Friday, August 08, 2008

'Moderate' Malaysia update--request to leave Islam denied

Malaysia...truly contemptible. It's easier to leave the Mafia in the US than to get official permission to leave Islam in Malaysia, or any other Islamic country, come to think of it.

Malaysian court rejects woman's bid to leave Islam

A Malaysian court on Wednesday rejected a Muslim woman's appeal to convert back to Christianity, the latest case to test the limits of religious freedom in the country.

The Court of Appeal threw out Noorashikin Lim Abdullah's bid to renounce Islam on technical grounds - that she used her original Chinese name in her suit, her lawyer Edmond Bon said.

The court said the appellant was not legally recognized because her Chinese name - Lim Yoke Khoon - no longer existed following her conversion to Islam in 1994, Bon told The Associated Press.

A Chinese judge on the three-man panel dissented, he said.

"The court rejected the appeal on technical grounds, not on merit. We believe they are afraid to hear the case" because of the sensitivity of the issue, Bon said.

Lim, 35, is likely to appeal to the country's top civil court, he added.

A rising number of disputes about religious conversions have sparked anxiety among minorities - Buddhists, Christians and Hindus - because courts almost always rule against people seeking to leave Islam, which is Malaysia's official religion.

Lim married a Muslim man in 1994, converted to Islam and obtained a new identity card with her Muslim name. But she divorced three years later and wants to convert back to Christianity, Bon said.

In 2003, she applied to change her name and religion on her identity card but the National Registration Department told her to she must get permission from the Islamic Shariah Court to
renounce Islam, Bon said.

Lim turned to the high court seeking a declaration that she was no longer a Muslim but the court ruled in 2006 that it had no jurisdiction to hear the case, Bon said.

Malaysia has a dual court system with civil courts for non- Muslims and Shariah courts for Muslims.

Ethnic Chinese and Indians, who account for more than 30 percent of Malaysia's 27 million people, have complained that court decisions in religious disputes favor Muslims - who account for more than 60 percent and are mainly ethnic Malay.


malaysia_is_lawless said...

That's what happens when you marry a muslim in malaysia! Screwed in many ways!

Mary said...

Since when did religious choice become a matter for the courts? I know silly question - I used to work in Malaysia. Not a friendly place for religious freedom of choice.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, not even dead bodies are safe. Because Malays are a stupid (certified) lazy (the need for the New Economic Policy which means Never Ending Plundering) to perpetuate their laziness, CORRUPT (especially the top echelons of govt) the Religious Authority similar to the Saudi type claimed that the first Malaysian man of Indian Origin who climbed Mt. Everest converted to islam. the family was denied his body by the despicable Sharia court. REASON? Thirty years on Malaysia will write that the first man from the peninsular to conquer Everest was a Malay!!!! Thereafter, many body snatching - proven to be bountiful in terms of snatching the dead man's estate to accomplishments.

The Sharia court is manned by illiterates at most. It was the former despot p.m. called Mahathir Mohamad, a half-breed - i.e. mother Malay , father from Kerala, India who is responsible for the dire straits all non muslims in Malaysia face when he elevated the illiterates on par with the learned. He was also responsible for the multitudinous injustice on the non Malays. He made impotent the powers of the legitimate rulers (who are now striking back) made Parliament his rubber stamp,
Petronas whose money belongs to the people, his private purse. The narcissitic megalomaniac was all bubbles and froth in his ERECTION of elephant projects.
Pls note that the half breed is ashamed of his Indian roots and passes himself off as Malay. Trashing 5000 years of civilisation and culture for 400 years of non culture.

Truth be known, the 27% Chinese population contribute as much as 85% to the nation's coffers. The Indians, marginalised from the time they set foot on Malaysia brought in as indentured labourers - the politically incorrect word is SLAVERY - first by the British then by the Malays rise above all odds. Still a large majority are in the deep throes of poverty.

And if the reader thinks the ordinary Malays have it easy, the reality is that only those belonging to the ruling parties have amassed unimaginable wealth. Poor malays are even poorer than the poor Chinese or Indian. The NEP has not reached them. Feudalism thought grips the ruling class - they are not willing to give up a "slave class" to boost their fragile egos and to justify their uselessnes.

Well, world is changing. In three years time, my assessment, China will walk over South East Asia. Malays be best learning Mandarin. And China will not tolerate laziness in any form.

Some of the best blogs in Malaysia:,, limkitsiang blog. Wherever you are, you get the truth from these blogs.


PS: Sharia , the ugly part, i.e. chopping of limbs is not practised. If it were, the entire ruling class would be limbless and headless. Malays = HYPOCRITES of the lowest of the low. Don't take myword. Read the malaysian blogs.

Anonymous said...


Umno Youth warned the Bar Council Malaysia not to “stoke the fires of disunity.”

The movement’s exco member Datuk Pirdaus Ismail said the movement strongly opposed the Bar Council’s plan to organise an open forum on conversion to Islam.

“Don’t play with fire! Don’t ever touch religious and racial (matters)!" he said in a statement released on Thursday.

"Why has the Bar Council been stoking the fires of disunity lately -- like they have been used by foreign powers who want to create chaos and intervene in the country’s internal affairs?” he said.

“Whatever (the) excuses given, the forum would still provoke Malay sentiment and create uneasiness and public disorder, particularly among the Malays,” he said in the statement.

He said the movement urged the authorities to implement preventive measures before the situation got out of hand.

Pirdaus said the Bar Council had previously also organised a forum on the much-discussed social contract, which incited anger among the Malays and created doubt in the other races.

“It is pointless to organise forums based on intellectualism, professionalism or controversial issues when the safety, peace, harmony and stability of the country were being compromised,” he added. (The Star Online)

***** Citing the compromise of safety, peace, harmony and stability, Pirdaus says "it is pointless to organise forums based on intellectualism, professionalism or controversial issues"! How do you even reason with or God forbid, argue with a guy like that?
Image - Source

Najib's expected opinion on the issue: Not Proper To Hold Open Forum.

WHY? Because islam cannot withstand scrutiny.