Monday, September 15, 2008

Deconstructing Mahathir

Mahathir Mohamed--AKA Dr. 'Moonbat'--is the man who has, for better or worse, been the architect of modern-day Malaysia, and the political party that rules it--UMNO. This man ruled Malaysia in his iron grip for 22 years, and was responsible for, among other things:

-demonising the west, with Israel, Jews and the US in particular
-strengthening the power of Shariah courts
-muzzling a free press and restricting free speech in general
-weakening the British colonial legacy of civil law
-freely using ISA to jail dissidents and other popular figures opposed to him
-imprisoning his own deputy PM on corruption and sodomy charges
-entrenching the ethos of money politics and cronyism

I could go on, but for the purposes of brevity, I've kept the list short.

Dr. Moonbat, now 82, now only speaks about one thing publically--the notion of racial identity. This old man only knows one trick, and that's the race card--how childish. Mahathir as usual has it 180 degrees wrong. Instead of constantly harping on the dubious concept of racial identity, we should be getting away from the whole nonsense, and focus instead on what we have in common as humans.

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks." Mahathir seems to prove the adage all too true.

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newmoon said...

He is afraid that his "secrets" will be discovered when opposition forms government so he plays with (race card) FIRE!