

Bush will be history come November.

And whether it is Obama, McCain or Osama, it will still be biz as usual.

The Yankees will have to reckon with recession, inflation and more mega finalcial frauds. But the biggest challenge will come from the Twin Juggernauts of China & India whom they have undersestimated for the last 20 years and now they are grovelling up to them.
refer my posting 'Beijing Olympics Rocked bt Scandal One.'

Anonymous said...

The world has just seen how the Russian invasion of Georgia announced that the balance of power had already shifted, exposing the impotence and powerlessness of the US. .Moscow did not have to concern itself with the potential response of the US or Europe. It was up to the Russians when to make this public. They did that Aug. 8, 2008.

The people of the world also saw that Bush and Putin had "animated" talks in Beijing when russian military attacked Georgia. Consider Australia's prime minister Kevin Rudd : “Mr Rudd revealed in an interview with ""Beijing Now"" in Beijing , on Saturday, that he was sitting just two rows behind Mr Bush when an "animated" discussion between he and Mr Putin broke out over Russia's advance into South Ossetia, a breakaway region in neighbouring Georgia.
Putin’s greatest anger towards Bush, these reports continue, was his foreknowledge that the invasion of South Ossetia by Western led forces was a subterfuge manoeuver designed in an attempt to cover the Americans true objective, a limited nuclear strike upon Iran’s nuclear facilities, and of which the US War Leader had already given the order to strike.

Putin’s rapid response to these machinations, however, led to his swiftly contacting the top leadership of the US Military Command whereupon they swiftly ‘crushed’ Bush's war plans and removed from the American Nuclear Weapons Chain of Command the US Naval Officer . Cmdr. Shawn Bentley was relieved of duty Monday by the Navy for loss of confidence in his ability to command, only three months after taking the job. It was he who conspired with Bush to plunge the World into Total War.

The people of the world also learned how treacherous the US really is. The Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the Rose Revolution in Georgia that saw a triumph for western type "democracy" and influence, the real aim being to encircle Russia and bring to its knees. The Orange Revolution was a CIA-funded intrusion into the internal affairs of Ukraine, designed to draw Ukraine into NATO and add to the encirclement of Russia. U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton had PROMISED the Russians that NATO WOULD NOT EXPAND INTO THE FORMER USSR EMPIRE.

But the US has a proven track record of betrayals. Remember the Kurds who were slaughtered by Saddam Hussein while waiting for the PROMISED
air power and weapons by Bush Snr? They were mowed down. Remember the Serbs who fought alongside America in WWI and WWII ? They were loyal to America in the war against Hitler. They were betrayed when they were victims of the carefully planned genocide by Clinton, Nato and Germany. Same for the Philippines in WWII. So any promise from the US is nothing more than future TREACHERY. And it was proven in 1998 by NATO’s expansion to Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic — and again in the 2004 expansion, which absorbed not only the rest of the former Soviet satellites in what is now Central Europe, but also the three Baltic states, which had been components of the USSR. The Russians had tolerated all that, but the discussion of including Ukraine in Nato represented a fundamental threat to Russia’s national security. It would have rendered Russia indefensible and threatened to destabilize the Russian Federation itself. Like China, Russia is fiercely protective of its people, its sovereignity. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, quoted by Interfax, said Russians had died because of Georgian military operations in South Ossetia. Russia "will not allow the deaths of our compatriots to go unpunished," and "those guilty will receive due punishment," he said. "My duty as Russian president is to safeguard the lives and dignity of Russian citizens, wherever they are. This is what is behind the logic of the steps we are undertaking now."
Hell, that country was an Empire . No way was Russia going to allow encirclement, break-up and strangulation. Its been there longer than the US, has a history as long as Europe. . Russia has been an empire for centuries. The last 15 years or so were not the new reality, but simply an aberration that would be rectified. And now it is being rectified. Any arguments here?

America sealed its fate when along with Europe reneged on the principle since WWII: to prevent conflict, national borders would not be changed. That ended with the separation of muslim Kosovo from Serbia. Russia publicly and privately asked that Kosovo not be given formal independence, but instead continue its informal autonomy, which was the same thing in practical terms. Russia’s requests were ignored.

