Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Religion of Peace update

While Americans watch the political conventions on TV and prepare for the Labor Day holiday weekend, and Malaysians rejoice over another electoral setback for the much-hated ruling party and prepare for their upcoming Independence Day (Merdeka), followers of the Religion of Peace have been keeping themselves busy around the world recently:

  • Killing gays in Iraq. The American-backed government there refuses to even acknowledge the problem, let alone do anything about it. Unofficial estimates (the only kind available) estimate that at least 430 gay men have been executed by one band of jihadists or another for 'crimes of sodomy' since 2003.
  • An 'epidemic' of child rape in Afghanistan. Numbers of victims are hard to come by--it could be hundreds, maybe more. The youngest victim thus far is a 2 1/2 year old girl. In the usual style of Islamic government, nothing is being done.
  • Al Qaeda in Algeria bombed a police academy, and also attacked local employees of a Canadian engineering firm. A total of 55 died in the two attacks.
Remember, Islam is a declaration of war upon the whole of humanity. No one--neither believer nor 'kafir' alike--is spared. As you can see in every example shown here, the perpetrators and every maimed or murdered victim was a Muslim.

How many 'peace loving' Muslims in Malaysia or anywhere will dare go out and show their outrage over any of this, or protest this unrelenting river of blood shed in the name of their prophet and god? So far, precisely zero. And I am not going to hold my breath either.


Always On Watch said...

I had an interesting conversation with a friend today -- a friend with whom I hadn't spoken for quite a while.

She "gets it" about Islam! After years of disagreeing with me and expressing concerns about freedom of religion, she "gets it"!

What changed her mind? Apparently she's been listening to various radio shows (including one with Robert Spencer) and reading a bit on the blogs. During the course of our long conversation, I informed her about the many stories being glossed over or omitted completely by the mainstream media.

Also, she is deeply concerned about Barack Hussein Obama.

So, perhaps there IS hope that more people are waking up. Even so, being awake isn't enough. Activism is the necessary step, along with a change in leadership.

Anonymous said...

"As you can see in every example shown here, the perpetrators and every maimed or murdered victim was a Muslim."

Get near a crocodile and he will kill you. When there is no one around but other crocodiles, they will kill each other.

Anonymous said...

You last two paragraphs sum up the problem admirably.