Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do not disturb

Hey fellow Malaysians, it's the weekend at last! Let's follow our dear leader's example and take a nap.


snoozeland said...

any fool can fall asleep on the job but a prime minister? what a dam fool!

mauriyaII said...

Anyone free of responsibilities can afford to take a nap now and then. It is not a crime.

But for a PM to snooze at important meetings and functions is not only a crime but an utter disgrace.

It is akin to criminal breach of trust. It is forsaking the trust of the people who elected him to that exalted position.

In Bodohwiland anything is possible and discreetly allowed by the ruling UMNO controlled BN>

mr C4 said...

Now that sleepyhead is minister
of defence he's sleeping on a ton of C4!

Anonymous said...

Sleep on, Malaysia, while China, Korea, Japan, HK and Singapore continue to advance light years ahead.