America 's intelligence and think tanks were looking from the prism of 1990s when the USSR collapsed, a sick Yeltsin (had it been Putin in charge no way would Yugoslavia be balkanised) . Vladimir Putin, ex KGB head, could see the geopolitical disaster facing Russia. During the Cold War, St. Petersburg was about 1,200 miles away from a Nato country. Today it is about 60 miles away from Estonia, a Nato member. The disintegration of the Soviet Union had left Russia surrounded by a group of countries hostile to Russian interests in various degrees and heavily influenced by the United States, Europe and, in some cases, China.
Russian FSB forces captured one of Georgia’s top intelligence officials, who described in depth to American plan to begin a terror campaign against the Russian Homeland. Among those dead were 3 American soldiers,. Reports state they were identified by their uniform patches as belonging to the United States 173 Airborne Brigade assigned to the US’ Southern European Command, and who just a few weeks ago were airlifted to Georgia .
4 dead Israeli soldiers, these reports continue, are believed to part of the Israeli governments sponsored mercenary forces . Now Israel awaits the revenge that will visit the tiny nation from Moscow.

By invading Georgia (competently if not brilliantly), Putin re-established the credibility of the Russian army. But far more importantly, by doing this Putin revealed an open secret: While the US is tied down in the Mid- East and Afghanistan, AMERICAN GUARANTEES HAVE NO VALUE. Instead, Russia showed that it is
again Savior of Peace and Life when it became known that the Georgian troops conducted volley-fire cleansings of several South Ossetian settlements, where people’s houses were simply levelled.
“The number of victims with women, children and elderly people among them, can be counted in hundreds and even thousands,” a source from South Ossetian government in the capital of Tskhinvali said. Interfax reports:

"Civilians, including women, children and elderly people, are dying in South Ossetia. In addition to that, Georgia conducts ethnic scouring in South Ossetian villages. The situation in South Ossetia continues to worsen every hour. Georgia uses military hardware and heavy arms against people. They shell residential quarters of Tskhinvali [the capital] and other settlements. They bomb the humanitarian convoys. The number of refugees continues to rise – the people try to save their lives, the lives of their children and relatives. A humanitarian catastrophe is gathering pace,” Russia’s Foreign Minister said
Saakashvili’s troops were burning South Ossetian refugees alive , many of them women and children.
Yet, the mentally unstable Saakashvili dared say : “It’s not about Georgia any more,” . “It’s about America, its values: we are a freedom-loving nation that is right now under attack. Did the US give him the order to burn Civilians alive? Is that what he learned in America? Whichever way one looks, America takes BLAME.
Their man murdered 2000 of his own people.

It is obvious Sakashvilli had not studied history, for he would have known that guarantees mean nothing for small nations of little consequence. Poland’s integrity was guaranteed by both Britain and France and for it they started WW2. Nevertheless Poland suffered massive casualties, loss of independence, occupation for fifty years and got nothing but grief and casualties despite promises and incitement. So the fool will be given asylum by America and that's where he belongs.

From the Russian point of view, the Ukrainians, the Balts and the Central Asians need to digest this FACT. It is a lesson Putin wants to transmit to Poland and the Czech Republic as well. The US wants to place ballistic missile defense installations in those countries, and the Russians want them to understand that allowing this to happen increases their risk, not their security.
Another point Putin drives home is that for America the Mid-East is far more important than the Caucasus. Americans FEAR the sale of the highly effective S-300 air defense system to Iran by Russia.. The Russians are in a position to pose serious problems for the US not only in Iran, but also with weapons sales to other countries, like Syria. Moscow’s trampling of Georgia will also serve as an object lesson for Russia’s own secessionist provinces such as Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushettia not to risk defying Russian armed might.

Putin has backed the Americans to a corner. Putin's message to America is : this is our backyard. Stay away. We know your game.

The US State Department published its annual report at the end of the last week. The report, titled “Supporting Human Rights and Democracy: The US record 2006” triggered an outburst of emotions in Russia. Quite a number of statements on the matter have been released from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, State Duma committees, United Russia party and state officials. The criticism can be summarized as follows: the US administration practices the policy of double standards towards Russia and deliberately interferes into Russian home affairs on the threshold of presidential elections. In other words, Russian politicians believe that the USA is threatening the development of democracy in Russia aThe above-mentioned document is a report about the actions taken by the US administration (financial efforts inclusive) to strengthen democratic institutes and protect human rights and freedoms in a variety of countries of the world. As far as Russia is concerned, the document says that the USA renders Russia educational assistance to hold free and honest parliamentary (in 2007) and presidential (in 2008) elections. Furthermore, the document states that the USA is concerned with the erosion of the Russian civil community. According to the US State Department, the USA has been rendering technical and financial assistance to support civil community groups and non-governmental organizations, etc to support their active participation in social life.

