Saturday, August 02, 2008

From our inbox...

This gave me the warm fuzzies...thanks to the person who sent this in (reproduced exactly as it was received, and posted here with the writer's permission):

I like your site. Having worked in the middle east, it is evident that the west is on a collision course with Islam and its followers. This is not something I would have served in the US military 11 years to allow. Personally, I think a simple bumper sticker would cause intense discussion among western citizens.

"Deport ALL Muslims"
"Ban The Koran"

That bumper sticker would be on many bumpers pretty quickly I think. Perhaps making this bumper sticker available will break the wall of silence about the muslim problem.

It is going to take intense pressure on politicians to force them to stop importing more muslims and hence, more problems. Ultimately, and unfortunately, this problem is going to result in Americans and probably Canadians in the streets raising hell about muslims in their countries. We do not need muslims in western countries. Let them fix their own damn problems at home in their own countries.

I think T. Boone Pickens is correct about developing other sources of energy rapidly and reducing our dependence on our enemies. We need to start using every energy saving trick to reduce the money going to these arab countries. It is simply being used to promote our downfall. I personally am going back to a motor scooter.


It's nice to know that some people 'get it'. It would be even nicer if people like this were on the ballot in November, or on any ballot, come to think of it.

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Anonymous said...

It's okay to re-settle palestinians
... as long as it's not Jews doing the resettling. Murder 6 million Jews, harrass and persecute those still living in Europe, while inviting 20 million muslims, mass murderers, each and every one. Smart Europe??

The latest news. Iceland and Sweden will take in nearly 200 Palestinian refugees stranded in makeshift desert camps on Iraq's border with Syria.

Work your butt harder and feed em parasites guys. When will the rapes on native women begin?

Have fun.