Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Arabization of Indonesia

South of here in Indonesia, the Jihad and Arabization marches on.

Let me take a moment to explain what 'Arabization' means. It refers to what is now happening in Java; the appearance of more and more fluffy beards, the long dresses and burqas, the popularity of anti Semitism, raging hatred towards the West and Israel and the US in particular, the burqa-wearing babies, ever-growing intolerance, and greater violence towards the few unfortunate kufr still in the vicinity. It’s the creeping Sharia, Islamization, and destruction of ancient cultures, captured in one word that says it all--Arabization.

In the Javanese district of Atjeh, the first district in Indonesia to succumb to Sharia, Islamic law has been well established by the Taliban-style local government. Religious police, whippings, canings and (if things go well) cutting off hands and all the rest of that savage Islamic repertoire is commonplace. The plague has already reached Tangerang, on the outskirts of Jakarta, which now enforces a curfew for all females, a ban on lipstick, and the compulsory wearing of the burqa. It all indicates growing Indonesian submission to Arabization.

While Java, the center of the country, continues its long spiralling decline towards pure Islamic backwardness and barbarism, just to the east of overcrowded Java lies Bali. Bali, the home of an ancient, exotic and decidedly un-Islamic culture, continues to attract well-heeled foreign (i.e. kufr) tourists, as well as foreign investors. This continues the despite the infamous self-detonation of Muslim jihadists (who all hailed from East Java) in 2002 and 2005 that specifically targeted kufr tourists in places like restaurants and nightclubs.

So now, the Jihadists of Java are using a legal means of Jihad to accomplish what their bombs could not--the Islamization, Arabization and submission of Bali. That legal means is formally known as the "Anti-Porn Bill". The bill, now under deliberation by Muslim lawmakers in Indonesia's parliament, could become the law of the land within mere weeks.

Now, when Muslims refer to 'porn', they do not mean what westerners mean. To them, it means "anything done or displayed by a woman that might conceivably tend to arouse erotic feelings in a man". In other words, wearing a low-cut blouse, showing ankles in public, or batting her eyelashes at a man could turn a woman, in Muslim eyes, into a porn star.

Indonesia's Anti-Porn Bill, if passed, would mandate prison terms and fines for kissing in public, exposure of a woman’s “sensual” body parts (for a Muslim, that can even be a fingernail) and the display of “erotic” artwork.

The Balinese are rightfully outraged at this legal Jihad, heavily pushed by Islamist parties in Java, which amounts to nothing more than a Muslim effort to destroy their millenia-old culture. And they would be right. The embattled Balinese are protesting as best they can, but what chance do they honestly have of preserving their culture under government-sponsored Islamic onslaught?

When the Muslims are in charge, this is the inevitable result--democratic means are used to destroy democracy itself. In a very real sense, Bali's future is everyone's future.

HT to Gates of Vienna

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Mark said...

The Anti-Jihadist:

This is a very, very sad story indeed! The cancer that is Islam seems to be unstoppable! And it will be unstoppable until and unless the politicians get their act together. This 'story' nothing short of frightening!