The report basically states that the power in Russia is concentrated in the hands of executive authorities only, which manipulate the legislative agencies and show pressure on the legal system and opposition political parties. Furthermore, the US State Department accused the Russian security forces of creating considerable problems in the field of human rights. US officials believe that the Russian government is involved in political kidnappings and killings in the Republic of Chechnya and other territories of the Northern Caucasus.

Needless to say that such a point of view could not but worry the Russian administration. An official spokesman for the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Mikhail Kamynin, stated that the chapter of the document about the situation with human rights in Russia was “biased, politicized and confrontational.” In addition, State Duma speaker Boris Gryzlov said that the lower house of the Russian parliament was going to consider a draft statement in connection with the report from the US State Department.

The Russian deputies were infuriated with the fact that the USA virtually acknowledged the fact that it funded specific events connected with the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. It is worthy of note that Russian President Putin stands strongly against it.

The report generally testifies to USA’s intention to participate in the Russian election process, which means that the United States is determined to interfere in Russia’s internal affairs. ******
Source: Politcom

And there is nothing for America or Europe to go hysterical. Russia is doing to Europe what Europe did to Russia in the Yugoslav Wars. Russia controls Energy which Europe is dependent on.
Europe is not even factored here. For the most part Europe lack expeditionary militaries and are dependent upon Russian energy exports, have even fewer options. Russia has demonstrated it is a Regional Power with LOTS OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS + A THRIVING ECONOMY. The war with Georgia confirmed Russia's return to great power status. Militarily they wanted to demonstrate that, and they have succeeded.
They also demonstrated that Russia defeated US, not Georgian army in South Ossetia . They also showed the world that Georgia was used as a toy by the US.
Russia is most fortunate to have a fiercely nationalistic, patriotic Putin in charge who has shown the world his mastery checkmated the West. Also he showed the world the invasion of Georgia was short, sharp but deadly. Russia has a Leader. Where is the Leader in America, Britain or Europe?

Poor American educated Saakashvili with an American wife is asked to resign and thereafter Moscow will strive for his persecution at the special International Tribunal for South Ossetia. Stooge was used by the US to taunt and bait the Russian bear. Instead he fell into the trap laid by the US. War between Russia and Georgia was orchestrated from USA. The people of the world also saw how this mentally unstable, blundering and stupid oaf accepted US order that he take control of the breakaway provinces before Russia woke up. He calculated that since he had gone along with the Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline via Georgia which America built to bypass Russia from the Caspian energy resources of Azerbaijan, it was time to strike. he was floating in the same cloud of delusions of grandeur that seemed to envelop both Clinton and Bush Jr. They wanted a new empire for America, the sole hegemon. Clinton broke his agreement with Russia and expanded NATO to Russia’s near abroad, former satellites to contain and encircle Russia, collapsing economically and militarily. Bush Jr. became even more provocative after 9-11 and engineered a rose revolution in Georgia, an orange revolution in Ukraine, military bases in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
When it overthrew the government of Kyrghyzstan in the Tulip revolution, the Uzbek president Karimov wised up and threw America out of his country and invited the Russians back in. The new Ukrainian government fell apart and the new Kyrghyz president raised the rent for the US airbase by an exorbitant amount and gave a nearby airbase to the Russians. The absurd pretense of installing radars and ABMs in Poland and the Czech Republic to deter non-existent Iranian missiles is another lie by Bush to neutralise Russian missiles and be in a position for a pre-emptive strike against Russia. How so very stupid.

Europe and Nato would do very well to mind its own business, specially after lying about its expansion eastwards. Moscow is not afraid of Nato and has the capacity to neutralise any military situation to its advantage.

The Anglo-American MSM meanwhile indulges in unadulterated bilge by their lickspittle schmucks akin to rats, fleas and vermin which like themselves, scavenge like the vile parasites they have become in disinformation, misinformation written from the angle of pure unadulterated envy and hatred of Russia.

