Sunday, August 03, 2008

Switzerland has not given in - yet

Almost a week has passed since I first posted about the Libya-Switzerland argument. I admit I am a bit surprised; I expected the problem to be solved within hours (i.e. Switzerland grovelling, apologizing, etc.). So far, that hasn't happened.

The two Swiss citizens in a Libyan prison were permitted to leave on bail. However, they have to stay within the country, so for now they are staying at the Swiss embassy in Tripoli. "Tamoil", the oil company owned by the Gaddafis stopped all deliveries to Switzerland, no visas are being granted to Swiss citizens to enter Libya (I wonder who wants to go there anyways?), Swiss companies in Libya are still closed down, and there is still no Libyan ambassador anywhere in Switzerland.

Among others, Jörg Haider, a notorious right wing Austrian politician, has offered to play negotiator to settle the dispute. Haider is known to be a close friend of Libya and the Gaddafi family. So, little guessing is needed to figure out for whom he will try to get the best deal.

Swiss TV has put the Swiss Government into a troublesome situation by having aired an interview with one of the victims: the woman, from Tunisia, insists on the charges and wants them to be punished--Gaddafi junior and his wife that is. Here's a juicy side story: when Aline, the wife was pregnant with Gaddafi's first child (still being his girlfriend at that time), he beat her up so badly that she had to be sent to a hospital. Later his father Muhammar Gaddafi forced his son to marry her.

The judge from Geneva who is in charge of the case has promised that he is not going to drop the charges.

The other victim, a man from Morocco, seems to be more realistic, by expecting that "...they will certainly find someone in Libya who will kill us".

I think that either this is likely, or the victims of the junior Gaddafi thug will receive 'hush money' to drop the case (from either Swiss officials who will pay unofficially of course, or from the Gaddafi family).

Gaddafi junior is known to be "the black sheep" of the Gaddafi family. Now he's their hero. This shows again that when it comes to clashes with the West, even the blackest of black sheep can become a hero... to Muslims.

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