Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kuala Lumpur's Master Plan-- wipe out all Hindu temples by 2020?

The Muslim-controlled City Government of Kuala Lumpur (Malay acronym DBKL) has a master plan for the city. Turns out this master plan of theirs for the year 2020 has no Hindu temples to speak of. At present, KL has hundreds of such temples, but that could change at any time with both KL's and Malaysia's Federal governments under solid Muslim control.

Maybe the omission (assuming for the moment that's what this is) was a Freudian slip...the Muslim planners for DBKL could very well be showing their true colours of what they really want and don't want for their vision or 'Wawasan KL 2020'. I wonder if the churches were also 'accidently deleted' from their plan. Face it, a number of temples in KL and elsewhere in the country have already been razed (see photo) due to one pretext or another. How many new temples have been allowed to go up to replace those others that were so callously destroyed? Precisely zero.

Don't you see, this is the eventual fate of all 'infidels' who live under Muslim rule. Why aren't there any Hindus left in Pakistan or Buddhists in Afghanistan? Why are there no Jews left in Iraq or Syria, places that used to be homes of thriving Jewish communities? The same process is happening in Malaysia too. Call it Islamic-inspired 'religious cleansing'-- a euphemism for a very ugly and brutal process of oppression and marginalisation. For centuries, Muslims have expelled Hindus and other 'kuffar' from lands that they have conquered. Does anyone truly think that Malaysia is any different?

Even if the present set of Muslim rulers in Malaysia leave alone what's left of the Hindu community, just wait. In a few years, or maybe a decade or two, another generation of Mohammedan overlords may not feel so ecumenical. Expect the harassment, second class treatment, or worse, to continue...not just for Hindus, but for anyone in Malaysia who fails to enslave themselves to the wrathful god of Islam.


Anonymous said...

I am not proud of being a Malaysian. What a shame, such a beautiful country with people who diversities as other rich nations. This is a completely insane and unacceptable. Malaysia is not a partly free its completely a prison for non Muslims to live peacefully ever after.

donplaypuks® said...

Religious cleansing by exclusion? Was Hindraf anticipating the prblem and being prophetic?