Friday, August 29, 2008

Ian Blair's Just Desserts for Muslim Appeasement

Sometimes those who feed the crocodile hoping to be eaten last get eaten first. Sir Ian Blair has been the perfect dhimmi. Footbaths and prayer rooms for Muslims. Prefenential hiring for Muslims. Accomodation for the Muslims that make you laugh and shake your head. He has banned reference to Islam and Muslims in reporting terrorist acts. He has been the loudest cheerleader for Islam, rebuking anyone who disputes the 'religion of peace' dogma. What does he get for being a good dhimmi? He is to be destroyed, of course.

While we can all laugh at his stupidity and naivete for believing that he can appease the Muslims and kissing their superior asses, the bigger picture should concern us all. The Muslim officer Ghuffar, who Blair put up on a pedestal as a symbol of multiculturalism, has now turned on him. Not only will he end Blair's career, but he will walk around with $2M for the 'discrimination' he has suffered at the hands of the evil and 'racist' Ian Blair. Truly, the Muslims have a great plan to destroy the West's wretched house from within by their own hands and the hands of the believers by using the infidel's own laws. If this stupidity continues, the believers will be triumphant. Let the jizya flow and the West's coffers be emptied. The Muslims must truly be laughing their asses off at how stupid the infidels are. They deserve the destruction they bring upon themselves.

Ghaffur accuses Sir Ian Blair of racism
Britain's most senior police chief has been accused of being a racist in an unprecedented personal attack by the country's highest-ranking Asian officer.

By Richard Edwards Crime Correspondent
Last Updated: 4:44AM BST 29 Aug 2008

Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur went public with a highly damaging legal action against Sir Ian Blair, accusing the Metropolitan Police Commissioner of repeated acts of racial, religious and age discrimination.

The dispute is the latest to undermine Sir Ian's leadership of Britain's largest force.

With Scotland Yard responsible for protecting the country from terrorism, policing the capital and protecting the Government and Royal Family, senior officers fear the dispute will leave the force in a state of near paralysis.

Mr Ghaffur's attack, in a televised press conference, resulted in Sir Ian's deputy, Sir Paul Stephenson, issuing a sharp rebuke and left the impression of a force blighted by in-fighting.

Sir Paul told Mr Ghaffur to "shut up" and get on with what he was paid to do. But the commissioner's position appeared fragile as senior sources admitted Scotland Yard had suffered a "deeply embarrassing, damaging and sad day".

Mr Ghaffur's solicitor, Shahrokh Mireskandari, said Sir Ian's future would hinge on the outcome of the case.

He is particularly vulnerable, with the forthcoming inquest into the fatal shooting of the innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes likely to hear stringent criticism of his management of the force.

Should Mr Ghaffur's legal action succeed, it will further intensify the calls for Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, to force Sir Ian out of his job.

David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, has called for the Commissioner to go in the interests of national security and to restore public trust in policing.

The action by Mr Ghaffur, the Met's joint third highest ranking officer, is the first time an officer of such seniority has sued his chief. It plunges the force into its worst racism row since the 1998 Macpherson report branded the force "institutionally racist".

Addressing a press conference he had called in central London yesterday, Mr Ghaffur, 53, said: "My current case is essentially to do with my treatment at the highest levels of the Met, in particular the discrimination I have been subject to over a long period of time by the present commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

"It is to do with the continuation of that treatment into the very important job I was doing as the co-ordinator of the security and safety of the 2012 Olympics."

Mr Ghaffur emphasised that he was directly suing Sir Ian and not the Met, which he still "dearly loves and admires".

Ugandan-born Mr Ghaffur said that his life was a "success story" since arriving as a refugee and rising to become the most senior Asian and Muslim officer in Britain. He thanked senior officers for their exemplary leadership – including the former commissioner, Lord Stevens – but suggested the twilight of his career was ruined by Sir Ian.

Although Mr Ghaffur said he was not seeking "massive" damages, he may be in line for more than £1 million compensation from the force.

Details of his case were leaked in June and Mr Ghaffur said that he had has been further "victimised'' by threats that he would be sacked unless he suspended the tribunal proceedings.

There was consternation at Scotland Yard that he went public with his claims before his case came before a tribunal. After discussion at the highest levels, the Met issued a response through Sir Paul two hours later.

He said: "The Met will not at this time be commenting publicly in detail on the content of Assistant Commissioner Ghaffur's claims, other than to say that we do not accept the charges of discrimination against us and intend to robustly challenge them.

"It is long past time we all shut up, stop making public statements about private disputes and get on with the job we are paid to do."

Mr Ghaffur is also suing Deputy Assistant Commissioner Richard Bryan, the head of Olympics security operations.

He accuses him of "thinly veiled" racist comments and of undermining his position.

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Anonymous said...

Well done for pointing out the absurdity of giving special treatment to minority individuals in a pathetic attempt to engineer "equality" based not upon ability and performance, but on fatuous notions of "equality" and "positive discrimination."
What is important now, is for the right decisions to be taken, and for our Security Forces to be exempted from this charade of human rights crap.
Don't forget, this Ghaffur was on the panel of Security Chiefs that was appointed to protect the 2012 London Olympics.
With Muslims being the only viable group with the intent to cause terror attacks, what sense does it make to put a Muslim on that panel?
Doesn't everybody know that to them, the final allegiance is to their Muslim brothers, and certainly not to the non-Muslim dirty khuffar, or something so man-made as Democracy.