The people of the world also see America and Britain, grovelling, snivelling arch dhimmis to muslims, destroy their native people, country with TREACHERY. A dirge and a requiem for both these countries is in order. The Elites of both countries would have already done what Bush family did: buy land in Paraguay and FLEE while the natives are turned into slaves. And the American people allowed all that's happening with their full cooperation. Too bad, it takes courage to fight to maintain one's freedom. Americans preferred to give it away thus they yoked themselves with Patriot Acts I & II, Homeland Security, Sustainable Development and Sustainable Medicine among others, not to mention that Islamist terrorists are in the Sensitive Departments of both countries. Don't forget, the Balkans war was deliberately started as a cover for training islamic militants to attack Russia and cut off its access to a trillion dollar caspian oil reserve. Source: The Wall Street Journal , 2001 . So ordinary Americans reap what they ALLOWED their leaders to sow. You were given a Republic, but you were tried, tested and found to be wanting. Is it too late? That's for Americans to find out.

View from the Far East.


Anonymous said...

Get Ready for War!

Kuwait has activated its “Emergency War Plan” after being notified that 2 additional United States Navy Aircraft Carrier Groups are headed to the Gulf and Red Sea.

The Arabic news agency Moheet reported that “an unnamed American destroyer, accompanied by two Israeli naval vessels, traveled through the Suez Canal from the Mediterranean to join a US nuclear submarine accompanied by a destroyer and a supply ship that have also moved into the Mediterranean.”

The Jerusalem Post also reports that “there are two US naval battle groups operating in the Gulf: one is an aircraft carrier group, led by the USS Abraham Lincoln, which carries some 65 fighter aircraft. The other group is headed by the USS Peleliu which maintains a variety of planes and strike helicopters.”

Russian Military Analysts report that with the addition of these new US Naval Battle Groups the American Forces now have arrayed against the Iranian Nation one of the largest naval armadas assembled by the West since World War II.

What remains unknown at this time is how far the US, and the West, is prepared to push our World towards Total War in its game of brinkmanship in the Mid-East.

What is known, however, is that should the Americans push our World into the abyss of war, both Russia and China will retaliate as they are both determined not to ever again allow the Western Nations to have control over the World’s supply of oil.

From Intelligence Sources.


Anonymous said...

The world and the US are surely entering a much more distressing period and deperately need politicians who will truly put America and Western civilization first

Ron Paul is best for every color and creed but it appears America is unworthy of such a leader who would actually uphold the Constitution. Ron Paul would demand and enact change for the better based upon the Constitution - not blather about or impose Socialist fantasies that contradict and undermine it.
But the Nevada Republican Party appointed delegates to the national convention over the telephone to prevent the Ron Paul people from winning. Despite Dr. Paul getting more votes in the Nevada primary than McCain. The Deadly Leftist Media with their lickspittle presswhores did their treacherous part with lies and spin.

The poor American people are being betrayed as media spin lead them to their doom. From here we analyse that both John McCain and Barack Obama are more than happy to prostitute themselves, with anybody. 'Tis the age of money, money, money.
McCain and Obama, along with many others in Washington do not believe in putting America first. They are globalists through and through. Pat Buchanan was right when he said that the two major parties are merely "two wings of the same bird of prey." Just as George W. Bush has no intention of securing America's borders, neither does John McCain nor Barack Obama. Both of these presidential candidates will continue the policies of their predecessor and leave the US wide open to the threat of potential terrorists, drug dealers, violent gang members, and felonious criminals. Radical Islamists are already well entrenched in every important and sensitive department of the US. And Wahabbism is spreading like cancer into American society with impunity, permitted by those in

Ron Paul put it, "The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people." Read that again, please.

Such a man is the last thing the corrupted, the cheaters, the liars, want in high office. So he is blacked out, and Americans are turned into docile, slaves to work for their benefit. The greatest threat to America does not come from Russia, Iraq, Iran, or any other foreign country. America's greatest threat comes from a complacent populace who would sit back and do nothing while the nation's civil magistrates/Supreme Court surrender the nation's sovereignty and independence to international interests. Didn't Cicero say that the traitor within is more dangerous than the enemy at the gates?


Anonymous said...

ea, you last comment and the words of Ron Paul say it all.
"Ron Paul put it, "The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people." Read that again, please."
American faith in the globalist agenda will undo all the Freedoms it's founders, and it's heroes have built.
USA should stop dealing with Russia as a cold war enemy, and allow time for Eastern Europe to adjust to decades of tumult.