Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jihad survivor represents US at Beijing Olympics

The US Olympic team has chosen a Jihad survivor, Lopez Homong, to carry the American flag in China, which sponsors ethnic cleansing in his native Sudan through oil purchases and arms sales. At the age of 6, Lomong was among 100 children kidnapped from a church service by Islam's Holy Warriors during a Religion of Peace rape and killing spree.


Anonymous said...

>>>>>>China, which sponsors ethnic cleansing in his native Sudan through oil purchases and arms sales.>>>>>

P.I. should be honest and question why the filthy media called the NYT is the best friend of terrorists and why it indulges in China bashing.
Why blame China? The Sudanese government is responsible for "ethnic cleansing" and crimes against humanity in the western region of Darfur, Human Rights Watch said in their reports. Human Rights Watch called on the UN Security Council to strongly condemn the actions of the Sudanese government and demand that it disarm, disband and withdraw the Arab militias that engage in ethnic cleansing, frequently in conjunction with government forces. All the UN has managed to do is be its impotent useless self - the proverbial toothless tiger - condemning, but doing nothing else. The UN is famous for talking while dying, murder, and slavery takes place. It has been always been so. Look at their track record of millions dead under their auspices.

The Sudanese govt made extensive use of attack aircraft – mainly Antonov supply planes dropping crude but lethal “barrel bombs” filled with metal shards, but also helicopter gunships and MiG jet fighters - in many areas of Darfur inhabited by Masalit, Fur, and Zaghawa civilians. It has bombed not only villages, but also some towns where the displaced have congregated. Gunships have been used to reconnoitre villages in advance of ground attacks

“The government and the ARABS came together at 8:00 a.m., while people were praying” said twenty-five-year-old Zeinab, a mother of four from Miramta. “They came in cars and on camels and horses. The Janjaweed were wearing army uniform. Without warning, they began to burn the village and shoot civilians. We put the children on donkeys and on our backs. Some we pushed like cars. They left 80 percent of the village burned.” Zeinab’s husband, Mohammed, said the killing was indiscriminate. “They killed everything black – guns or no guns, cattle or no cattle. This is the program: they don’t want African tribes in this place.”

The ARAB World is Deathly SILENT on Dafur. Their own Arabs are following what their founder of the cult called islam did 1400 years ago, and what Arabs till today are still doing. Yet, CHINA gets the BLAME?????

Why should CHINA be responsible for the mess created by the West and their beloved Arabs? Pressuring an indifferent Beijing, and rightly so, activists are merely helping Western governments evade responsibility for a humanitarian crisis that they could do far more to stop. But it is the West intention to decimiate the African population. That's the horrible truth. The current famine and food crisis is deliberated by the West to depopulate Africa and that's the very ugly truth.

With its oil ties to the Sudanese regime and its resistance to U.N. Security Council resolutions condemning Khartoum, China is a convenient whipping boy, and a cast of dunghead American celebrities has signed on eagerly to lead the whipping. Hollywood heavyweights Steven Spielberg, Mia Farrow, and George Clooney have come out in recent weeks to criticize the Chinese government for not responding to the cries of Darfur’s people, zeroing in on the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Earnest editorial writers have joined them enthusiasticallyThe campaign has had some results. Beijing’s usual foreign policy approach—“non-interference” in Sudan’s domestic affairs—has been evolving under the pressure.

What has been deliberately IGNORED by the MSM is that China has become more active in trying to persuade the Khartoum regime to cooperate with the international community. China is willing to pursue a peace settlement, and indeed President Hu Jintao pressured Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir on this issue and duly urged cooperation with the UN. Beijing has also appointed a full-time envoy tasked with assisting in resolving the Darfur crisis.

And why should China, an atheist country, interfere with muslims and islam? That Arab muslims are bent on murdering African muslims is for the muslim world to showcase their "religion of peace" to the non muslim world. And why should we non muslims be too perturbed with muslims slaughtering muslims? They are all going to be annihilated anyway in the next WW which will soon be official.

