Thursday, August 21, 2008

Does Lebanon's sad fate portend Malaysia's future?

Malaysia in 2008 has many of the trappings of a successful state. Superhighways, reams of soaring skyscrapers, with the dazzling twin Petronas Towers at the center of Kuala Lumpur, usually never fail to impress tourists or visiting foreign dignitaries. These visible signs of progress show Malaysia as a genuine economic success story, but how did this economic success come about?

The truth about this success is not permitted to be published in Malaysia's Muslim slash government controlled press. In actuality, Malaysia's economic growth has little to do with its majority Muslim population, and everything to do with its large, dynamic and entrepreneurial non-Muslim population.

It is this same population that is increasingly marginalized by long-standing government policies that favor Muslims. It is this same group of people that, year after year, increasingly opts out of Malaysia for foreign shores where better opportunities and more enlightened laws beckon. Even the Kufr of Malaysia, who choose to stay in the only homeland they have ever known, raise smaller families of typically one or two children. On the other hand, the Malays, as Muslims often do, are continuing to outbreed their non-believer neighbors, with Malay families often having four, five, or even more children.

The long-term demographic trends are irrefutable. Malays (who are, by legal definition, Muslims) will increasingly become more dominant as the years pass--from their current bare majority (50-60%) to higher and ever higher levels. The future Malaysia will see Muslim political and by extension economic power become more secure and essentially unassailable. So, what then? What does the future hold for Malaysia?

The past history of the Middle East and of Islam offers a clue. Malaysia's success corresponds to some extent to the early phases of Islamization in the Middle East. The so-called "Golden Age of Islam" was in reality the twilight of the pre-Islamic cultures. The scientific achievements during this period are exaggerated, and those that did take place happened overwhelmingly during the early phases of Islamic rule when there were still large non-Muslim populations. When the non- Muslim communities in the region eventually declined due to Muslim harassment (as is now happening in Malaysia), the Middle East, home to some of the oldest civilizations on earth, slowly declined into backwardness from which it has never recovered.

Take the sad example of Lebanon, which was at one time a reasonably successful and civilized country. However, due to higher Muslim birth rates and the departure of non-Muslims from the nation, Lebanon's slim non-Muslim (Christian) majority disappeared. The result was a country that rapidly declined into Jihad, Islamic-inspired terror, and Sharia barbarism.

Malaysia could well be in for the same fate, as Muslims become more confident, numerous, and aggressive. Even if Malaysia's newly energized political opposition topples the ruling party (both ruling party and opposition are led by Muslims), one cannot reasonably expect any change in the situation. Islam will continue to be at or near the center of Malaysia's national life. Harassment and denial of basic rights to women, apostates, gays, and non-Muslims will continue. Shariah will continue to hold sway and increase its power over civil law and courts. The exodus of non-Muslims will continue. T
he percentage of Muslims in Malaysia's population--due to births and conversions (forced or otherwise)--will continue to grow.

Only minimizing or removing Islam from this picture offers the country any real hope. But these are the options that are precisely off the table, and are not up for discussion of any kind. Without radical change, Malaysia's future appears unavoidable, and bleak.


dano said...

I hate to say it but you are dead right!

donplaypuks® said...

Beirut used to be the 'London' of the Middle East in the 60's. Today it is liberal Dubai.

So, why are our politicians and, it would seems quite a number of our top Judges as well, pushing the Syarih agenda?

The closed Education system is the main culprit. We must reverse it or PERISH!!

Anonymous said...

aj, you are very accurate in your assessment of the process of decline brought about in these circumstances.
"..the Middle East, home to some of the oldest civilizations on earth, slowly declined into backwardness from which it has never recovered."
Yes, and only the foreign labour and intelligence produced architecture acts as a link to the modern world.
The barbaric heart of the beast lies in it's cave, eating the remains of it's progeny.

Anonymous said...

In 10 years, I hope Malaysia will always be a center of Asia for business, financial, tourism and place to live peacefully ever after. Of course Islam is that time... who knows maybe it will. PEACE

Anonymous said...

In 10 years, I hope Malaysia will be a center of Asia where Business, Servicing, Financial, Tourism and a place to live peacefully ever after. Of course without Islam in it. Who knows it could . PEACE .

Anonymous said...

You are so right. Please send this message to the malaysian govt.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have taken the part of Fjordman's essay that touches on Malaysia and elaborated slightly on his points.

It is this same group of people that, year after year, increasingly opts out of Malaysia for foreign shores where better opportunities and more enlightened laws beckon.

Isn't it obvious that moving to the West does not mean they can permanently leave the trouble behind? Western nations with their open-door and dogmatically non-discriminatory mass-immigration policies, while offering sanctuaries to infidels on the one hand, are also letting their Mohammedan oppressors in on the other. Furthermore, all Western nations are saddled with the problem of low native birth rate. So, migrating to the West will only buy time on the order of two to three generations and delay the inevitable. Their descendants will have to fight the Mohammedans on Western soil and, in any global conflict between remnants of the West and Pan Islamia, maybe even their own blood relatives left behind in Pan Islamia and turned into conscripts ala the Janissaries.

Should the ethnic Chinese sought the protection of their ruthless kinsmen by "balik Cina," which the Malay-Muslim rabble never fail to taunt them with at every opportunity? Well, for a start, they will need to accept the fact that the mean streak of the Mainlanders is a double-edged sword. The ruthlessness with which the Mainlanders now crush the uppity Mohammedan minority in their midst is the same ruthlessness with which they crush all political dissent (such as the Tiananmen rebellion by the Han majority back in 1989), and the same ruthlessness that led to the death of millions during the Cultural Revolution. Another thing is the old Chinese curse of favoring boys over girls to pass on the family blood line. That social ill has mercifully gone out of favor on the whole among the ethnic Chinese. In China, however, it is made acute by the one-child policy, which, in turn, leads to social problems down the line caused by too many men unable to find wives.

OK. Let's take a look at the geopolitical calculation for the ethnic Indians. Should they "balik India"? Well, if they can put up with the old Indian curse of the discriminatory Hindu caste system that permeates Indian society and still stubbornly hangs over the heads of ethnic Indians despite generations away from Mother India, an even more corrupt and disorderly society, an even more dysfunctional government bureaucracy, overall lousy infrastructure, and the spineless pandering to the Mohammedan minority in India just to keep up the pretense of being the largest democracy in the world. It should be kept in mind that India operates a partial-Sharia legal system just like Malaysia and the Mohammedan crazies have not gone totally apeshit like in Pakistan because there are enough Hindu crazies to hold them in check, barely. There is also the ever-present threat of an all-out nuclear war with Pakistan, perhaps with Mohammmedan infiltrators from Bangladesh to distract the Indian military.