Friday, August 08, 2008

Camp of The Saints - Italian Style

Every year, hundreds of thousands of illegal alien invaders make the journey across the Mediterranean and invade Europe. Because Europe refuses to defend its borders (like the US), an invasion that is transforming Europe continues. Camp of the Saints becomes more reality than scandalous politically incorrect fiction.

Migrants rescued off Italy coast

Some 12,000 people have arrived in Lampedusa since January
Italian vessels have rescued at least 250 would-be migrants from boats and vessels off the coast of Italy.

The navy rescued at least 175 people, believed to be from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia from three vessels, 190km (120 miles) south of Lampedusa island.

A further 72 people - including seven women and a child - were rescued from a rubber dinghy by the coastguard.

Local politicians say Lampedusa is facing a crisis with 12,000 would-be migrants brought ashore since January.

Dangerous journey

The Italian navy agreed to rescue those onboard the three vessels after they ran out of fuel and water in Libyan territorial waters.

The UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, had appealed to Malta, Libya and Italy to rescue the stranded vessels.

A UNHCR spokesman told Reuters news agency he believed some 25 women and six children were among those on board.

Those rescued from the dinghy 80km south of Lampedusa included seven women and a child, Italian media report.

Thousands of Africans risk their lives to make the perilous journey each year, many leaving in makeshift vessels from Libya hoping to gain entry to Europe via Italy or Malta.

Last year, according to rights watchdog the Council of Europe, some 51,000 migrants arrived by boat in Italy, Spain, Greece and Malta, many of them asylum seekers and refugees who lack legal avenues to enter Europe.

Emergency services in Italy have warned that crowded holding centres in the country are on the verge of collapse, worsening a state of emergency declared by the Italian government over immigrants.


Anonymous said...

>>>>>>Because Europe refuses to defend its borders (like the US),>>>>

WRONG! It is CORPORATE America that controls Congress that REFUSES to control the porous borders thus with the blessings of Bush and the Dept. of Homeland Security 20 million illegal Hispanics and any number of muslim vermin from all parts of the islamic shitholes embed themselves in the US. The US is being turned into a Gaza strip and a Third World Country with the native Americans being brutalised, relentlessly punished through the multi culti BS with these invasions.
The average American is under SIEGE, within and without. You need to update P.I.

Europe is reaping what we Buddhists call Karma. Rid the Continent of Jews and welcome the riff raffs . That's the reward of colonisation also. That's also the reaping of unfair, inhuman policies imposed on all those countries mentioned. Feed them guys. Work your butt a bit harder. And get ready for car burning, your women raped, you trashed, on a daily basis. Enjoy.

>>>>>The UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, had appealed to Malta, Libya and Italy to rescue the stranded vessels. >>>>>

Of course the UN would be the first to jump on the wagon of pilfering. It's a blessing to them -gee wheeeez, another gravy train . To feed nincompoops who would take $8 and spend $2 grudgingly on those "refugees". Reading where aid money meant for rebuilding the shattered lives of ordinary Afghans in the ongoing war is enough to put any decent person off food . The so-called goody goody sods llive the high life and speed around safe areas while the soldier battles and the ordinary Afghan sells his/her child because she cant feed the mite.


Anonymous said...

To P.I.

Life On The Border takes us to the border and tells the stories of the hard-working American landowners who live in a zone of danger and destruction.

While Washington D.C. seems unwilling to do anything about illegal immigration, these folks on the border need help immediately.

For Americans who live on the border, daily life includes being confronted with as many as 1,000 illegals walking through their land -- sometimes loitering, sleeping, eating, vandalizing and littering on their land. Water pipes are broken, piles of trash get dumped, livestock is injured, freed through broken fences, or even killed. Brush fires started by illegals are commonplace as the illegals coming through the land leave a trail of destruction.

Their stories are shocking to read. Amazingly, these American citizens are largely defenseless because law-enforcement is often unwilling to intercede. In a few cases, landowners have been charged with crimes after trying to defend their families and land.

In other areas of the border, it is so dangerous that border patrol agents don't dare go.

Noted author and columnist Victor Davis Hanson has been dealing with the illegal immigration issue for years. In his book Mexifornia: A State of Becoming, Hanson locates the cause of our immigration quagmire in the opportunistic coalition of conservative corporations, contractors and agribusiness and liberal academics, journalists and bureaucrats that stymies immigration reform and, even worse, stifles any honest discussion of the present crisis.

Source: Townhall


Thorum said...

Sad to see the same type of illegal invasion as we have here in the USA. Yes, Europe is not defending it's borders. In fact, quite the opposite, it is welcoming the invasion with mass immigration, political correctness and multi-culturalism. Is there any way to prevent this?

Anonymous said...

When the thousands become an invasion of hundreds of thousands, far more than the coast-guards and Immigration can handle, who will have the will to repel them?

Anonymous said...

"The Camp of the Saints" is the title of a very interesting book, a novel written by the french writer Jean Raspail in the early 70's in French:" Le Camp des Saints".
I don't know if this book is translated in english and well know, but I think it is really a prophetical book, isn't it?
An european nightmare.

John Sobieski said...

Camp of the Saints is available in English and available through the ILL (interlibrary loan system) from any public library that is part of the ILL system (which almost all are.) That's how I got it to read.