As for the writer Kristoff of the New York Times, THE BEST FRIEND OF TERRORISTS IS THE NEW YORK TIMES . This deadly MSM manned by deranged Leftists has impaired judgment, given aid and comfort to America's enemies, endangered lives, prolonged the conflict, and sabotaged and undermined anti-terror programs by publishing leaks regarding such things as CIA secret prisons, NSA surveillance program, the SWIFT program? Were 32 frontpage stories on abu Ghraib published in the New York Times really warranted? Did the act itself inflame the Arab world and create more terrorists, or was it the media hype about the abuses, which did so? What about Haditha? Who has done more damage to the war effort? The NYT has a sadistic addiction to perceptions created and driven in its coverage of the any war? But it does not practise any accountability. It indulges in misinformation, misleading the reader, disinformation, and goes against all decency and humanity.

One should read Winston Churchill and his war with the Media. The free media were dangerously deceived and manipulated by Hitler. The media have probably never been more deceived then and it continues to today. Members of the media (and the ruling classes of Britain and America) should have learned some critically important lessons. But most of them did not. There has been no repentance for their extremely shameful failure in the decade leading up to World War ii. That is why most of them are such abject failures today. ABJECT FAILURES. And failures always blame the Successful - in this case China.

Go take care of your frontyard and clean up your backyard America. You will feel the breath of the Dragon after the Olympics.

As for ordinary Americans, please convert your dollars into gold, stock up on food and water. Your country, in a bid to force Russia from its planned defense of the Iranian peoples by provoking war in the Caucasus, America has severely miscalculated . Putin has not only ordered the retaking of South Ossetia from the Western backed Georgian forces, but has also ordered the destruction of all oil pipelines going through Georgia to the West. Don't forget, Russia has the SCALAR weapon, which your country doesn't. It is America that is going all out for TOTAL WAR and taking the entire world into the abyss in its demented state of trying to preserve its hegemony.


Anonymous said...

Karadzic and Bashir cases, the victims were and are Muslims. But while the Bosnian Serb is a European non-muslim who hid from justice for more than a decade, the Sudanese is an Arab Muslim and sitting head of state.
( – Islamic nations trying to prevent the handover of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court have been pressing for the ICC to try Israeli leaders. They recently endorsed the trial of fugitive Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic before a different war crimes tribunal.
So Muslim States Back War Crimes Trials, But Not for Muslim Leader,
and that is acceptable?

At the emergency meeting held by the OIC executive committee in Saudi Arabia, they urged the U.N. Security Council to block ndefinitely any ICC move against Bashir. And the OIC is now in control of the UN in matters relating to Islam, is it not? Normal witnessing and sharing by a Christian pastor or missionary will be a crime, insulting and defaming Islam. That will mean a massive prison sentence or death sentence.

The tasteless joke known as the UN Human Rights Council has forbidden criticism of muslim human rights abuses but it is OK to criticize CHINA till one is blue in the gills?
Muslim countries have won a battle to prevent Islam from being criticised during debates by the UN Human Rights Council. Religions deserve special protection because any debate about faith is bound to be "very complex, very sensitive and very intense", council President Doru-Romulus Costea said.

UN Human Rights Council does not allow itself to criticize sharia or fatwas. But it's okay to criticize the atrocities of September 11, since that was the work of George Bush, according to UN bureaucrats.


Anonymous said...

ea, right on the button again.
Bush and Co. so easily attack Russias actions and China's internal affairs, but dare not do anything to upset the disgusting Arab despots in Darfur. (Or Saudi, or most place else.)
It is becoming apparent to this ordinary Joe, that what Mao Tse Tung said about "toothless tigers" is proving to be rather accurate.
America may have teeth, but it seems it has become captive to it's own inward looking materialism.
So now the US is paying the price for those fat years.
What choice does America have but to make frightening noises?
It is a shame to see America losing it's grip on world-influence.
I guess an Obama Presidency will be the final straw.